Postscript Humor . . . the Spy Who Came Out of the Snow

A little over two years ago, my favorite cousin and I discovered that both of us had been doing “special” chores for the US Navy at the same time and had to sign 20 year non-disclosure agreements for the same reason. The only difference was that he was active duty and in uniform. Somewhere, he was in a combat zone, because he is an official veteran. However, he still can’t tell me where he was or what he was doing. I was an inactive reserve officer . . . never served active duty . . . a necessity, since I was in countries that were either neutral or hostile to the United States.

At any rate, I was having one of those bored nights that have gotten me into trouble before. I happened to see an internet ad, in which one would take the actual aptitude test given to volunteers and draftees by the US Department of War during World War II. I assumed that back then Uncle Sam would have assigned me to be a Seabee officer, like what I was supposed to be or perhaps the US Army Corps of Engineers.

NOPE! As you see above, back in 1942 Uncle Sam would have assigned me to the OSS . . . forerunner of the CIA. Life is indeed, a box of chocolates.

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