Did indigenous Americans have repeated contacts with extraterrestrials?

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner

One Summer In Mexico ~ Part 65

The year is 2013. It is a beautiful April day in the Georgia Mountains. Our international cast has just finished filming a program for public television on the movement of peoples and crops between the Americas. We are celebrating at a German cuisine restaurant in multiple languages, directly adjacent to the Chattahoochee River in Helen, GA. What a beautiful moment.

No archaeologist from the United States had agreed to be on the cast, so they asked me to appear. We did have were archaeologists from Canada, Mexico and Peru, plus several scientists from Europe. What I thought was an odd addition to the cast was the young Attorney General of the Republic of Paraguay and his lovely wife, who is a scientist. They only had a minor role in the program. They were a very handsome couple, so maybe it was esthetics. This Paraguayan attorney general is not the one, who recently resigned after being charged with corruption. The one I met is now working fulltime for the United Nations.

The cast dined outdoors in Helen, next to the Chattahoochee River.

The director chose the Nacoochee Valley as the prime filming location because of its pristine agricultural landscape and many Native American archaeological sites. Most of the interviews occurred with either the Kenimer Mound or the Nacoochee Mound as a background. Without a great deal of explanation, however, the European scientists set up a van full of very expensive equipment in the parking lot of the Crescent Hill Church, which was on a natural terrace overlooking the Nacoochee Mound and a large mound-like hill, where there had once been a Sun Goddess temple and an observatory.

The initial discussion at the restaurant revolved around two uninvited visitors to the filming at the Kenimer Mound. They asked me how I could stand being around these nasty people in this area of Georgia? A young man with bleached blond hair and black clothes, head to foot, pulled his car up to us and told us to immediately leave. He added, “You don’t have permission from the US Forest Service to be filming here!

The predominantly foreign cast and film crew didn’t know what to say or do. We had permission from the White County government to be filming on a county-maintained road and bridge over the Chattahoochee. I didn’t need to be polite like our foreign guests. I told him, “NAZI, shut your stupid mouth and get your lying ass out of here, before I throw you over the side of the bridge. This is not US Forest service land.” He left immediately.

A few minutes later, a local witch pulled up the film site. A little bit more politely, she asked us to leave because we did not have permission from the Sautee-Nacoochee Community Association to be filming here. I told her that we didn’t need their permission. She stood there for awhile then left. She returned again in her car, watched a bit without saying anything . . . then left again.

The handsome couple from Paraguay didn’t realize that I have keen hearing and understand Spanish. He told her in Spanish, “We need to get him out of here, so he will be safe. Perhaps I can get money to move him to Paraguay.” His wife agreed then added, “Yes, I have several pretty friends at the university, who would love to meet him. Most Paraguayan men don’t like to marry professors. I am very lucky.” She squeezed his hand.

I looked at them and said, “No need to send me to Paraguay. Why don’t you send me one of your pretty professors. That would solve most of my problems. My first love was a Mexican senorita” They looked embarrassed. She said sheepishly, “Well, maybe we can do that! We need to explain some things to you in private. Also, you said that according to your Creek Indians, there was once a star gate in this valley? ”

The Czech scientist looked up. He said, “Yes, that is very significant. This place has a gravity wave vortex over that hill, where you said was a temple and observatory . . . and there are many electromagnetic waves racing back and forth, under the ground. It is like the whole valley is a capacitor, storing electricity. We detected a solid layer of a heavy metal over the bedrock. I have never detected anything like that anywhere in the world.”

I responded, “By heavy metal, do you mean gold? This was the site of the first major gold rush in the United States. There is still much gold and also precious stones here.”

The scientist responded, “Yes, the heavy metal layer’s characteristics was closest to that of gold, but I didn’t think that was possible.” Then I finally learned why the Attorney General of Paraguay was here.

He started speaking to both me and the group. “Richard, we are finding that in every location in the Americas, where civilization began, there are places with very unusual gravity waves, like your Nacoochee Valley. We are also finding evidence that extraterrestrials often visited these places and found ways to communicate with the indigenous peoples. In some places, such as Peru and Mexico, it appears that some types of extraterrestrials decided to rule over the indigenous people or at least teach them some technology.”

There is a city in Mexico named Tepoztlan, where people are constantly seeing extraterrestrial spacecrafts and sometimes, people, who do not quite seem human. Tepoztlan was the location of the first city in Mexico and the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl. We also found a gravitational vortex there. There is a mountain above Teotihuacan, where several campers have disappeared after people saw flying saucers hovering over the mountains.

I interrupted him, “Hey, you know that while on my fellowship in Mexico, I twice climbed Cerro Gordo, overlooking Teotihuacan. I found many mysterious ancient stone ruins that Mexican archaeologists didn’t know about. Then ten years later, I was invited to spend two weeks at Christmastime at a hacienda near Tepoztlan. We went hiking in the mountains, where they are seeing flying saucers. Very strange feeling there.

