Types A & B Corona Virus struck the United States in December 2019

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

It was on BBC World News last week, but no talking-heads in American newsrooms commented on the discovery. The BBC told us that scientists at Cambridge University have determined that most of the cases of Corona virus in Europe and North America were caused by two older strains, Type A and Type B.  Most of the cases in China were a younger strain, Type C. That means that the Corona Virus did not originate in Wuhan, China as the Whitehouse is trying to convince us. Scientists at several world-class laboratories in North America and Europe are currently trying to find where Type A originiated. Cambridge geneticists believe that this deadly virus will mutate into many more strains, as it rampages across the continents. Each strain will probably require its own vaccine. However, there is much, much more implied by this story.


First, let me explain that I am not your typical blogger offering a politicized opinion, based on minimal thought and research. For much of my career as an architect, I have been considered an expert on the design of facilities, requiring special protection from pathogens or undesirable fungi, bacteria, mycoplasma and viruses. That began with my design and ownership of the first federally licensed goat cheese creamery in the US. While living in the Shenandoah Valley, our farm was a “classroom” for the Virginia Tech’s School of Veterinary Medicine Small Livestock curricula.

I am the only fellow in the Nacoochee Valley that has a plaque on the kitchen wall, signed by Chef Julia Child. She was also the judge!

Simultaneously, organized crime was trying to gain control of the gourmet food industry by hiring traitors in the US Army from Fort Detrick, MD to sabotage food producers in the Middle Atlantic states with laboratory-created, militarized pathogens. The traitorous commandos were led by a colonel and major, but the orders were coming from somebody much higher up!  For unknown reasons, they were also attacking the farm in my county of the famous author, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.  You can read about her experiences in Wikipedia.

During the first six months of 1991, four newspaper journalists were murdered in our county.  One of them, a friend of mine, who was an investigative reporter for the Washington Post, had won the Pulitzer Prize, while living in North Carolina.  No one went to jail for those murders.  They were being protected by someone in the US Justice Department. 

Soon after President Bill Clinton was inaugurated, his newly appointed Attorney General, Janet Reno, ordered the arrests of all, but one of the elected official in Shenandoah County, plus the upper echelon of the county’s sheriff’s department.  They were all involved with that same organized crime ring.  The Shenandoah Valley is one of the most important food-producing regions in the nation. That’s the reason that organized crime wanted total control.

The experiences I gained during this period were subsequently applied to the design of food processing plants, wineries, breweries, veterinary hospitals, operating rooms, outdoor “food fairs” and restaurants. I was also a Consulting Architect for one of the newest buildings at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

You best pay attention to what I say. I have researched the question for two months, before I dared to publish it.  Something is going on that is being concealed from many of our elected leaders.

Don’t you remember? In December they called it an unidentified new strain of flu in the United States. Has everyone forgotten this?

Forgotten newspaper headlines

In March 2020 the news media in the United States began to provide more information on the symptoms of the Corona Virus . . . but we were being told that there had been just a few cases . . . people, who had contracted the disease in China or Italy.  President Trump assured us that it was just a mild flu from China and the problem would be over by Easter.  However, those symptoms rang a bell!  I vaguely remembered discussions of a new flu back in December.  I asked around Helen.  That is when I learned about the strange symptoms, being like mine and of people dying from them.

Back in December 2019,  there were several cases of a strange new flu that had killed seven people in the Helen, GA – Nacoochee Valley area.  Helen is the number three tourist attraction in Georgia and was in the midst of its busy Christmas Holiday season.  The victims started with a mild sore throat, which quickly changed into severe neck and head aches then suddenly, with little warning caused their lungs to shut down, resulting in asphyxiation.  Most of the victims were said to be retirees, but a 12-year old girl caught more public attention.  She had awakened with a sore throat, which then became a severe neck and head ache, which around 2 AM that night turned into asphyxiation. She quickly died in her mother’s arms.

