33,000 year old human occupation site discovered in Mexico!

One Summer in Mexico – Part 10b

Estado de Zacatecas

Dr. Román Piña Chan was right all along when he said that humans came to Mexico by water at least 30,000 years ago! If you recall Article 10 of this series, when I was in Mexico the first time, all Gringo textbooks and Gringo archaeologists said that the first humans in the Americas were Clovis Culture hunters, who came over the Bering Straight Land Bridge around 10,000 BC. Mexican archaeologists disagreed, but when they did find a 30,000+ year old occupation site near Lake Texcoco, the political influence of North American academicians was so strong that the Mexican government closed the dig and constructed buildings over it.

To learn more, go this BBC online article about Early Mankind in the Americas.

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