Yes, Richard, that is something else that I need to talk to you in private. As you may know, over the past 20 years, Paraguay has received more visits from extraterrestrials than any other country. We do not know why. They have not told us . . . most everybody started laughing then he continued . . . actually, they have found a way to communicate with us now and they told me to come here. Once here in Georgia, somehow we knew to contact you.” You could have heard a pin drop.

He continued, “What you have not been told is that I have been appointed to head a committee of the United Nations to write and negotiate a treaty with several extraterrestrial peoples that will govern their use of the far side of the moon as bases. Most of the people on this program’s cast are also members of that committee.”


At that point, I was beginning to wonder if I had gotten hooked with some delusional nutcases . . . but then all the people on the cast were well-educated and quite articulate. Their checks did not bounce and were very helpful to me in digging out of dire poverty. I never was quite sure what I had experienced or what it meant. Alas, no beautiful Paraguayan professor has ever knocked on my door!

Now the situation is different. After over 70 years of denial, the US Government has suddenly admitted that UFO’s are for real and are from somewhere other than Earth. We certainly don’t know what they are still not telling us. I am finding myself being far more open to the possibility that visits by intelligent beings from other worlds had a role in kickstarting civilizations in the Americas. This change of attitude comes hard, though. For the past two centuries, we have endured the speculations of Europeans, who gave credit to anything of significance in the Americas to some ethnic group from the Old World. Meanwhile, 70% of the food, consumed in the world is the product of indigenous American brilliance in the domestication of wild plants. Only time will tell.

Close Encounters of a Fifth Kind

Post Script

Last night, I watched a recently produced documentary film on the current situation with extraterrestrial visitors. It is entitled, “Close Encounters of a Fifth Kind.” The first part of the film is so hippie-dippy, I almost turned the movie off. However, once it got into the meat, so to speak, my mouth stayed wide open in amazement. It explained all of the strange experiences that I had in the years running from 1990 to 1996, when I was living in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, southwest of Washington, DC.

In particular, my most strange years . . . 1990 through 1993 . . . was a period of intensive UFO-extraterrestrial activity AND a secret war in which the neo-satanic occult attempted to establish a fascist dictatorship in the United States. I was soldier at Ground Zero in that war. I was a participant or an eyewitness observer to at least five real events, which became programs in the first year of the broadcast of the X-files. In fact, I was friends with the husband-and-wife team in the FBI, who inspired the X-files TV series!

During December 2020, I published in The Americas Revealed a ten part book about my extraordinary experiences back then. If interested in reading it, go to: https://apalacheresearch.com/2020/11/20/the-french-courtesan-who-came-out-of-the-cold-part-one/ then scroll forward at the bottom of each chapter to reach the next.

“Close Encounters of a Fifth Kind” also specifically mentioned the corruption in several intelligence agencies during that era, including the CIA. Vivi the French Courtesan had told me this, but until now, I have never encountered eyewitness accounts of this corruption. The CIA, plus their counterparts in several western European countries were running international drug drug distribution networks, whose profits were being used a fascist dictatorship and assassinate “regular folks” such as myself, who might oppose a fascist dictatorship. You will be astounded at the level of corruption in our nation between 1980 and 1995.

The year 2020 seemed to have been scripted by the creators of the Twilight Zone. Methinks that revelations will be made later in 2021, which continue that tradition.


  1. Howdy, Why did you not ask for an extratrestrial female? Then of course Vivi was standing close by.

    On Sun, Apr 18, 2021 at 12:50 PM The Americas Revealed wrote:

    > alekmountain posted: ” by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner > One Summer In Mexico ~ Part 65 The year is 2013. It is a beautiful April > day in the Georgia Mountains. Our international cast has just finished > filming a program for public television on the movem” >

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  2. Richard, What do you know of any E.T. activity in Alaska? I saw a movie that indicates a UFO event occurred with the E.T’s speaking ancient words of the Shumer (Sumerians). They also seem to be Very interested in North Georgia to Ohio area. The Great serpent mound in Ohio is built on a Meteor crater…and we are taught no one had a compass till the 17th century? We should verify all we have been taught of history…of friendly E.T.’s… not according to many people being adducted. They are mostly described as mean “little people scientist”. Curiously, the Vatican of the 3rd century banned the Book of Enoch which stated some of the fallen angles descendants found a way off this planet before the Great flood event. It seems we have people in the secret world organizations… very much like X-files told us. Another Great article from You…Thanks.


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  3. Richard, I wouldn’t call them “alien” since there are many lore of the little people with big brains by our Ancient elders and their flying ships. They did seem to have had some connection to the Teotihuacan location (N19.69 Lat.) and perhaps with the 1909 Grand Cannon underground city of the Anasazi (ancient ones). They seem to be using Electromagnetic devices…that your friends of the UN / South America concurred.

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