Republication of Part Eleven to Chapter Twelve – The French Courtesan, Who Came in from the Cold

The French Courtesan, Swedish Ice Queen and Creek Goatherd begin the foundation of a very unusual, but loving relationship.

Thirty years ago today – July 12, 1991 – I slipped three folded, handwritten notes under the bra of FBI Special Agent Susan Karlson, as we were making out in the parking lot of the Wayside Inn in Middletown, VA. We had previously dined on the Wayside Inn’s famous dish, smothered chicken, which it had been serving since 1791. I had noticed, though, that in the past two weeks, Susan had been eating her lunches at the inn with increasing hast as she eagerly anticipated us faking an affair in the parking lot.

This time, she didn’t want to stop after I had passed the three notes. She then reminded me that we had never kissed laying down flat on her new eight feet long sofa. “Didn’t I think that we needed to go over to her townhouse and practice this technique of deception, until we got it perfect?”

I reminded her that she was on FBI time and I had to go make a batch of cheese then milk the goats. Besides, Friday the 13th would begin at midnight. The probability was about 100% that the ninja nerds would come again tonight to try to kill more of my goats. I had to be in the barn, with my rifle, waiting for them.

A very special and humorous chapter

If you have the time, you will thoroughly enjoy this revised and expanded chapter. It has the most humor of any chapter, plus it will introduce you to the secret world of government activities that a lot of people pretend to know about . . . calling it “Deep State” . . . but not having a clue, what complex things are going on behind the scenes.

Susan Karlson was in a career, which made normal dating relationships impossible, much less marriage. Really Vivi at that time was in the same situation, so in Chapter Fourteen, you will learn how they decided to share me. Susan had the option to get out of what she was doing and just become a normal FBI special agent. I never really knew what she was doing, but there was a point in time, when she had to choose between me and her career. That was in December 1995. She chose her career, but by no means was that the end of our relationship.

I think that the funniest story in this chapter occurs in early 1996. Susan would attend my singles Sunday School class from time to time in an effort to pick out a girlfriend for me. Most of the women were were contemptuous of me because I was not loaded with money. I had just started dating a lovely, talented Indonesian musician. Susan sat down beside her in the class. My new friend invited her to join us and our friends for lunch after church.

As we were leaving the restaurant my new friend said, “Richard, i can tell that pretty young blond girl really likes you. You need to ask her out. You probably have more in common with her than me. She said that she likes being out in nature as much as possible.” No one could have guessed the history that Susan and I already had together. LOL By the way, this “new friend from Indonesia” is also on LinkedIn and we are still on speaking terms. I am not such a bad guy after all.


    1. Local and state Trumpite law enforcement here in Georgia spend an inordinate amount of time and money trying to find a crime they could charge me with, so they can control me. I am not exaggerating in the least bit.


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