We swore to defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic

There was no time limit on this sacred obligation!

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner

Georgia Tech NROTC Battalion

Last night, I was rummaging through an old cardboard box, trying to find photographs of Native American farmers that I took on my third expedition to Mexico. I was stunned to see an aging document that I probably had not looked at since I was a freshman at Georgia Tech. It was my oath of allegiance to the United States Constitution. This was obviously a message from God . . . who we Creeks call the Master of Life. It was time for me to stop being civil and polite . . . for fear of not being “liked” or losing readers. It was time for me as an American patriot to stand up and label these cynical enemies of our democracy for what they are . . . traitors. Their numbers are legion.

About two weeks after turning 18, I was notified that I needed to drive to the Georgia Tech Naval Armory, to be sworn into the United States Navy. It was a proud moment for me. I thought myself to be a man now . . . a Creek warrior. Actually, though, I was still quite wet behind the ears in many more ways than manly pursuits. I certainly did not foresee the time in the 21st century, when American citizens in public life . . . from members of Congress to state legislators to local law enforcement officers . . . would be actively conspiring to destroy our democratic way of life.

Three years later, my Naval Commandant informed me that the Navy didn’t need any SeaBee officers, but offered me a contract to become a career intelligence officer. They would pay for me to get a PhD in International Affairs after I finished my curriculum at Georgia Tech in two years, if I would make a 10 year commitment to the Navy. I declined that but he later asked if I would essentially run errands for Naval Intelligence, if the Navy created professional opportunities overseas. I said yes. Those experiences were the beginning of my learning process.

Then two decades later I feel deeply in love with a French actress & singer, who was also a covert agent for the Direction Générale De La Sécurité Extérieure (the French CIA). Vivi taught me well. She is also a subscriber to this website! In 2011, I responded on a lark to a CIA job application and aptitude test, sent to me by mistake. At the time, I was homeless and living in an abandoned chicken house near Track Rock Gap. I scored so high on the test that they offered to fly me up to Washington to start work the next day.

I had been totally honest to application questions, but I scored so high on aspects of the exam normally only aced by Special Ops combat veterans and CIA officers with decades of experience, the CIA assumed that I had such a high security rating that I couldn’t reveal my true identity. Alas, one had to be under 40 to be hired by the CIA, unless already employed as an intelligence officer in another branch of the government.

Okay, so this is not a comment by an ignorant blogger, merely stating his or her uneducated opinion. Let’s get on to the two main points.

Well, also, let’s make it clear. All elected officials, military personnel and law enforcement officers in the United States are required to swear an oath very similar to the one that I made at age 18. None of these oaths state “to defend and expand the authoritarian power of the Republican Party.”

Many rioters repeatedly chanted, “Hang (vice president) Pence

Support of the January 6, 2021 Capitol Riot is tantamount to treason

No elected Georgia Republican official has denounced the Capitol Riot even though simultaneously that day, tapes were released in which Donald Trump tried to pressure the Governor, Secretary of State and Director of Elections to illegally change the results of the election in Georgia. Trump is now charged with a felony in Georgia for that attempt.

Georgia’s Governor and Secretary of State did criticize those who threatened to kill their wives and children because of refusing to alter the election. However, when repeatedly questioned by the media, Georgia Republican officials, like almost all Republican officials in the nation, refuse to call it a riot or to criticize the Trump family’s clear involvement in organizing and inciting the riot. In fact, we are now seeing a concerted effort by the Republican Party and FOX news to make the American public forget that the riot ever occurred . . . or even to portray the rioters as heroes.

Donald Trump, his two sons, Rudy Giuliani, two senators and several US representatives verbally encouraged a crowd of thousands of Trump supporters to break into the US Capitol and stop the electoral approval process. The deaths and serious injuries of Federal law enforcement officers resulted from the ensuing violence. The mobs came very close to capturing and killing Vice President Pence and House Speaker Pelosi, plus several other members of Congress, hated by the mob. That is not just sedition and wanton destruction of public property. That is treason and attempted murder!

