Delusional employees and customers in a Dollar General call for a civil war and getting rid of the Jews

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

Bad things happen when Native Americans stay silent!

Unraveling the mysteries of history is interesting and fun.  That’s one of the reasons that I nowadays devote most of my time to it and the main reason that you readers . . . well, read it.  Sometimes however, the demands of loyalty to the ideals of our nation’s founding fathers override the readers’ desire to be entertained.  My Creek ancestors were Patriot soldiers in the American Revolution! That’s how I was able to join the Sons of the American Revolution and why their descendants were exempt from the Trail of Tears.

Having an accurate understanding of the past prevents making mistakes in the present . . . which a string of recent leaders in our nation have been most prone to make.  I want to emphasize that this is eyewitness account, not hearsay or fake news on the internet.  The conversations were recorded on a surveillance camera.  I have notified executives of Dollar General, Inc. in Goodlettsville, TN the exact times when they can find incriminating statements being made by their employees, customers and a Habersham County, GA deputy.

There they go again.  Thirty years ago, my Creek grandmother Mahala (aka Mama Ruby) sent me several letters, demanding that I return home to Georgia “to do something about that false history being printed in the Atlanta papers.”  I eventually, and unwillingly, came home, and look what the mess I got in!  LOL 

This time, I ran into some neighbors at a convenience store.  They were outraged.  They said that they had just come from the Dollar General down on Hwy. 17.  The response of both the customers and employees to the stock market’s crash was saying that a war was about to start to get rid of the people who caused the crash and the corona virus.  My neighbors said that the deputy didn’t speak while they were in line, but repeatedly nodded his head in agreement.  The store’s manager did the same.

In parting at the convenience store, my neighbors also said that while they were voting at the Habersham County administrative complex, they observed a county employee encouraging registered Republicans to take a Democratic primary ballot so that they could vote for Bernie Sanders and Jon Ossoff to help out President Trump. Both Sanders and the leading Democratic candidate for Georgia’s US Senate seat, Jon Ossoff, are Jewish. The county employee’s presumption was that Jewish Democratic candidates would get fewer votes in the November general election. This is highly significant when you read the second part of this article. 

Now, legally this is hearsay, but if true, the voter registrar should be immediately arrested.  She committed a federal crime . . . probably a state crime, too.

Oh yes, it was true

Later in the day, I drove down to that particular Dollar General, which already was on my caca list. For about a year and a half after I moved to my house, young male employees would make suggestive remarks to me like offering to walk to the back of the store with me, show me where the restroom was or wanting to visit my house.  It was annoying, but I figured times had changed.  What I learned from a federal investigator in January was that this was a sheriff’s department sting that had wasted taxpayers’ money with the full cooperation of Dollar General’s management.  This particular Band of Brothers is convinced that I am a homosexual and a sexual predator because I have an IQ over 65 and have not taken Adolf Hitler as my Lard and Saveyer.  Nothing happened because I am none of the above.

Anyway, I went to the cashier that my neighbors ID’d.  I recognized her. For the past six months, she has been grinning and making snitty comments to me about being a “librul.” Up until yesterday, I have stayed silent and not chewed her out for her inappropriate comments. Actually, I am a fiscal conservative.  Many people on LinkedIn can confirm that I have been highly critical of both major political parties for allowing the nation’s finances go into lala land.

All I said was, “Did you hear that the stock market crashed today?  It is the biggest drop ever.” 

The cashier smiled sweetly and said, ”Yes, the Democrats caused the crash.  They have been planning that all along in order to take over our country.” 

I said, “What? Who told you that nonsense? The stock markets in Europe have been crashing for a week.  It is just now spreading to the USThe causes are the glut in the oil market, the slow economy in Europe and the spreading virus.

She responded, “Yes, the Democrats control everything in the world.  They also created that virus in order to embarrass our President.”

I was incredulous, “You are saying that the Democrats created the virus in China?” She nodded her head affirmatively.  Then I asked her, “Are you really saying that the Jews control everything?  That’s what Hitler said.”  She said nothing, but looked over to a guy in the waiting line.  He flashed a Smart Aleck’s grin then blurted, “Yeh, everybody knows that the Democrats are nothing but queers, Commies and Jews.”   He was the only other person in the store, who said anything, while I was waiting at the cash register. 

That was the last straw for me. I was out of there . . . and even more outraged than my neighbors.  Decent people saying nothing, when moronic statements were made, is exactly how the American Civil War got started.   I will not have on my conscience, staying silent this time.


  1. Richard, The other night a man researching electric magnetic lines in Alaska found that there was always a spike before major earthquakes. Is that what you have found in Georgia? Best of luck in your neck of the woods.

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  2. It’s sad. But true ..its generations of racists upbringing here in the hills. Showing their ignorance…the main thing is …dont talk politics with folks period…your values are not everyone else’s values….its a hard pill to swallow sometimes…sorry you hafta endure stupidity

    On Tue, Mar 10, 2020, 10:15 AM The Americas Revealed wrote:

    > alekmountain posted: ” by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner > Bad things happen when Native Americans stay silent! Unraveling the > mysteries of history is interesting and fun. That’s one of the reasons > that I nowadays devote most of my time to it and the m” >

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