And you thought I was kidding . . . if you will excuse the pun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This photo was on the cover of Country Roads Magazine 35 years ago. I was also a cover boy once for Dairy Goat Journal. This was our first goat dairy farm. In 1982, we started the second licensed goat cheese creamery in the nation. We would have been first had not the State of North Carolina taken a year to decide what their regulations would be. LOL Most of our cheese was being shipped to the Middle Atlantic States and because the local hay contained a pathological mold and toxic levels of aluminum, we had to import our hay from Tennessee or Virginia. So in late 1987, we started construction on the first federally licensed goat cheese creamery in the United States . . . in the Shenandoah Valley. The Swiss National Champion yodeling choir helped dedicate our new facility. Life is indeed, a box of goat cheese.

My grandmother made that patchwork quilt in the photo.

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