The Men-In-Black have discovered my secret in Tepoztlan!

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner

Life is stranger than fiction.

Above is a photo of the Sierra de Cobre, east of Tepoztlan, Morelos, which I took on a visit to Mexico in 1980 and early 1981. We were invited to spend two weeks at a hacienda near Tepoztlan during Christmas Season, which in Mexico ends on January 6. Tepoztlan and the Sierra de Cobre will figure prominently in my article on the origins of the Totonacs.

Several of the younger guests at the hacienda hiked up into the Sierra de Cobres (Copper Mountains) to visit its stone ruins. The best known site is the Tepozteco Pyramid, whose original platform was constructed in very ancient times by an unidentified people. The Aztecs later added a modest stone pyramid on top of the massive platform.

It is currently believed that the pyramid was originally sheaved with copper plates and the temple had a mica floor. Although traditionally believed to have been dedicated to the God of Pulque, this is a strange place for such a god to dwell. Did the platform and pyramid have another purpose?

Note: Wikipedia states that Tepotz is the Nahua (Aztec) word for pulque. It is not. Tepotz or tepoz is the Nahua word for a mountain escarpment, derived from the word for back (part of human body.)

Tepozteco was originally a platform on top of a stone pinnacle.

On the trail up to and beyond the temple were many stone ruins and objects, which I did not pay a great attention to. I merely photographed a sample of each. There were retaining walls, cairns and boulders with petroglyphs on them.

Remains of a stone wall in a ravine, north of the pyramid

It was only in 2003, while delivering a box of hand-made pottery to be sold at the Funk Heritage Museum on the Reinhardt University campus, did I realize that the petroglyphic boulders in the Sierra de Cobre were very similar to those in the Etowah River Valley (Georgia Gold Belt). At the time, I assumed that immigrants from Mexico carved those boulders in the Etowah Valley, but now know that the ones in Georgia and County Kerry, Ireland are older.

A few days after we flew back to Asheville, NC, one of my Mexican friends at the hacienda wrote that bright orange flying saucers had been seen over the mountains next to Tepoztlan and over the national forest near Dos Indios Verdes. She didn’t know that exactly ten years earlier Alicia Morena and I had driven to that rugged forest to have “privacy” and then Alicia had bought me a Christmas gift at the Dos Indios store – jade embedded in mahogany wood. I still have it.

The magical Christmas gift . . . 10 years earlier
This 1981 photograph by Carlos Diaz at Tepoztlan has been determined to be authentic by a laboratory in the USA. What immediately struck Diaz was how much these glowing objects resembled the “wheels of fire” that are mentioned several times in the Hebrew Torah and Christian Old Testament. They have been here before!

The UFOs have continued to visit the mountains next to Tepoztlan and Dos Indios Verdes since 1981. They appear to fly directly in or out of the solid rock. This means that they have the technology to pass through solid matter. It is theorized that they are obtaining some mineral or perhaps energy from within the Earth’s crust. Others in Mexico think that there are underground bases. However, I assumed that these sightings were not well known in the USA, since North American news coverage of events in Mexico is rather spotty.

Then last night, I was watching a Sci-Fi movie on Amazon Prime, while eating supper. The hero, played by Charlie Sheen is in a fictional city in Mexico, trying to find the base for extraterrestrials, who are intentionally causing global warming in advance of colonizing Earth. These beings like warm weather!

Oops! We’ve been busted!

Videos of UFOs sighted near Tepoztlan


  1. I have seen them and a friend . . . the late General Richard Allen, former commander of the 89th Airborne Division, told me that he had seen several wreck extraterrestrial space craft in hangers being studies by government scientists, plus on one occasion saw the bodies of four extraterrestrials, who died in a crash. In the summer of 1991, I observed three small craft chasing a larger one at incredibly fast speeds. They could make 90 degree turns at what 50,000 km/hr? The small crafts eventually fired something like lasers, which caused the larger craft to float down into the back pasture of the farm owned by the County Treasurer. In the local newspaper the next day, a front page article revealed that thousands of people had seen he dogfight and where the larger craft landed. It was retrieved by a giant mother ship about am hour later. The County Treasurer described both the damaged ship and the mother ship. The damaged ship looked like the one that President Jimmy Carter saw. Late in the morning, the Men In Black showed up and snatched all remaining copies of the newspaper and the type set for that day’s paper. The editor and publisher of the Woodbridge Virginia newspaper refused to turn over their newspapers. They were arrested and all their equipment seized by the federal government.

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      1. What sort of evidence did you find regarding the Bronze Age Minoans Richard. Also Did you get a better photo of the previous one you thought may have been Minoan , found under the Itza Maya earthen pyramid.

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  2. Howdy, Has been a week and a half! Query? Sheathed? Do you remember any particulars of the platform? Next! Directions for faces or doors to the pyramid?

    On Sun, May 16, 2021 at 10:49 AM The Americas Revealed wrote:

    > alekmountain posted: ” by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner > Life is stranger than fiction. Above is a photo of the Sierra de Cobre, > east of Tepoztlan, Morelos, which I took on a visit to Mexico in 1980 and > early 1981. We were invited to spend two weeks at ” >


    1. The original platform was very simple, just a truncated pyramid. The steeper sided Aztec pyramid on top of it was also unadorned. On top of it were the walls of a small temple. The door of the temple faced the northeast . . . not the spectacular view of the valley below on the southwest side.


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