Ten years ago today, I was in the hideout of Olympic Games bomber, Eric Rudolph

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

I was framed to make me look like the assassin of President Obama. The search for Olympic Games bomber, Eric Rudolph, was the most expensive man-hunts ever conducted by the FBI. During the process of being framed, I learned from local North Carolina mountain families that they had been framed by the national media. They were portrayed as anti-government radicals hiding Rudolph, when in fact it had been a conspiracy of certain Tennessee Valley Authority & US Forest Service employees, “law enforcement” officers, TVA executives and wealthy government contractors from Tennessee and Florida, who helped Rudolph evade the FBI.

I am giving you this testimonial so that after you vote this year for various political offices, you cannot say . . . like the Germans living near Auschwitz . . . that you didn’t know what was going on.

The “news” that you hear from the talking heads on both TV and internet is not necessarily the all the facts or may be totally false. I learned that first hand ten years ago. Our lives and our nation are being manipulated by amoral . . . no . . . demonic people, whose political agenda can only be understood in hell.

By 2009, many of Atlanta’s most prominent architecture firms . . . companies that had survived the Great Depression! . . . had gone belly up. I was still in operation because I had a low overhead, lived modestly and had been selected by the Oklahoma Centennial Commission as the Architect to work with brilliant Creek sculptor, Dan Brooks, on the Trail of Tears Memorial in Council Oak Park in Tulsa. However, when that income ended, I had to endure six months of minimal income. I had a project designing a restaurant, but was to be paid in the loan closing at the end of the project. Instead, the developer walked into a Bank of America branch bank, forged my name to the check handed him to give to me, cashed it and flew out of the country. I was “dead in the water,” but just I as I thought I was going belly up, I was selected to design a baseball facility for the state Little League championships.

That commission would pay all my short term debts and get my mortgage payments back up to current. I applied for a mitigation loan based on the new project. It would turn out that being selected to be the Architect of the Trail of Tears Memorial was somebody’s idea of an ironic joke.

I received a letter from FannieMae saying that a closing was tentatively scheduled for mid-January 2010, but I had to sign some paperwork, plus furnish proof of the architecture contract and that I had money in the bank to pay closing costs. I thought everything was fine, until early in the morning of December 21, 2009 when two deputies showed up at my front door with an eviction notice to be out of the house by 6:00 PM on December 24, 2009.

Talking about being stunned. I told the deputies that FannieMae had announced publicly that no foreclosures or evictions would occur during the Christmas holidays. They told me that they had to obey the court order by the Pickens County judge. I showed them the letter from Fannie Mae, stating that I was to close on a mitigation loan in mid-January. They said that was between me and FannieMae. I told them that people were supposed to get 10 days notice for an eviction, not three. They shot me a line of BS of why the notice had not been delivered earlier.

I later learned that a local realtor had been paid $500 by the federal government to deliver the mitigation loan papers, plus an option for me to pay rent to Fannie May for awhile. Instead, she reported back that she had tried to call me, but there was no phone service, no electrical service and there was no furniture in the house. She told them that I had abandoned the house. My house had double glass entry doors and was only 45 feet from the street. You could lots of furniture through those two doors – even from a car on the street. I certainly had both phone and internet service at the time, as I had already started work on the baseball facility.

I had no anticipation of being evicted and was stunned! Exactly ten years later, the judge, who foreclosed on me and issued this eviction notice was arrested on 10 felony charges . . . including fraud.

A FannieMae attorney authorized the immediate seizure of the house on Christmas Eve. I lost $43,000 equity in a house valued at $135,000. My loan payments were in arrears $2100. The federal government paid the private attorneys and realtor $15,600 to evict me. I could have immediately begun full payments on the new mitigation loan. Instead, the house deteriorated severely while sitting empty for over two years. FannieMae had to spend over $30,000 in repairs in order to sell it. Socialism? Honey, we have had socialism for quite awhile . . . robbing from the middle class to give to the rich.

Has this happened before?

