British archaeologists find stone ring similar to, but smaller than the Alec Mountain Stone Oval in Georgia, USA

Stone Rings are believed to have been constructed in Wales and western England around 2000 BC. Like the Alec Mountain Stone Oval, they were composed of field stones, not large boulders. Even today, the Alec Mountain structure is much taller and larger in diameter than those in the British Isles.

To read this article and see the BBC video, go to:

Using LIDAR just like the British archaeologists, I apparently have found two more large stone rings near Batesville, GA, which are due north of the Alec Mountain Stone Oval. Our volunteers will be hiking to and studying these sites as soon as I receive permission from the property owners. Below is the LIDAR image for the southeastern quadrant of Batesville.

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  1. Richard, many connections with the timeline of 2500 BC of this North American landmass with the Islands of Britton (Alba). The bell Breaker people took over England at that time and the DNA of the whole area changes. That seems to be the time people here start aligning stones and towns for hundreds of miles to certain star formations….the arrival of the Yuchi? or Tokah. Could they be the same the Delaware called the Tali-ge-wi…Talisman were ancient oblong stones and that might be the reason for so many Oblong town plazas and mounds in Georgia.

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