Petroglyphs: Shoal Creek Site

Cherokee County, Georgia
34°19’06.8″N 84°33’47.2″W

This is a very large and unusual petroglyph site, immediately east of the Pine Log Mountains and about a mile west of Waleska, GA. It bears no resemblance to the other petroglyphs in North Georgia and in fact, as will be explained below, has a distinct Mesomerican “feel” to it.

The right side of the rock is eroded, but resembles Maya glyphs.

The symbols were carved into a metamorphic rock face, immediately adjacent to a fast running mountain stream. Either the stream has changed its course since the symbols were carved or it was an extremely difficult place to carve rock!

At all other petroglyph sites in North Georgia the symbols are arranged randomly and asymmetrically. These symbols are enclosed in rectangular boxes and on the left side of the carving are symmetrical both vertically and horizontally. The symbols on the right are badly eroded, but seem to resemble Maya glyphs. The purpose and meaning of these petroglyphs remain a mystery.

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