Mexican archaeologists have found artifacts almost identical to those in Georgia . . .

but the Gringo archaeologists don’t want their little worldview upset

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

One Summer In Mexico – Part 32

Letter to Georgia Tech Dean of Architecture reveals important information that I had forgotten after all these years.

Boxes that were sealed when I was 23 and not opened until this summer are revealing a treasure trove of information . . . forgotten during the decades that followed. They run the gamut from photos of a brilliant, very kind, sweet-natured, Maya hotel maid, who should have been an archaeologist, but instead was the sales representative for a team of prostitutes . . . to a letter I found yesterday to the Dean of Architecture at Georgia Tech. This bit of information was missing from my normally detailed journal, which even told me what I paid to stay at various hotels.

I went back to my journal and then found some side notes that explained these statements. The artifacts were shown to me just before I left for southern Mexico. In our first meeting, Dr. Piña-Chan had been intrigued by the high quality of copper artifacts from Etowah Mounds, but the lack of gold artifacts, which is a much easier metal to work.

While I was exploring central Mexico, Dr. Piña-Chan found a seldom studied culture, associated with the so-called Olmec Civilization. It stretched from the copper mines around Tepotztlan, Morelos in an arc to the borderlands of Veracruz and Tabasco states. These peoples did prefer copper to gold, but also made similar ceramics to those found in Georgia and along the Chattahoochee River in Alabama during the Early Mississippian Period. (900 AD-1200 AD). The shell-tempered Redware of southern Veracruz and norther Tabasco was identical to the shell-tempered Redware at Ocmulgee National Historical Park. Of course, this is the exact same area where the Kaushete, Soque, Itzate and Tamale (branches of the Creeks) migration legends began.

Yesterday, I tried to find a information on this “Copper Culture” in the website of the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia E Historia (INAH) but could not. However, I did find a news item that astounded me. Mexican archaeologists are participating in a program, which is systematically documenting the caves in the Creek (Soque-Itza-Tamale) homeland. They are finding a writing system, which predates Epi-Olmecoid and Maya writing . . . but seems to be the parent of Epi-Olmecoid. We are finding ALL of the symbols in the cave above on petroglyphs in the Upper Etowah River Basin, the Nacoochee Valley, the Soque River Valley and at Judaculla in the Upper Tuckasegee River Basin of North Carolina (near the GA state line).

I am currently trying to get permission to obtain clearer photos of a large petroglyphic boulder near me, which also obviously has the same symbols as the cave. The problem seems to be that it is used as secret worship site by witches and kindred cults . . . and they don’t want me on the site.

This Habersham County, GA stone is the same writing system as the cave.

Moral dilemmas and the relationships between men and women

This is a Creek website, reflecting our spiritual, religious and social traditions. It is not a New Age website seeking to prove that space aliens built the pyramids or any other pet theory that a reader might have. Indeed, we are changing the history of North America, but it is by scientific research, not by propaganda, trying to prove any particular theory. Read my lips! I have no theories. I merely follow the evidence, wherever it leads me . . . and when the evidence clearly refutes my earlier interpretations of evidence, I openly admit it.

I am quite aware that many readers on The Americas Revealed and LinkedIn do not like to read about complex moral dilemmas or the details in the relationships between men and women. Well, that is just something you are going to have either like it or lump it. Creeks have always believed that men and women were equal in all things and were created by the Master of Life to give comfort and pleasure to each other. We believe that all children, not matter their skin color or wealth of their parents, are precious gifts from the Master of Life. We also believe that humanity today is totally screwed up today because of self-centeredness, inability to love one another, lust for power and greed.

I am a Keeper of the Creek Wind Clan. It is my obligation to pass on lessons learned from the past to others, so they will not make the same mistakes. All my major mistakes have been because I used conventional moral values to cope with complex situations. The results were just the opposite of what conventional morals said they would be.