Things are getting crazier and crazier here in the South. Southern Baptist pulpits are praising the rioters as brave Christian heroes and rumors abound that many Southern Baptist and Independent Evangelical mega-churches are hiding rioters from the FBI. This is quite easy to do because the majority of state elected officials and law enforcement officers are at least nominally Southern Baptists.

All elected officials and law enforcement officers, who refuse to sign a affidavit condemning the Capital Riot and declaring it be composed of multiple criminal acts against the United State Constitution and Government, should be removed from office or fired for violating their oath of office. That especially includes state governors, US Senators, US Representatives and law enforcement officers. It is time to get tough on fascism.

Violation of the Sedition Act, Violation of the Constitutional Oath and Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy are federal felonies. It is not necessary to hold a plebiscite election to remove a member of Congress or state official in advance of indicting him or her for treason, sedition or a felony.

Trump’s claims to be back in office by August are serious

Do readers of The Americas Revealed remember my articles in December 2020? I warned you that something terrible and violent was about to occur in early January. You didn’t believe me, did you, cause I was not a billionaire? However, in July 2001, I told my sister not to fly to Atlanta on September 11, 2001 because there was going to be terrorism involving passenger jets. I swear by God that is absolutely true.

Indeed, something unimaginable did occur . . . the January 6 attack on our Capitol, the Cathedral of Democracy. During the Christmas Holidays, I featured an online book about the experiences that FBI Special Agent Susan Karlson, Vivi the French Courtesan and I had in the early 1990s, when there was a previous attempt by fascists to take over the United States. [The French Courtesan, Who Came in from the Cold]

Back in 1990 and 1991, they were training paramilitary forces in the Shenandoah Valley and West Virginia. The fascists were going to capture Washington, DC with biological weapons made by traitorous, mad professors at Fort Detrick, Maryland. President George H. Bush was going then declare martial law and quickly implement a one party dictatorship “to save the nation.” What happened is that we busted the crooked law enforcement agencies in Virginia, who were protecting the traitors, plus the drug pipeline, which funded the paramilitary groups then Bush was not re-elected as president.

Vivi the French Courtesan taught me to control my ego. Fascists are notorious for their inflated egos and in extended conversation can be manipulated into giving away critical secrets. All you have to do is to appear gullible. I have gotten quite a bit of intelligence that way over the past few weeks.

The Republican game plan (post Capitol Riot)

From day one, the Republicans approach to the Capitol Riot was to brainwash you into thinking that it never occurred or that the Librul Marxist Media exaggerated what did occur. That’s exactly was their approach to the Mayas in Georgia Thang. When the premier of America Unearthed proved that the Mayas had mined minerals in Georgia for centuries, the US Forest Service, Georgia archaeologists, University of Georgia and Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians ceased talking about the subject.

Excommunicate Republicans, who criticized Trump or denounced the riot. Congresswoman Liz Cheney and Senator Mitt Romney were censored by their own state parties. The governor and secretary of state of Georgia are seeing their political futures destroyed, because they obeyed the laws of the United States.

Fringe media sources are continuing to push the “election was stolen” message among uneducated voters. This will assure of army of several million insurgents.

FOX is manipulating the news or downright lying on newscasts to make it seem that the problems of the Trump Administration began with Biden. The Capitol Riot and pandemic are barely mentioned. I did research on this issue at the Burger King in Cleveland, GA. There I could watch Fox news ad nauseum, plus watch the response of locals. I took along a sophisticated sound analyzer. Fox orchestrates the volume and speed of words being spoken on newscasts to build an attack on a Democratic politician to a crescendo. Hitler did that all the time . . . so do Pentecostal and Southern Baptist preachers.

