Why I should have never left México!

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

After the fellowship, I returned to Mexico several times. Ah decisions, decisions . . . the sultry, curvaceous brunette on my right today or the fun-loving, curvaceous blonde on my left? After November 2001, my professional income dropped over 50% and I never again could afford to travel. I lost contact with my Mexican friends, when we all moved elsewhere.

The world’s first photo-bomber in the lower righthand corner is four-year-old Giselle. She is now all grown up and a nurse in the Dallas, Texas area. Giselle and her mother (the blonde) reconnected with me via Linkedin this past year.

Indigenous peoples in Mexico believe that Tepotztlan was the first city in Mesoamerica and will someday be the last surviving city on earth. To the north and south of the city are mountains containing very rich deposits of copper ore, PLUS petroglyphs identical to those in the Etowah River Basin in Georgia and County Kerry, in southwestern Ireland.

In addition to the astonishing discovery of what is possibly the largest concentration of petroglyphs in North America, I have been working hard on another video. The process primarily involves viewing and restoration of hundreds of color slides. However, the slides in the box, I am now examining are in excellent condition and need very little restoration.

This video is on the State of Morelos, which is little known in the United States. It was the birthplace of the famous Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata, but also appears to be the location of the first civilization in Mesoamerica. There is another thing about this Mexican state that makes it “special.” Extraterrestrial spacecraft are frequently seen hovering over the mountains near Tepotztlan, Morelos. In the summer of 2020 flying saucers appeared to rise magically out of volcanic cones. Several TV documentaries and science fiction movies have been filmed in and around Tepotztlan as a result of these sightings.

In the summer of 2020, flying saucers were filmed, rising out of these volcanic cones.

In this video, you are going to see some amazing images. I photographed strange stone ruins and petroglyphs in the Sierra Tepotz (Copper Mountains) north of Tepotztlan, but until recently did not realize their significance. I also climbed a mountain to photograph a pyramid that was supposedly built by giants around 1000 AD then later expanded by the Mexica (Aztecs.) You will also see beautifully restored cities from all periods of Mesoamerican civilization.

The ancient temple to Quetzacoatl on a cliff’s edge in the Sierra Tepotz

How different my life would have been in Mexico or Sweden

This past week had a surrealistic end to it. I noticed increasing traffic by upper tier law enforcement, who were hiding out in the homes of Southern Baptist neighbors. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, but figured that the feds had finally wised up to the houses in our community, associated with organized crime and domestic terrorism. While I was going about my normal routine of fixing up a fixer upper house and changing the history of the Americas, a tornadic storm was gathering.

Yesterday, Friday September 25, could only be called surreal. The power was off most of the night so I slept till 9 AM. Upon awakening, I was hearing a lot of traffic on our normally little traveled cul-de-sac . . . but hadn’t really looked out the windows.  It turned out to be a constant flow of Cracker vigilantes, local deputies, state cops and federal cops driving slowly past my house and then driving back down the street.  

Around noon I drove up northward 21 miles to Rabun County to buy an azalea bush to replace one that my male pup repeatedly peed on during the hottest and driest part of the summer.  The variety of azalea I needed was on sale at that Home Depot for $12.50 – normally $25.  The location of the dead plant was next to the front portico, so I wanted it to look nice for the filming of the History Channel program.  

I noticed that I was being tailed the whole way to Clayton, GA by a convoy of cops and vigilantes.  At the county line,  Habersham sheriff’s cars were replaced by Rabun County sheriff’s cars.  I bought the azalea and planting soil then headed up the road a bit to a Waffle House. A helicopter soon arrived and hovered over the Waffle House the whole time I ate.  The cop cars followed me to the Waffle House.  About 10 minutes later, a young woman (18-21?) came in, wearing a back pack.  I guess she was supposed to be a college coed in a town that had no college.

A black helicopter hovered above the Waffle House.

She walked back and forth next to my table then sat at a table at the opposite end of the restaurant.  Twice she got up and walked back and forth past my table then returned to her table.  What was I supposed to do in the delusional minds of these Trumpite cops . . . inject venom into the poor lass with my stinger, which would double her IQ and instantly convert her from a Cracker moron into a beautiful, brainy Creek princess? 

Of course, nothing happened, because I had done nothing illegal.  I was tailed by deputies’ cars most of the way home, until I turned onto the highway on which is located my subdivision.

