Swedish scientists obtain full DNA profile of Bronze Age Scandinavians

This is an extremely important asset for those of us, who are researching the early history of mankind in the Southeastern United States. The DNA was obtained from “chewing gum” at a site very close to the Nykőping Petroglyphs, which date from around 2000 BC. Almost all of the symbols on Georgia’s famous Track Rock Petroglyphs can be found at Nykőping.

The drawing above compares photos of symbols at Nykőping to Boulder Six at Track Rock Gap.

Many people of Uchee, Creek and Chicksaw descent are showing up with the totally unsuspected DNA markers of the Sami, Finns, Karolians, Pre-Celtic Irish, Maori Polynesians and Basque. The people of Bronze Age Scandinavia also carried these DNA markers. They were not Germanic, but from western Asia. This discovery is strong evidence for re-interpretation of such DNA markers in Native American descendants. Since they are not the result of Post-Columbian immigration, they should be classified as Native American.



  1. Richard, that DNA data could be a connection to the Stone age- Bronze age people of Europe starting around 4500 BC. “Tali” or Talla sounds are found in the South East…Perhaps a connection to the old special stones word “talisman”. “Ala” sounds connections to the Mega stone center point area of France called “Alaniya” and a copper town called “Alasiya” on Cyprus. Seems likely different peoples were transported over as workers to mine copper.


  2. Richard, to follow on…just read an article on the ancient Egyptians DNA now proven to by well connected to the Armenians. ” It is generally agreed today, however, that the term ‘Hyksos’ refers to a group of foreign rulers from West Asia, rather than to an ethnic group. Additionally, the word used by the ancient Egyptians to refer to the Asiatics was ‘Aamu’.” “Recent genetic studies have shown that the people of ancient Egypt had ties to ancient Near Eastern populations such as Armenians.” Since you are trying to decode the Creeks missing words and the Cherokee mixed words some possible clues could be found with the Sea peoples of the Near East. https://www.ancient-origins.net/human-origins-science/analyzing-mummy-genes-were-ancient-egyptians-closely-related-middle-easterners-021564


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