In early December, someone asked me to take a look at a stone wall on his farm.  I took along my young pups, but left behind the last surviving dog that was on the History Channel show.  When I returned home, the front door was wide open and the older female dog seemed stunned or drugged.  She became progressively more paralyzed during the next few weeks, dying the day after Christmas.  In the mean time I came down with the mystery disease, but at the time didn’t know about the deaths in nearby Helen.  I had all the symptoms, but didn’t die, because I have a very special immune system.  Fortunately, it was raining torrentially during the four days that was sick, so I stayed at home.  We will talk about that special immunity on another day.

In early March, after I caught two Dollar General employees near my house, telling customers that “the Democrats created the corona virus to embarrass the president,” I became suspicious.  I began casually chatting with shop employees in Helen, GA about the “unidentified flu” that infected many people in this area during December.  

Helen, Georgia at Christmas Time

The people living in Helen knew a lot more than I did and had a scared look on their face, when they discussed it.   It was the look people give, when they are afraid that “Big Brother” might harm them.   They were aware that very few people (if any)  in the region around Helen have caught the Corona virus during the period when the pandemic is officially active.  They also told me that many wealthy people from Florida, showed up in early March to stay in tourist cabins and rental houses or Unicoi State Park, because they were told that the corona virus would not strike in vicinity of Helen.

Two days ago, I had a conversation with a very close relative of the 12 year old girl, who died in Helen, GA this past December. The doctors seemed more interested protecting their liability than anything else. They did NOT take tissue samples to determine what pathogen had killed her. They labeled her cause of death, “pneumonia.” The coroner, who is an elected figure in Georgia, rubber stamped the cause of death. What? The sudden appearance of lung failure kills a 12 year old girl in an hour or so? That’s not any normal type of pneumonia.

That did it. I had to speak out. If people in White County, GA had been more assertive in December 2019, maybe we would not have had the many thousands of dead Americans today.

2019 – A year of weirdness

Throughout 2019, the powers and principalities (as the Apostle Paul labeled them in the Bible) tried to handicap me economically and physically. Among many things, very expensive repairs have been required to fix vandalism to my car.  The efforts to get rid of my dogs have been legion.  My canine companions are just a couple of young herd dogs, but they are much smarter than any Neo-Nazi and also bark when someone gets near the house at night.  

In response, to several illegal entries in my home while I was gone and the constant efforts of both neo-Nazis and law enforcement to get my harmless pets, I started asking around in the Latin American community here about what they knew. ¡Yo hablo español! They said that several law enforcement officers have a joint venture with organized crime, which is running a guns and drugs operation, somewhere near me.  While the cops constantly try to bust petty Latin American pot dealers, they protect something huge and dangerous.   I don’t want to get involved in any way, shape or form with these evil people, but they won’t leave me alone. 

You see,  while living in a drastically less prestigious community in Lumpkin County, GA for six years, I was also hassled by some “law enforcement” officers.  Then, the state and federal DEA busted a $300 million a year meth operation, whose headquarters was across the street from the main county fire department station and one block from the sheriff’s department.  One of their larger meth plants was near my cabin in Lumpkin County. The cops were protecting the meth operation by hassling any suspicious strangers.

Even as I write this article, the scumbags think that they have set up yet another pre-adolescent scheme to be executed this afternoon.  I own a five-acre track of very rugged mountain land that is sufficient for the dogs and I to get our exercise just by hiking up and down my ravine.  Just before I started writing, un-marked cop cars met with a neighbor then all three neighbors involved with them left together.  They have some young punks signaling back and forth to each other from the edge of my property.  They are waiting for the dogs and I to take our daily hike.  I don’t know, if they planned to kill the dogs, harm me or plant stolen property in my house.  Whatever it was, it ain’t gonna happen.

At any rate, in December I wrote an article for The Americas Revealed that I had seen all the signs of a catastrophic economic collapse coming in early 2020, but didn’t dream that it would take the form of an artificially-spawned pandemic. However, I am not sure currently, if the severity of the epidemic in the United States was planned or if a mad scientist’s experiment got out of control. Now something else that I saw last year makes a lot of sense.

I looked down from Yonah Mountain and could see no Army vehicles or white buses. Where did they disappear to?

White FEMA buses disappearing into an old farm

FEMA buses with dark tinted windows.