The game plan was to put me in Asheville, NC at the same time that President Obama was vacationing there in early April 2010. As a young Architect, I had achieved fame for the Downtown Asheville Revitalization Plan. Many people in Asheville would remember me. Apparently, they planned to have me gunned down on one of the plazas in Downtown Asheville that I had designed. The media would tell you that I was a sexual deviate and a loner. My “motivation” was that I had blamed President Obama for being evicted on Christmas Eve. The real assassins would never be touched.

In mid-February a North Carolina couple had offered for me to stay in their cabin in the Smokies until winter was over. As I was driving up to the cabin, a man staying in a neighboring cabin, fired 13 shots into the air with his pistol. His pickup had a Florida tag and his bumper was plastered with “hate Obama” stickers.

On March 15th, a lady living near Asheville contacted me via my Architecture Column in the National Examiner. She said she had been a teenager in a youth group that my former wife and I counseled at Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Asheville. I remembered her as being quite pretty, but not much else, since she was not very active in the group.

In subsequent telephone calls she told me that she was now divorced and had always had a crush on me. She invited me to spend a long weekend with her at a newly rented house on Beaucatcher Mountain during the first week of April. She didn’t mention that President Obama and his family would be staying at the Grove Park Inn nearby at exactly the same time.

The weekend before the big romantic getaway, the owners of the cabin drove up to the cabin and offered to pay the cost of moving my best furniture and appliances to their cabin. They said that I could stay there as long as I liked. As luck (or an angel’s intercession) would have it, I woke up to a flat tire the morning that I was to leave for Asheville and didn’t have the money to buy a new tire. Some local law enforcement officers were arrested by the FBI or Secret Service while the Obama family was in Asheville, but the whole matter was hushed up.

Two days after President Obama returned to Washington, DC, I woke up to no water. Someone had unlocked the well house and turned off the pump. Then the power company showed up and turned off the electricity. Then two Graham County deputies showed up and handed me an eviction notice. I told them that I was not a renter, but a guest. I would have been happy to leave, if requested to do so. However, in the short time given to depart, I had no money to move out my larger pieces of furniture and appliances. I lost all of them.

When I set up a camp on Lake Santeetlah, the US Forest Service rangers began harassing me non-stop. Even though there were homeless people there, who had been allowed stay in camping trailers for over a year, a notice was nailed to a tree next to my tent, telling me to leave within two weeks and not camp anywhere within ten miles, which meant leaving Graham County, North Carolina. That ended my career as a potential presidential assassin.

My camp site on Lake Santeetlah, NC. On the right, that’s a pottery kiln.

Here they go again

A former Atlanta Police lieutenant turned attorney and a female criminal psychologist are helping me chart a life path whereby the honest law enforcement officers will not be punished for the evil deeds done by their depraved comrades. They have explained that unfortunately in the Southeast we have far too many white officers, particularly in more rural areas, who are attracted to a career, where they get to wear a uniform of authority and carry a gun so that they can shield their own sexual and emotional insecurities. We will leave it at that.

I lived in the cabin without a working furnace or stove in Lumpkin County, GA for six years. You can see it on the History Channel program. Beginning when I moved there in 2012, local deputies and campus cops began spreading word that I was a sexual predator of college coeds. The University of North Georgia is located there. For three years, every time I passed the university on the way to Walmart, a UNG campus police car would race out to the four lane highway to protect its coeds.

In October 2013, Cherokee scholar, Marilyn Rae, flew up to Atlanta for us to jointly promote the two books, we had written together. When we met in person for the first time at a Mexican restaurant in Downtown Dahlonega, at least 20 Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents in bullet proof vests and armed to the teeth, surrounded the restaurant. Two female agents entered the restaurant with guns drawn, until they realized that we were just two mature adults eating Mexican food for lunch. The GBI soon departed.

Then in 2017, the deputies began telling people I was a homosexual and child molester. Now, I had dates with Native American professors and professional women from time to time. However, they were visiting Georgia from out of state . . . mostly attending conventions in Atlanta. If the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Department was monitoring me that closely, they had to know that I was no pervert.

