1. Interesting to hear John Anderson’s song from an inside perspective. Very well done!

    Here’s a live version by a local band from up here in central NY state. (Anderson had played at this festival the year before.)


    1. So we’re talking the Yucatan area with the Itza Maya priests?

      As for Seminole Wind the song, John Anderson’s version hit number 2 on the US and number 1 on the Canadian country charts in ’92.


    2. Yeah, I meant the origin of the Kukulkun Itza Mayas. I think you’ve made a good case for them also being in Georgia. I’ve been to both Etowah and Ocmulgee and saw plenty of similarities in art, design, and lifestyle with the Mayans.

      I haven’t gotten to the part of the story with that attempt on your life. I’ll be interested to see who might have been behind it that time!

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      1. That’s on August 27, 1992 in my Christmastime Series – The French Courtesan, Who came in from the Cold. Vivi and her daughter stayed on the farm for six weeks that summer then had to go back to France for a month, because they were on a tourist visa. Five carloads of cops from the NW Virginia Drug Task Force planned to kill me on August 27, making it look like I was a drug dealer. A Black US Marshall saved my life by standing in front of the house until the crooked cops went away. He said that had not Vivi been in the house most of the summer, I would have definitely been killed, because the feds did not find out about their plans until after she had left . . . when they intercepted communications from the cops stating that the French gal had left so I was all alone and get easily be “erased.”

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  2. The Itza Mayas came to Georgia. Most of the Creeks in Georgia called themselves Itsate, which means “Itza People” in the Itza language. In the art of Etowah Mounds, GA, the priests are portrayed wearing identical headdresses as those at Chichen Itza.

    There was an attempt on my life 12 days after the album was released. When it reached its peak I was deeply involved with personal matters . . . Vivi was in Washington, DC! LOL So i really was not paying much attention to country music that year.


    1. OK, so someone powerful enough to get the NW Virginia Drug Task Force to be assassins (potentially anyway.) Now I’ll be curious to see if you’ve figured out why you’re such a threat to these people!


      1. The NW Virginia Drug Task Force and the Virginia Bureau of Investigation were heavily involved in the cocaine trade between Florida and the Mid-Atlantic states. You will have to read the series on “The French Courtesan, Who Came in from the Cold” to understand this complex story.

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