First British map to mention Cherokees spelled their name the same way that the French spelled an alternate name for the Hurons!

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

From a Canadian reference book . . .

Alternate names for the Huron Indians

When Champlain first reported of them in 1615, they had 30,000 people.  By 1640, they were reduced through disease, famine, and warfare to just twelve to fifteen thousand.

Nomenclature:  Their autonym was ‘Wendat’, but the French primarily called them ‘Huron’ or ‘Huron les bon Iroquois’.  Champlain first referred to them as the ‘Ochateguin’, then later as the ‘Charioquois’ (‘Charioquet’, ‘Charakay’), and also as the ‘Allegonantes’.

Detail of 1649 Dutch map of New France and New Holland at the St Lawrence River.

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