Montana Man’s DNA traces Native American journey from Pacific isles to South America 17,000 years ago

In 2005, I was surprised to learn from a DNA test that all of my Native American DNA was from South of the Border . . . either southern Mesoamerica or Peru. More recent and precise DNA tests by relatives have revealed that what was labeled “Nordic” in me was actually a mixture of Scandinavians from Scotland with much, much older Sami from Sweden . . . The Sami-Finnish-Basque mixture immigrants came to America 3-8,000 years ago. That is why in 2012, when the Georgia archaeologists called me an ignorant peon and federal law enforcement called up people, who I had talked to me on the telephone, to tell them “Don’t listen to him about the Maya thing. He is crazy” . . . I ignored them all.

There is another surprise showing up in our family and other Uchee-Creek descendants in the Southeast. It is Polynesian! In fact, our family’s most recent DNA tests are labeling these DNA markers, Maori! I was 1% Polynesian, but some cousins with Uchee on both sides have as much as 3% Polynesian DNA markers.

I finally figured out that we had some Native ancestors, who were “locals” on the Savannah River. Family lore was that all of our Native ancestors came to what is now Elbert County in the 1750s and 1760s. Not so. There was once a large town with South American architecture called Wasaw near present day Elberton. Wasa is a Maori name for water or ocean. . . They were “Ocean People”. Their Uchee name was Wasare or Wasale, which the chroniclers of the De Soto Expedition wrote down as “Guaxile.”

Wasa is also the origin of the German word for water, wasser. You go figure? I suspect that there is no such thing as a “pure race” and that there was a lot of mixing going on in ancient times.

To read this fascinating article In Live Science Magazine go to:

The great town of Wasasi on the Savannah River


  1. Hi Richard, I read about this in an article last night. Just goes to show everyone how spot on your research truly is. And to listen to the guy from Gawjaw.


  2. Richard, Warsaw is a city in Poland, Europe…indicating a connection with people that left out of India (perhaps) that became the Polynesians who invented the type of ships being used in the Gulf of Mexico when Colon (Columbus) arrived. A clear connection to the Indian / Polynesians peoples is some of the artwork of Colombia and the Aztecs god of death. I have read the people of India have a lore of the islands that Columbus left from.


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