Habersham County law enforcement tapped my phone here before I even moved my furniture in. The neo-Nazi’s are so cocky these days, they don’t realize that there are some very smart people out there, who know all the surveillance technology that they know . . . and then some. Oh . . . and some of them may have even been an asset for an FBI investigation into crooked cops in another state or may have even had national security intelligence experience long ago.

I had bought the cheapest house in North Georgia – a classic fixer upper – and was working on it before moving my stuff in. The phone had only been turned on a little over an hour when the “Habersham County Business License Inspector called me to tell me that I would be arrested, if I didn’t pay my business license that day. He bragged that he now had a badge and the power to arrest people.

Incredulous, I told him that this was a house in a rural subdivision, which I had not even moved into. He responded, “We know you are an architect and we’ll have you arrested if you don’t pay your business license in two day.” I responded that told that Architect was a professional title, not a business name. I had not had any income in Georgia since 2006 when the right-wing Republicans took over everything. He paused and then said, “We’ll be watching you!”

They did and also followed me a lot . . . and also stopped my car five times for no reason to see if I had drugs in the vehicle. State police officer, plus deputies in both Habersham and White Counties then proceeded to tell everyone I had contact with that I was a male (gay) prostitute and a predator of young women. By now, the fake story has spread all through the community so it is impossible for me to even have conversation with a single female . . . unless she is a Lesbian and thus considers me “one of the gang.”

What these depraved people were up to became clear in August 2019. In late May of 2019 my car was vandalized so that the engine would eventually discombooberate. Three of my Republican neighbors were told that I would soon need another car. They still have their old cars out front for sale . . . thinking that their Lord Satan will bring them that money! Amen! Unfortunately, the breakdown occurred in White County, where the Baptists were having a revival, preached by Colonel Ollie North, whose theme was “Christian Gun Rights.” The garage kept my car for five weeks . . . only working on it the last week. When I came to pick it up, a White County deputy was standing there, chewing tobacco and grinning like a Cheshire Cat. The mechanic handed me a bill for over a thousand dollars more than he had quoted. I paid it, knowing that there would be no justice in a courtroom there.

Then, I quickly learned that a tracking device had been placed in back of my radio. It was a high tech passive device that only broadcast signals when first hit by the frequency from the central broadcasting tower of a law enforcement agency. Throughout July and early August, almost everywhere I went gay men or cops pretending to be gay, posed next to me. A nearby van would video tape the non-events. When that didn’t work, they started having gay men prance back and forth in front of my house. They would pose I guess in a way that would attract gay men, but only accomplished getting my dogs to laugh at them.

I eventually learned what was going on. In mid-August, a gay man and his dog went missing while hiking at one of the archaeological sites that we publicized on The Americas Revealed. His car, minus an auto tag, was left parked at the parking lot of the access trail. Of course, immediately I was the prime suspect because of being a known pervert and because I had not accepted Adolf Hitler as my Lard and Saveyer. This information was then passed on to the Neo-Nazi and Fake Christian communities.

Armed vigilantes from a megachurch in Metro Atlanta began parking in front of my home and following me wherever I went. One man, whose property adjoins the rear of my property began playing tape on his boombox in which a holy roller preacher was screaming that God was going to send me, a pervert and murderer, to hell. This nonsense continued until late September when county cops admitted to tracking my car 24/7 and that I had been nowhere around when the hiker disappeared. He never reappeared as far as I know.

The new rumor being spread is that I am a Librul federal counter-insurgency agent and a former special ops commando. That is why I was able to survive for a year in a tent when only given three days notice to be evicted. I am spying on the neo-Nazis, who plan to soon start the Second Civil War. It would be nice to make the $120, 000 a year that those folks make, but in fact . . . all I am is an Eagle Scout. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. Richard, Even that its been known since the 1960’s that the “Euro factors” knew of this landmass because of the “Leif the lucky” find in New found land of 1000 AD…I have yet to hear about that 500 hundred “missing” timeline. That takes massive money to continue the uni-versity history illusion…

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