If you do not want to continue being a wussy, self-destructive Democrat, you also can use audible modulation techniques for fun and community beautification projects. During a previous administration, I chased a crooked Republican governor off the premises of Lowes in Cornelia, GA. I was waiting in line at the check out of the garden shop. Low and behold there was Governor Nathan Deal and his wife in front of me. Oh the governor and his wife were pleasant enough. After all, they had been just regular folks before they switched parties in 1995.

They were puzzled because I was not bowing my head in submission. They were looking at me, hoping I would explain why I looked both familiar and threatening. When it was my turn, I told them that it had been decades since I had been in the governor’s mansion.[In each sentence, I increased the speed and volume of words] I used to go there a lot, when Jimmy was governor. [Their eyes grew wide and skin white.] In fact, I was there when Joe Biden asked Jimmy to run for president. [Their hearts started beating irregularly.] Then I told them that in 2002, a temporary girlfriend was put in my life to tell me that if I joined the Republican Party, I would be elected governor in 2010. I told her no thanks, so I was homeless in 2010 and you were elected governor the first time. Look at Jawja’s first couple run! Run Forrest Run!

They ran through the briars and they ran through the brambles

And they ran through the bushes where a rabbit couldn’t go

They ran so fast that the hounds couldn’t catch ’em

Down the Chattahoochee River to the Gulf of Mexico

That incident really happened as I described it, but for common pests, there is something that Jesus Christ taught us in the Parable of the Casting Off of the Demons to the herd of pigs. If you get depressed from being surrounded by ignorance, greed and mean-spiritedness somewhere in Trumpland, just rapidly say, “Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter, Jimmy Carter.” The swine will squeal in pain, place their hands against their ears and dash away to jump into the nearest swamp. They have been brainwashed to think that Jimmy is the most evil man, who ever walked the face of the earth.

Disruption of the economy and transportation – Look for more and more incidents like the sabotage of the Colonial Pipeline and meatpacking companies. The purpose will be to make the Biden Administration look weak and incompetent. Yesterday, I noticed when watching FOX that their talking heads repeatedly used words to describe Vice President Kamala Harris, which were synonyms for weak, indecisive and superficial. This is a classic German Nazi and Communist brain washing technique that plays into deep-seated prejudices within the lower economic classes of whites toward women leaders.

It is unlikely that these attacks can be traced back to political groups, but there has been an entity since 1975, which intermeshes satanic groups, evangelical talking heads, rightwing politicians, megachurches, fascists, antigovernment groups, anarchists, etc. Back in the early 1990s, several investigative journalists called it Octopus. Everyone of them were murdered in the first half of 1991 . . . over a hundred journalists were killed in six months. One of them was a friend of mine with the Washington Post. That’s how I got drawn to crime busting.

The prime targets for the attacks on our infrastructure are the cellular phone network and the power grid. I don’t own one, but most people in the world have become addicted to their mobile phone. If the power grid went out during the hottest month of the year, millions upon millions of Americans would go stark-raving mad. Both the cellular network and the power grid could be knocked out for several weeks by a combination of hackers and saboteurs. The majority of cell towers have very little protection from intruders.

That’s a definite yes Vivi . . . it gets awful lonely being the Lone Ranger in Trumpland. If only I had a time machine.

The Second Civil War?

Military action seems to be the only means to bring Trump back to power quickly, but how could a bunch of rednecks, playing rambo, bring down our government. Yet . . . Republican leaders in Congress at first criticized Trump and called the Capitol Riot and riot then a couple of weeks later pretended as if it was no big deal. Many of Trumpite Republican officials and leaders in the Lower Southeast are walking around with caca-eating grins on their faces these days, indicating that they will be the kingfishes of the nation ( or of a separate nation in the Southeast) in a matter of weeks.

I can’t see how that could occur without major military actions. The United States has the most powerful military in the world and its senior officer corps despises Donald Trump. He is a draft evader and ordered our troops to abandon our Kurdish allies so he could get a building permit for a hotel in Turkey!

The self-described Rambos in the Southeast are constantly shooting their guns at targets, setting off bombs and practicing at night with night vision goggles. With the pace quickening, they seem to be preparing for imminent warfare, in which they would use the same tactics that they use for ambushing deer.

