Revision of Chapter 15 to create Chapter 14 – Soulmates for eternity

Vivi the French Courtesan advised me in her notes that the original format of the chapter on “Treaty of Harpers Ferry” made us seem like wild and immoral people. “Richard, the readers must understand that both Susan and I were in situations, where having a standard man friend or being married was impossible. With any other man, we would have had to lie all the time. You knew all of our secrets and still loved us. You never tried to change either me or Susan. We always felt comfortable with you and could truly relax without worrying what we said. That’s why we adored you – goat farmer and all – and still do! <wink>”

Also, the readers need to understand how really terrible your situation was. You could have easily divorced your wife with the blessings of the Catholic Church, almost from the beginning of the marriage. I still can’t believe how any woman could be so evil to you. There are so many bad men out there. You deserved better.”

Now, Juliana, the heroine in the first part of the chapter was a little different. She was sweet and intelligent, but didn’t have a past to hide. At least she never told me that she had been a courtesan, call girl or prostitute! LOL Come to think of it, though, quite a few times, when she drove over to Cartersville to visit me, she did arrive with the distinct aroma of the little Danish cigars that Susan smoked sometimes. I wonder if Juliana and Susan were secret buddies? They did sit beside each other several times in Sunday School. Hm-m-m, might have to investigate that.

Two Soulmates for Eternity – Chapter Fourteen


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