Eighth anniversary of “Maya Myth-busting in the Mountains!”

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

Yes, there really is such a thing as a Creek Curse.

It really happened. To kick off their Maya Myth-busting in the Mountains campaign, the president of the six member Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists began his speech to the March 2012 Georgia Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association with the statement “This Maya Thang is a bunch of crap.” Saying something insensitive like that to an Eastern Creek or Miccosukee is like using the N word with African Americans. We carry substantial Southern Mesoamerican DNA. In fact, I don’t have any DNA markers typical of North American tribes in the USA.

No one seemed to notice that all Creeks at the meeting immediately walked out in disgust. Creek and Uchees make of up at least 3/4ths or more of the Native American descendants in Georgia . . . if you don’t count the one million+ Latin Americans now living in that state. We were taught from childhood that we were part Maya and spoke many Maya words. The trouble was that the archaeologists never thought of having a conversation with the direct descendants of the mound builders.

The speaker had never seen the stone ruins at the Track Rock Terrace Complex in Union County, GA nor any of the hundreds or thousands of terrace complexes in Mexico. Speaking on behalf of the Chattahoochee National Forest division of the US Forest Service, he certainly was ignorant that Chattahoochee is the Anglicization of the Itza Maya words Chata Hawchee . . . which mean “Engraved Stone – Shallow River” in both Itza and Eastern Creek. Well, he was ignorant of a whole lot of other things too.

The president of GA TOTA, who was a contract employee of the Eastern Band of Cherokees in North Carolina, dutifully published the archeologist’s entire speech online, plus printed it in the organization’s newsletter. This caused Creek descendants in Georgia, plus many of the state’s non-indigenous lovers of Native American culture to go on the war path. Track Rock Gap was not even in Cherokee territory until 1785! A map published by the British Army in 1780 clearly shows Brasstown Bald Mountain and Track Rock Gap in the territory of the Creek Confederacy.

Georgians don’t want our Native American heritage sites to look like those in western North Carolina!

The last straw for many Georgians was when the three federally-recognized Cherokee tribes (all of them from other states) hoodwinked bureaucrats in the Department of Interior into signing an agreement in which the Eastern Band of Cherokees would have total control of Native American archaeological sites on Federally-owned lands in Georgia. The press release, announcing this agreement, specifically stated that these North Carolina Indians would be given the absolute authority to determine who would be allowed to visit Track Rock Gap. What? They were going to put up a gate and ticket booth, which also sold trinkets from China? Fortunately, the new Department of Interior rules were never actually implemented and were completely ignored by the Trump Administration.

This is a screen shot from an official US Forest Service website. None of the North Carolina or Oklahoma Cherokees in this photo actually hiked up to the mountainside to see the stone ruins. They were in a hurry to get back into the USFS van, which was taking them to a free banquet down in Gainesville, GA.
This is the photo of the Maya glyph, henemako, which Georgia “professional” archaeologists used as proof that there were no examples of Maya writing in Georgia.

And now for the rest of the story

The absolute reason that I wrote an article about Track Rock Gap in the National Examiner was to gain support for hiring archaeologists to thoroughly study the half square mile archaeological zone (ie hire unemployed archaeologists) and to attract tourism to Union County, GA. I didn’t dream that it would have millions of readers around the world . . . including newspapers in Mongolia and Madagascar!

The payments received from the article enabled me to no longer homeless. I was able to move my belongings farther south to a storage bin in Dahlonega and rent a cabin near Amicalola Falls. The subsequent appearances on several international TV programs enabled me eventually to buy this cottage in the beautiful Nacoochee Valley. Incidentally, Encyclopedia Britannica now describes the Nacoochee Valley as the densest concentration of archaeological sites in North America.

The last gasp for the Old Guard in the Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists occurred in 2013. The published an article in several Native American-oriented magazines, whose primary theme was that no Maya writing has been found in Georgia. Of course, they didn’t want to mention that several of the state’s major rivers have Maya names! Unfortunately, these scions of their profession used a photo of the Maya glyph, henemako, carved on Boulder Six at Track Rock Gap as the only illustration in the article. Archaeologists around the nation, who did know something about Maya Culture, immediately began rolling in the floor laughing.

The Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists held a November 2017 meeting in which one person attended. Their website ends with an announcement for their next meeting in May 2019. Apparently, no one attended, because there are no minutes for this meeting and no list of current officers.