Republican insurgents are obviously counting on support from Southern white law enforcement officers. In the past, I have told readers the totally bizarre and evil things done to me by local and state cops in northern Georgia . . . trying to force me to be a Republican! Yes, really. If these men are capable that sort of demonic behavior, they are certainly capable of treason . . . but they still would be no match for US military combat veterans.

The only plausible way for a coup d’etat to occur in July or August is for the federal government to be decapitated without any warning by a series of tactical nuclear blasts at the Capitol, White House and Pentagon in Washington, DC. Even then, control over a very hostile nation, would require the traitors to assassinate hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps millions.

Here is what we know. At least three times since January 6, all Republican senators and representatives have either not shown up for sessions or left as a group – leaving only Democrats in the Capitol. On June 21, 2021 Senate Republicans refused to refund the Capitol Police. Their funding will run out this summer while Congress is in recess.

With so many unknowns, ifs and speculations on our plate, it is very difficult to give readers specific advice other than keeping plenty of non-perishable food on hand and being vigilant. If you see of anything that smells of sabotage, sedition or treason, contact a Homeland Security Counter-Insurgency office nearest you or else the nearest FBI Office.

And now to prove that I am not totally biased against the US Army, I present to you the US Army Field Band in a magnificent performance of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.


  1. Richard, it is still a felony to enter into this country or assist those who have in an illegal manner. I guess that’s not understood in Congress? We now have people on both sides of the Congress who are agitators of the lawlessness this last year. In the mean time…They spent a lot of money over the last 24 years and we now have about a 30 trillion money problem….still open border problems, a massive crime wave and “Nukes for lawful gun ownership”? Lots of problems can be expected…Prepare.


  2. As a former Christian fundamentalist who actually worked for the Southern Baptist Convention in downtown Nashville, TN, I know the words you speak are true. How I wish they weren’t!

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  3. The magnetic poles of earth are shifting quicker with each passing day. Our magnetosphere is collapsing. Bird and animal migration patterns are in disarray. Elephants are making 500 Km treks across China to the interior of the continent. Humans have poles too. Our biofields are attached to the earth in the same physical orientation as the earth to sun sun to the galaxy. A strong galactic wave is moving through out solar system as it does every 12k years. This force is impacting our lives and happens with regularity on a grand cyclical pattern. This is a intelligent universe. God is in complete control and Christ is our liaison to spiritual redemption. The survivors of the last solar disaster and earth flip knew of these conditions. They recorded these events in culture, language, rocks, buildings and genetics. We are the offspring of those survivors.
    Examine the structures left by our ancestors. Pyramids, great walls, lost cities, petroglyphs, artifacts resembling computers from 10k+ years ago. All in alignment with the heavens. They knew. They are telling us. We have an event upon us that will happen and soon. Human behavior has become so bazar that it defies reason and any objective philosophy. Our human biofield poles are shifting. They are not stable. Is the reason why some see black as white good as evil and others the opposite. This is why an observer reporting on TV can point at a burning building with masked anarchist running around throwing fire bombs calling it a peaceful protest. An another observer at taking live shots of a protest of supporters being ushered into a building where one of theirs gets shot and killed through a closed door and called a violent riot. Up is down. White is Black. Evil is good. Our cosmology and physics need a quick paradigm shift. We must listen and see what our ancestors left right in front of our faces and fast. This petty political pandering is distracting us from preparing for impending disaster. There are those who are out there that KNOW this! We better start coming together with the knowledge given to us or we justifiably perish as a species.

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    1. Thank you for your insight on a very important “magnetic poles of earth are shifting” a matter that the “Gov. insides” must know. The whole Gov. system have indeed helped create this diversion of a Bioweapon….while they have spent TRILLONS on “ready to go” Secret programs. We must challenge all we hear / read today with thoughtful understanding…and not like a herd of mindless followers.

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