Mexican archaeologist confirms a mountaintop city seemingly built by giants overlooking Teotihuacan

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

A few minutes ago, I received two emails from a Mexican archaeologist, which confirmed the mysterious structures that I had seen as young man on the mountain overlooking Teotihuacan . . . Cerro Gordo.  I had climbed through thousands of acres of stone retaining walls to reach the ruins of a city on top of the mountain . . . ruins that neither Mexican citizens or tourists are told about. Immediately, when I returned back to the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, I told my fellowship coordinator, the famous archaeologist Román Piña-Chan, about what I has seen.  He claimed to be completely unaware of the ruins, containing massive rocks.

After viewing my seven videos on Youtube about the experience, the Mexican archaeologist this morning wanted to let me know that, “Yes, they now also know about these stone ruins of a mountaintop city that seems to have been built by giants, but are keeping them a secret because they don’t have the funds to hire guards to patrol the mountain 24/7.”     If you are interested in learning more about these mysterious ruins, here is the introductory video on that great adventure.

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