The Americas Revealed goes high tech for the remainder of 2021

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner

Our next article kicks off types of articles that you will see more and more of in future months. I will be comprehensively analyzing a chunk of concrete with a mural on one side that I found near Pozo Rico, Veracruz.

Bet most of you didn’t know that the Totonacs of eastern Mexico constructed concrete buildings. You certainly are not told that in Wikipedia. This concrete was originally fabricated around 800 AD. Around 1200 AD, the city in which it was made, was sacked by Chichimec barbarians. For the next 770 years, the mural sat face down in highly acidic, constantly damp and warm, tropical soil. Yet, as you can see below, it is in almost perfect condition, other than being broken off the main (approximately) 6 feet by 8 feet mural, when it fell to the ground almost eight centuries ago.

To put things in perspective . . . a modern concrete block would essentially be sand after being exposed to such conditions for a few decades. There is virtually nothing left of Civil War soldier skeletons, who were buried without a coffin in the acidic soils of the Lower Southeast. The soil around Pozo Rico are even more acidic. How could he be?

I now have a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to comprehensively analyze and document ancient architecture. These include a powerful graphics platform computer, the latest architectural software, ultra-HD format digital camera and video camera with night vision, infrared electronic binoculars (with built-in video camera), magnetometer, Geiger counter, ultra-sensitive sound detection device, high-power, portable ultraviolet lamp, a portable, battery-operated, 1000X geologist’s microscope, a 2000X electronic laboratory microscope that see anything larger than a virus and a wide range of laser or electronic measuring devices. The portable and lab microscopes can view transparent and three dimensional objects with either visible or ultraviolet light. I am currently working on videos, which combine use of virtual reality animation software with these new devices.

Later on in the year, I will be using this equipment to compare potsherds and statuary that I picked up off the ground in Mexico to their counterparts obtained the same way in the Southeast. We also will be examining some of the Georgia petroglyphs and stone ruins close up.

A funny footnote

As many of you know, when I first moved to the Nacoochee Valley in May 2018, local law enforcement began telling anyone, who would listen that I “was a gay, male prostitute with AIDS, living off of welfare. All the buildings that I had designed had fallen down.” Apparently, they thought that they were still in Middle School. The proof of my criminal activity was that all real men are Republicans and have taken Adolf Hitler as thar Lard and Saveyer.

I told this to my long time sweety, Vivi, in northeastern France after we renewed communications in late 2020. It took her several days to stop laughing uncontrollably. She then wrote me back, offering to appear au naturelle in front of those law enforcement agencies, so they would know what a REAL woman looks like. She is healthier and curvier looking now than when I first met her, but French women are notorious for maintaining a youthful physique.

Then in late 2019, the rogue law enforcement officers began following me around at every place I shopped or ate a fast food meal, telling the management and employees that “I was a predator of young women.” By “young women” they meant over 18 and under 100.

That didn’t make any sense. I have not been on a date since before the Great Recession. Until 2018, I did have the discretional income to afford a date. Monasteries from around the world are constantly sending me pre-approved membership cards.

After telling Vivi about me being relabeled a predator of young women, her response was quick . . . “those girls should be so lucky!” Unfortunately, Vivi has been in a relationship for over 20 years and so can only be my cheerleader . . . but she’s a good one!

Yesterday, I found out from a federal investigator, how the second rumor got started. I was struck twice by ground lightening in July 2019, while working on my computer. All of the electronic devices were knocked out, plus several lithium batteries exploded. My computer mother board literally melted. I had to replace everything, except my detached back-up data storage.

Vivi as an 16 year old French model

Georgia State law enforcement is being hard pressed to explain why they have tapped my phone since 1995, when moved permanently back to Georgia. So . . . after I bought a new computer, some Einstein there decided that there might be something in my new computer for which they could arrest me.

A flunky, just out of college, was assigned the task of hacking into my computer, while I was online then uploading ALL of the thousands of photographs . . . mostly of buildings and nature scenes. Along with those thousands of architectural photos were a couple dozen photos of my favorite girlfriends from age 18 onward, plus a photo of Vivi at age 16, when she started modeling. I first met her on her 27th birthday at a Christmas party in Alexandria, VA.

Grasping at straws, these not-so-sharp pencils assumed that since the photos were downloaded in 2019, they were made in 2019. Vivi’s oldest modeling photo was made in 1979! I was obviously stalking and seducing young womenz! They were excited because some of the photos were in France, Sweden and Mexico . . . so I could be labeled an international criminal. Things are not going as planned, however.

Vivi sent me a comment last night, while I was asleep. “Richard! Did I not beg you to fly back home with me to France in June 1991?”

So far, I have not figured out any way that high tech analysis of ancient buildings can be interpreted as a crime.


  1. Didn’t you read my online book? I had gotten tired of my unfaithful wife repeatedly asking for a divorce, when really she wanted to stay married as a cover for her seven year long affair with her married principal. In the mean time, unknownst to me, my parents had become involved in a neo-satanic cult, that my mother was led to believe was “patriotic.” According to my ex-wife’s diary, my parents offered to pay my wife a lot of money to “quote” screw Richard and get him to Georgia. They wanted me totally helpless and stuck at their house with no money, so they could remake me into their own image. So just days before I had ever thing ready to file for a divorce and then take big job with the US Dept. of Interior, my wife encouraged me to visit my parents 600 miles away at Easter. She hid my address book, cleaned out all our assets, cancelled my cellular phone service, ran all of our credit cards to the limit then filed for a separation . . . without telling the judge that my only means of support was an architecture office and cheese creamery on our farm. I had no money to drive home and so was stuck at my parents house indefinitely with very few clothes and no personal belongings. The only way I had to contact Vivi in France was a rigged up instant messenger system in my office at the farm. This was before the internet. So I had no way to contact her. She came to the states for two years looking for me, while I was doing the best under the circumstances to find her in France. I has some close friends in Washington, who knew Vivi, but they had an unlisted number and my wife had my address book. It soon got more complicated than that! In June 1995, Vivi actually came by my farm to say goodbye to my soul – thinking that I had been murdered. As it so happened, I was actually at the farm that day making repairs in preparation for selling it. However, I had gone to eat lunch, when Vivi drove by.


  2. Howdy, Sorry to hear about your non-Republican status. We tend to like women out this way. No French speakers, would German do?? My phone was tapped off and on when I lived in San Antonio. Democrat PD…..

    On Mon, May 3, 2021 at 10:49 AM The Americas Revealed wrote:

    > alekmountain posted: ” by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner > Our next article kicks off types of articles that you will see more and > more of in future months. I will be comprehensively analyzing a chunk of > concrete with a mural on one side that I found near P” >


  3. I was not a member of any political party and never in my life have been in a political demonstration. They were just trying to make an example of someone, who refused to join the Republican Party when ordered to do so. I can assure you that there is a District Attorney, several cops and a magistrate judge who going to federal prison. The magistrate who in 2009, approved my illegal foreclosure and then gave me three days notice before Christmas Eve to be evicted, is already in prison. I found proof that he was embezzling judgments that he charged defendants. He would write down in court records that a defendant was charged $100, but fine them $1000 then pocket the difference.

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