Is it Karma or a Creek Curse? – Parte Deux

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & Planner

Two weeks ago, readers learned that a crooked judge in the Creek Homeland received a 15 year sentence. Now, a Sheriff’s Department detective in the Homeland has learned that it is not nice to slander and harass a member of the Creek Wind Clan. From whence the Wind Clan blows, nobody knows.

This is the deputy, who a week earlier took several photos of me with a Smart Phone, as I was buying a can of “Full Throttle” sports drink at a convenience store.  He then emailed the photos to several people. I knew exactly what he was doing. Three strangers have tried to persuade me to go to remote locations in the mountains this weekend. Obviously, they wanted to prove they were real patriots by causing me not to have a good day.

At the time of the wreck, the detective was driving a Sheriff’s Dept. pickup while off duty and was six times over the legal limit for a DUI.  On the right is the truck he was also driving the day, he photographed me.  The truck does not look like it feels very well. Maybe it needs a can of “Full Throttle” sports drink, too?

He is also one of the deputies, who frequented a neighbor’s house, when the Sheriff’s Department had a wire tap set up there for a year after I moved here.  That game ended when the owner of the house developed bacterial infections in her limbs that turned into gangrene, Doctors had to amputate both arms and legs . . . Not a pleasant fate.

He is also one of the deputies going around the county, telling people that I was a gay male prostitute with AIDS, living on welfare, plus a predator of college-age women. That’s an interesting combination. They started the “Young women predator” thang over a year ago after uploading all the thousands of photo in my computer. There were several dozen G-rated photos of favorite girl friends from the past. Because these women were pretty and intelligent looking, the cops assumed that these old photos were recent. Because none of the women had the figures of manatees, they assumed that the women were under 21. Female squatters tend to expand their girth substantially after marrying.

Perhaps the delusional rumors, that they were spreading sound funny, but in Trumpland, lies are always believed before facts. The rumors caused me to be unwelcome at churches and community organizations. So now, if I want to go to church, I will have to found a Native American church congregation. Keep in mind that in Virginia, I was chairman of our local Methodist church’s Official Board.

Vivi the French Courtesan wants to come over here and do exotic dances in front of the Sheriff’s Departments in Northeast Georgia, so the cops will know what a woman with an IQ over 65 looks like.  That might be fun.

Vivi has been right on target about one thing. Vivi told me that intelligent, attractive young women are often curious about “bad boys” – who they have been told to be wary of. That is how she herself got into a bad marriage when in her early 20s.

For about a year they placed young women decoys in stores where I shop, because I never go to bars or discos. Nothing happened, because nothing ever happened. I was amused, however, by the delusions of these young ladies that they were somehow the Mata Haris of Trumpland. Now, some of the more vivacious young ladies, who are not decoys, are flirting with me . . . just as Vivi predicted . . .perhaps out of curiosity as to why I would be considered such a threat . . . but we would have absolutely nothing in common. I don’t have a cell phone glued to my cheek.

Life is indeed a box of chocolates.


  1. Howdy, Does it mix well with Yupon Holly???

    On Sat, Jul 3, 2021 at 8:58 AM The Americas Revealed wrote:

    > alekmountain posted: ” by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & Planner Two > weeks ago, readers learned that a crooked judge in the Creek Homeland > received a 15 year sentence. Now, a Sheriff’s Department detective in the > Homeland has learned that it is not nice to slander an” >


  2. Richard, 70-80 million American voters for Trump….not all of those people are your enemy? It looks like you have set down on Narco-terrorist territory again… by your own articles. Open borders “Aktune…Dasun…Cancun” land will receive a rude awaking one day. Prepare.


    1. Oklamark, recall my comment on poles shifting. Human biofield poles shift and tend to distort ones outlook on philosophy. Also do not discount the impact of Lyme disease that one must endure in repair of ones DNA. Hopefully MRNA jab is not a factor in this sudden undertaking of TDS. should you get a chance email me would like to chat. I am in Trackrock GA ATM and would like to meet sometime. Charlie

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes… we all should have been advised that was NOT just a flu shot…but a DNA altering shot? The massive Electro-magnetics movement might have been triggered by stupid Black hole Frankenstein experiments or we may been in for a Polar-shift event. In any case the Equator line now runs right into this country at about the 33 North…and it’s getting Hotter.

        AS always the Gov. Folks will not advise us until they have made their plans? Clearly they have been working towards a Electro-magnetic device to get off this planet would be my guess on all these UFO’s events. Bess of luck getting the Gov. to concede they have been connected since 1947 events to “someone’s Tech”. of that kind. We seem to have some Gov. insiders that are concerned…


    2. They are in Georgia. Local plumbers and electricians refuse to do work here, because I didn’t vote for Trump. You are just not living in an area where they have so much control over a community.


  3. Years ago, I was a neighbor of Brig. Gen. Richard Allen. He said that he had personally seen several crashed extraterrestrial craft and five extraterrestrial bodies at Wright-Patterson AFB.


  4. Richard, To me It’s more likely they have been here for a long time and factors wanting their tech. seem to have made a deal. When 400,000 children go missing and disappear a year…how many were taken and they continue to pretend 1,000’s of people have not been adducted?

    Did you know George Washington met with the “little people” according to his family documents? Any “little people” lore passed down from your Uchee / Yuchi people? P.S. I think you are sitting right on one of their Electro-magnetic highways…aliened with ancient stonework in the ground.

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    1. No tradition of “little people” here but of long term contact with very tall humanoids from the Pleaides Constellation. This was a major crossroads for North America trade and contains gravitational vortexes.


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