Being a Keeper is serious business, not some con artist, pretending to be a “medicine man.” We make an oath never to use our powers to attack someone, but only in defense. However, those defensive powers are extraordinary. A witch, who planted a dead animal and placed a blood curse on my newly purchased house in May 2018, exactly a year later had no arms and legs. Her living head and body still lay in a nursing home today with no arms and legs. Her adult daughter, who assisted in the demonic ceremony, has wasted away to skin and bones. Doctors can’t figure out what’s killing her.

Part Thirty was an overview of what was probably the greatest moral dilemma of my life . . . but also involved a unexpected closeness to an illegitimate born Maya woman*, who had an illegitimate born daughter, had in the past been a prostitute and currently was at a least a solicitor for prostitutes. The only attributes keeping her from being the absolute dregs of male-dominated Mexican society was that she had a youthful figure and a healthy face . . . whereas most Mexican prostitutes soon develop the look of the walking dead.

Carin had very few personal possessions. The sole joy of her life was her statuesque 16 year old daughter, who made straight A’s in high school and at least to me, was the most beautiful female I had ever seen. When Carin saw their ship sinking, due to the rapacity of some unimaginably evil men, she threw her daughter, her only child, overboard for me to save . . . and I let her daughter fall into sea. I don’t even remember her daughter’s name.

My decisions were legal, according to the laws of the United States, and “good” by Judeo-Christian standards, but they caused an unimaginably horrific fate for her daughter. These are the types of decisions that we Creek elders must discuss, if future generations are going to formulate better solutions to life’s challenges.

There was a lot more conversation between the hotel maid and me, but I just don’t remember the details after all these years. We became much closer friends, than perhaps, either one of us realized at the time.

Oh, and yes . . . at the end of my stay in Merida, Carin rushed to me as the only person in the world, who could give her comfort. She told me in Spanish that I was the only man in her life, who had ever been kind to her. I did not make the same mistake. In the time remaining before I was to catch a bus, I had carnal knowledge of a former prostitute . . . a “bad woman” in the eyes of the Pharisees. But wasn’t Mary Magdalene said to be such a woman? I don’t have the least bit guilt and fully expect to see Carin in heaven, if she is not there already. Amen.

*When the North Carolina Museum of the Cherokee Indian sent out that national press release, stating that I didn’t know anything about the Aztecs and Maya , I had all the email addresses of the press release recipients. I was tempted to send out a rebuttal stating that “two Aztec servants had served me up to three meals a day at the Soto residence and that I definitely knew a certain Maya in a biblical way. ” LOL


  1. Howdy, My story is different…still those who have hurt me are gone from my life. Rocks…as well as the “ROCK” have been my salvation. Giving…is part of life…those who only take never really see the “LIGHT”. High five Brother!!!!!!!!!

    On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 10:42 AM The Americas Revealed wrote:

    > alekmountain posted: ” but the Gringo archaeologists don’t want their > little worldview upset by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner One > Summer In Mexico – Part 32 Letter to Georgia Tech Dean of Architecture > reveals important information that I had forgo” >

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    1. My mind has forgotten the hurt from others, (I can’t feel the nylon mesh in my abdomen any more) but I have trouble forgetting the hurt that I unintentionally caused others.


  2. Howdy, Different thought…query…The corn cob as shown #5 illustration…Have you seen this actual item. Reason…thickness? flat on both wide faces…vertical lines on the faces? This is not an off the wall question. If you have time…a really important question re; my research. Thanks

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  3. Richard, Great connection between the 2 area’s of the Sokee / Zokee (Olmecs) scripts. Is it your understanding that the Kukulcan / Chak-mool (1500B.C) war clans were a different people from the Sokee/ Zokee (Olmecs head people)? Both clans seem to have started at the same city of Chichen Itza. Here are some Sokee / Zokee (Olmecs) artwork indicating at connection to Egypt: Most likely some had made their way to South Africa and then to South America as well. (Richard, Sorry to hear of the many Evil powers at work these days against you….you must be doing something Right.)

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