Beginning in late November 2019,  I began seeing US Army vehicles and groups of white FEMA buses parked in a supermarket parking lot a few miles south of Helen.  The first couple of times, I was the only person there, who seemed to even notice them.  However, the third time I saw an US Army escorted convoy of white buses turn up a narrow, old residential concrete driveway, which had a rusty wrought iron gate.   The location was west of Yonah Mountain and about two miles north of Helen.  What the heck?

When I got home, I looked at the satellite imagery of the location.  There is nothing there, but an old house and a small, overgrown farm.  That afternoon, I climbed up Yonah Mountain and looked down at the property.  No buses or US Army vehicles were visible on the property.  You go figure?

I continued to see convoys of FEMA buses in Cleveland, GA and on the road to Helen, throughout December.  When local folks stopped coming down with the “unidentified flu” the convoys stopped. 

Just as in the case in December, when I sensed a pending economic collapse, but did not know how it would occur,  I really can’t tell you the full meaning of all that I have experienced.  HOWEVER,  it is highly suspicious that several southern Republican governors want to cancel the epidemic restrictions, just at the moment when the epidemic is at its worse stage. It would be quite permissible to permit low density, outdoor activities to occur, but they are also allowing such “hot spots” as restaurants, bowling alleys and gyms. 

As I said at the beginning,  I know for a fact that a restaurant is THE most likely place for someone to catch a wide variety of contagious diseases.  How many times have you had diarrhea after eating a restaurant? A large percentage of common colds are actually caught in a fast food restaurant waiting line or restroom.

The number of corona virus cases almost doubled in Georgia during this past week to about 20,000.  Hospitals have reached or exceeded maximum patient capacity.  It appears that the governors in the Lower South and Texas want the situation to become so out of control that martial law and the postponement of national elections would become mandatory.  Don’t listen to what they say.  Watch what they do.  As always, palefaces speak with a forked tongue. 

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (above left) owed his narrow victory over a black female opponent by appealing to the Neo-Nazi minority. At least, he is honest about who controls him. On April 20, 2020 he made national headlines by announcing his intent to countermand the recommendations of the Centers For Disease Control in Atlanta as soon as this week. Georgia’s total number cases doubled in the previous week.
Once an Eagle Scout . . .
Always an Eagle Scout


  1. “As always, palefaces speak with a forked tongue.” Strong words for all whites Richard? Yes we do live with many angry mean spirted greedy people in this occult secret system using the “Eagle and serpent” symbols of ancient Sparta (1% owned slave state)…dollar bill? Mexicah flag? Don’t be beguiled by their tactics in becoming like them. Best regards.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Richard, I Trust what you write over anything or anyone out there in the world. You do your due diligence in research on the subject and then go the extra mile as they say. It’s to the point now with so much misinformation being tossed in the ring as to who can you believe. What do you believe? Yes ! I certainly remember them talking about a very early flu season and that it was a bad strain. Get your flu shot like always they said.. Then sure enough my 25 yr old son got sick right around the first of the year. It was some kinda flu like illness. He has rarely ever gotten ill in his life. He had perfect attendance almost every year. He has a very high immune system. But it got him good. It lasted about 3 weeks with him. He stayed home from work the first few days because he felt so badly. Then it hit me about a week after him. I’m 68 and it smack downed me real hard. I stayed in bed for about a week. I felt so poorly I did not want to or feel like getting up? I was very congested with thick mucous making it difficult to breath at times. No appetite and sorta nauseated. No energy and I felt as if my body had been steamrollered multiple times. It was Not like any flu I have had in my lifetime. I’m like my son I have a high resistance to getting sick. Not to this. It was no fun.
    It makes me very uneasy about so much….

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  3. I also have a potent immune system. I have had diseases like typhoid, cholera, typhus, Lyme, Relapsing Fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, the Killer type of Salmonella in Mexico, Vibrio, Leptospirosis, Listeriosis, Amoebic dysentery in Belize and Mononucleosis. When the sore throat changed into a neck and head ache last December, I thought that I had meningitis, but the only option on a weekend was a hospital emergency room. However, just before I was headed to the hospital the headache changed to a locked chest . . . but that went away after about a day.

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