42,000 year horse foal found in Siberia

The frozen carcass still contains liquid blood and viable DNA

Amazing discoveries are now being found in northeastern Siberia because of climatic warming. Russian and Swedish scientists believe that it is only a matter of time before Ice Age mammals are grown in labs and that a human body will be found in the thawing permafrost landscape.


  1. Richard, Do the Creeks have any lore of Giants that used the sound “Tani” or Anun or Ana for their names? I think they are all connected to Sardinia and the Kan-ani peoples. Thanks for the articles.

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    1. Richard, I know the Creeks, Cherokee, Lakota were all tall peoples but not 8-9 foot Giants. Who ever? built the Cahokia Earth mound made a copy of the Sardinia site (4000 BC?) perhaps also connected to the Giants of Teotihuacan. They seem to be connected to red haired lore.

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