The Georgia Society for Archaeology is a broader based organization that the “professional’s group”. It welcomes members, who don’t have post-graduate degrees in anthropology. Reflecting the general demise of archaeology in the Southeastern United States, since the beginning of the Great Recession in 2008, its activities and public profile are greatly diminished. For several years, it did not maintain a website . . . but now has one that primarily asks people to pay dues to join it. Some of its chapters are still holding meetings, most are inactive.

Screwups by the occult: It was very clear from the start of Maya Myth-busting that the occult was behind it all. I can’t speak for other states, but here in Georgia, the dominant political party (until the recent elections) functioned like an always triumphant cult. During the first two years here in the Nacoochee Valley, some law enforcement officers from two counties spread rumors that I was a male prostitute with AIDS, living on welfare. That made me a pariah, whenever I tried to attend a church or join an community organization. Of course, these same people also believe that Donald Trump is the Messiah sent by God and that the election was stolen by Marxist perverts. Obviously, their delusions are ridiculous. I would love to be in a relationship with a loving woman . . . but just not a witch like in my former marriage. LOL

During the spring and early summer of 2019, they would put gay men next to my car in parking lots, while an nearby cop in a van would film me walking up to the car. Then in late summer 2019, a man in adjacent county went missing. His car was parked next to the Lynch Mountain archaeological zone that our group visited the previous February. These cops then told vigilante groups like the ones that ravaged the National Capitol that I killed this guy, after a tryst. Their SUV’s were festooned with multiple decals that declared their political inclinations.

Next thing I know armed vigilantes were following me around and even parking in front of my house. Nothing more came of it, though, when it became known that prior the guy’s disappearance, my legs had been severely injured by two lightening strikes in a matter of five seconds. They were purple for over a month. I still can’t do long hiking trips. So what seemed to be a very unfortunate injury saved me from a nasty situation . . . a bad thing became a good thing.

After their screwup with the missing hiker, the rogue cops then began telling people that I was a predator of young women. They seem to be talking about college age women, but I am not certain, since it is all fiction. The last time that I dated a college coed was when I had just graduated from Georgia Tech and dated a law student about my age at Lund University in Sweden. This rumor is not quite as insulting, but still ludicrous. I couldn’t figure out what this effort was all about, since I was receiving simultaneously pre-approved membership cards from monasteries around the world.

This is a situation that proves beyond a doubt that there are rural law enforcement agencies in Georgia and Western North Carolina, which are manipulated by the occult. They chose as their time to zap me the High Holy Days of Satanism . . . October 30-November 3, 2020. The new History Channel series was to be filmed here at that exact same time. I don’t know their names or specifically where they live, but a whole bunch of novice witches in this area initially complained during that period that I had sent them lewd messages and photographs or at come to their homes. Then the cops realized that I don’t even have a mobile phone nor have ever had a lewd photo of myself. So the wannabe Jezebels changed their story to me using my land line for such activities. Elated, the Habersham Sheriff’s Department installed a wire tap in a neighbor’s house that they could reach without passing my home.

The downed oak trees turned out to be a good thing!

That was a mistake. You see on the night of October 26-29, Tropical Storm Zeta blew down four big oak trees over the power and telephone lines serving my house. We had to move the filming location to a site elsewhere in the county, which still had electricity. I did see some occult looking women and teenage girls at this filming location, who were starring at me wickedly. The only trouble is that I didn’t have telephone service until late November. Finally, the sheriff became puzzled because there were NO telephone calls to and from my house. He drove his pickup by here, in civilian clothes. You should have seen the look on his face, when he realized that massive oaks were on top of my phone and power lines. Funny! Little witches jest can’t get no respect these days!

The next major article and video on “The Americas Revealed” will take you to the Maya city of Uxmel. It is in the middle of nowhere in central Yucatan, so few Gringo tourists ever visit there. However, the weather was clear while I was in Uxmal on my fellowship. You will see some very spectacular Mayan architecture.

The Pyramid of the Magician at Uxmal, Yucatan


  1. It’s really sad that there are people doing the things they did to you! Where has respect gone to? It does speak volumes when they are going to great lengths to put you down and muddy your name. At the end truth is what matters wether they like it or not! It might not be accepted today by these organizations but with the work you are doing it will be viewed differently someday. What will be remembered and in text books ( ebooks) was who fought for the truth and exposed it against all opposition. Keep going! Don’t let them bring you down or deter you!