Late in the afternoon, I learned from some Democrat neighbors that Trump was speaking that day in Atlanta – about 85 miles from my home.  They had overheard several people from our area at the Ingles Supermarket, laughing that I would be spending this weekend behind bars. A realtor, amongst them stated that she already had a buyer for my house. We eventually figured out that some Trumpites in my neighborhood had called the FBI and told them that I planned to assassinate the fuhrer.  Apparently, the local cops had synthesized something from taped telephone conversations that supported their claims . . . but I would not be so stupid to say anything like that.  

Of course, I had no clue that Trump was even coming to Atlanta and would have cared less.  The research I am doing is something that will be passed on to future generations. Think of the vast sum of taxpayers money that was wasted on this little exercise by delusional cops. However, it is a hint of what is in store for a lot of you folks out there.

A little history . . . shortly after moving to Jasper, GA in June 2000, strangers started coming up to me on the street or in stores to tell me, “Unless you join the Republican Party, you will have no money, no friends, no girlfriend, no wife and no children.” I thought they were crazy, since I was not a member of any political party. However, I also did not dream that most white Georgia cops viewed themselves as the hired guns and enforcers of the Republican Party. It all came true.

The lost days of wine and roses!

In September 2000, local, state and federal law enforcement began interfering in many parts of my personal and professional life . . . most visibly in my constitutionally guaranteed right to the pursuit of happiness . . . finding the love of my life. My ex-wife certainly wasn’t! They repeatedly contacted women I dated to tell them that I was a convicted serial killer, rapist, stalker or child molester. While I was homeless 10 years ago, they began telling people that I was a gay male prostitute. In each new area, I camped in, gangs of vigilantes from local Baptist churches would attack my camp at night with clubs and sometimes, guns.

About a year ago, “they” switched to saying that I was a predator of young women rather than being a homosexual predator. I guess that is because I periodically watch R rated movies on Amazon Prime Video . . . so that I can remember what a woman looks like. They don’t use 55 year old actresses in R rated movies! LOL The only contacts I have with single women is at cash registers! The guns of the Fourth Reich had to find something to justify their time monitoring my phone and internet. My best guess is that about two million dollars of your tax money has been spent on this delusional quest by Georgia and federal law enforcement . . . trying to find something to back up their manifold crimes and misdemeanors.

These demon-driven, delusional creatures on the taxpayer’s dole are the only reason that I don’t have a wife and children now. I have not even been kissed since November 2005. Our police state here in Georgia is THAT powerful, when focused on one individual of modest economic means. Think how different my life would have been for the better had I stayed in Mexico or Sweden.

Well, thought you should know what might be coming down the pike to your hometown . . . depending how you vote on November 3rd and how willing you are to stand up for the principals of our forefathers thereafter. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died to protect our democratic way of life. Was it all in vain?

Our forefathers envisioned an egalitarian society in which religion was a matter of personal belief and as many people as possible owned the land that they lived on . . . not a demonic, imperialistic impersonation of Christianity, controlled by billionaires and enforced by a delusional people, carrying badges and guns. There is no such thing as a “good” Nazi.


  1. Hi Richard, I just don’t understand why these people keep hounding you when you have done nothing wrong. Can’t you hire a lawyer and charge them with constant harassment. What’s wrong with them, don’t they appreciate your research. ?.As if there isn’t enough trouble in the world besides this dam Coronavirus. Anyway stay safe.

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    1. The primary people harassing me for the past 20 years are cops – local, state federal. The Republicans completely control our judicial system in this state so there is no hope of winning a case against them.


  2. Hallelujah and Amen for Speaking the Truth Richard ! There are so many things that are not Right or Correct going on in this once Beloved, Respected and Great country of ours. We are a country of All Emigrants if people could open their eyes to see the Truths that are there. Granted it was built upon Greed from the Europeans that arrived and wanted more and more. But our forefathers tried to get it Right by Revolting against the British rule. How sad to be where we are today in this world. Good intentions that here been corrupted by the Greed of those that are supposed to serve and have the Best interest of We the People of The United States. Please Everyone Vote to Have a More Perfect Union.

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  3. Richard, Thanks for doing the research that should have been done by the Universities. They don’t seem to like your Itza Maya /Issa research in that area or rewriting that 1492 first crossing the Atlantic history book “malarkey”. These are dangerous times we all live in with tons of money being spent on Top secret “Black programs” every year. Why not move? is a question you will have to answer.

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    1. Hey Mark – There is no place to move, unless I leave the United States. At least, here in the Nacoochee Valley I am at the place of my direct ancestors. I don’t talk about it in the regular articles, but several people, who have tried to harm me here . . . or in one case did an animal blood sacrifice next to the house to put a curse on it, had horrific fates. The witch, a year after the attempted cures, had all of her arms and legs amputated due to a strange case of gangrene.

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