Footnote: Chattahoochee is the Anglicization of an Itza Maya Word!

In 2012, the Chattahoochee District Office of the US Forest Service spent many thousands of dollars trying to discredit both the History Channel program before it was aired and me personally. They refused to allow PBS, the National Geographic Channel and History Channel to film the ruins at Track Rock Gap. They even financed four archaeologists, who obviously knew nothing about the subject, to make speeches at various civic groups around Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Yes . . . how do you spell I – D – I – O – T – S ?

I did not add the full History Channel program to the previous article until after many of you had read the article. It is below. The irony in all of this is that US Forest Service personnel in the Chattahoochee National Forest bitterly fought any possible publicity for this program . . . instead they promoted a delusion that the terrace walls were the burials of “Great Cherokee Chiefs.”

All along, Chattahoochee was derived from the Itza Maya words “Chata Hawche” which mean “Carved Stone or Stela – Shallow River.” Muskogee Creeks use the word hawche for all rivers and creeks, whereas the Eastern (Itsate) Creeks and the Mayas use Haw for a large, deep river and Hawche for a shallow river or creek. There is an Itza word similar to Chata (different accent) that means “ancient ruins.” This is an alternative explanation.

PS – I am not living in that shabby cabin any more that you see in American Unearthed! I now live in a nice house on a large tract of land on top of a low mountain, overlooking the Nacoochee Valley and Chattahoochee River!

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