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  2. They couldn’t do any of this nonsense, if there was a woman in my life. That’s why for years Georgia cops would monitor my phone merely to see who my architecture clients were and who I was dating. They would call up the women and tell them that I was a serial killer AND if they had children that I was a child molester.


  3. Howdy, Storms in life. Plastic guard (under bumper) got pulled off. During Big Freeze…I would not have been able to drive over ice and snow drifts if it had been there.

    On Sat, Mar 6, 2021 at 11:22 AM The Americas Revealed wrote:

    > alekmountain posted: ” by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner > Yes, there really is such a thing as a Creek Curse. It really happened. To > kick off their Maya Myth-busting in the Mountains campaign, the president > of the six member Georgia Council of Profess” >

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  4. As always, never a dull minute and as a conspiracy theorist, I’m all about “forbidden archeaology.” In fact in my line of work, I highly sing your praises and continually promote your recent book and of course, this blog. Both have added much to my own work and have aided in evolving my knowledge to better enhance my own trade. I actually think the world of your role in what you do and you forever have my respect for it. You may have even seen my defense of you respective of a recent detractor online going after your credibility. Obviously this blog isn’t for everyone and there are things about it that one could argue are more of an acquired taste such as the voyages into unrequited romance or courting of various girls hanging about the Equator same time as yourself. At times its pleasantly sentimental, other times feels for the reader a distraction but we bear it as we’re patient for getting back to the more relevant topics of your life’s works. But even so, I say live and let live. Its your blog. You are also in that sense, entitled to your own opinions. However, where I feel you are getting lost in the weeds and treading into areas of stretching the imagination, is a growing equivalence you’ve made between those who you have stated have brought malice and harm to you, and that behavior is directly connected to or being the result of voting for Trump. Granted they may be registered as Republicans, have a car donning stickers of such support, but in terms of said relevance to the above, strikes me as being a blanket kind of judgement. From one outside-of-the-box thinker to another, permit me to say to you with all due respect, this is bad form. All the same, my area of relevant authority is in the Occult and I would argue back to you that these powers who have actively skewed histor[cal facts, altered them for political favor, or done academically dishonest things for convenient preference, financial gain or hell, just for the sake of ego or power over truth, are indeed connected to Leftists in some hierarchical way or receive favor from various aspects of Satanism or both. They were also in control of the highest reaches of power long prior to President Trump stepping into office. I would turn you to Anthony Sutton’s “America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction To Skull and Bones” for more wisdom of how they’ve sought to overthrow and control academia, distort truth and dumb us all down since at least 1832. And successfully! This is why I’ve studied your works with such interest as well because I understand their mechanics and how someone like you would be their kind of Public Enemy No 1. And now that these same forces are more officially in power? Distorting with impunity? You might want to move into a cave or a bunker as you’ll have your work cut out like never before. I pray your free speech work survives them and mine as well.

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  5. A major reason for the biographical history stories, posted here, is so people will understand the present. Because the occult repeatedly cut me off from friends and the past, it was very easy for them to paint me in 2012 as an impoverished nutcase, who knew nothing about Mesoamerican history.

    How do you explain someone, who once had nationally or internationally known friends in the Washington Area, being the scape goat for rural Georgia cops? It is a game for them. It takes more than a paragraph, but one powerful weapon that God has given me is the ability to write. Well, I also have the eyesight and cunning of a Creek warrior to help out when thing really get nasty.

    Last fall, I knew something bad was coming down the pike, because not only several deputies and police officers in two counties, but even some community leaders, were going around telling everybody they could that “I had a long history of criminal and immoral behavior.” They were poisoning the water well in preparation for a group of young women and teenagers, who were total strangers, framing me. The public would think it plausible because of all the rumors going around. The DA would obtain political prestige for busting a bad guy . . . when in fact the real situation was just the opposite. I realize that many people might consider my relationship with Vivi the French Courtesan as immoral, but the the truth is that both of us would be dead now, if we hadn’t met. I think the Master of Life fully intended for us to meet and fall in love. So now that we are Back in the Future, people will know why I know a lot about Mexico and Scandinavia, plus am a very, very dangerous person for crooked cops to mess with.

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