Video – Mesoamerican giants and human sacrifice

Long, long ago I was on a fellowship in Mexico, under the sponsorship of the Museo Nacional de Anthropologia. My fellowship coordinator was none other than the internationally famous archaeologist, Dr. Román Piña Chán. One of his first assignments for me was to thoroughly study ALL of the Teotihuacan archaeological zone, not just where the tourists go. I had an INAH photo ID suspended around my neck so the Mexican soldiers, guarding the archaeological zone, wouldn’t shoot me as a looter! LOL

The second day there, I suddenly had the urge to keep on walking northward out of the archaeological zone and up the slopes of Cerra Gordo Mountain, which is the backdrop to all those photos of Teotihuacan that you see. That climb resulted in extraordinary discoveries that even the Mexican archaeologists didn’t know about. For example, I discovered that the entire mountain is covered with stone walled agricultural terraces. Until the latest high resolution Google satellite images were available, you couldn’t see them except by climbing up through them.

I didn’t realize the extraordinary nature of what I had experienced until many decades later, in the summer of 2018, when I was unpacking my boxes in my mountain top cottage and began looking at slides than I had not viewed since I was 22 years old! The result was a seven part video series on Teotihuacan, posted on my Youtube channel. This particular video dealt with the red haired giants and their relationship to the peculiar role of human sacrifice in Mesoamerica. There seems to be a lot of interest by readers on these subjects so I am re-posting the video for you. This video is not as “sophisticated” as the newest ones, after I was given state-of-the-art video software, but it is not “shabby” either. LOL

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