Understanding the patterns of history

The Shenandoah Chronicles explains how the occult manipulates humans by creating artificial crises

© Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner

A friend in Ontario complained that she was overwhelmed by the details being provided in a chronological manner within latter chapters of this E-book. I realized that I needed to explain the big picture of what is going on in several people’s lives and my methodology in understanding that previously unwritten history. Otherwise, readers would not realize how deep the tentacles of the occult have reached into our world.

I am using the same methodology that I have used in the past for solving riddles about the history of Native American peoples. I list in chronological order all the known events and in a separate list, describe possible causes via deductive reasoning. The end result is a logic tapestry, which will explain the past. In statistics, this is known as Multiple Regression Analysis.

It is obvious, though that many readers need an introduction to the occult. We will call it Satanism 101.

Understanding Satanism

First of all, Satanists seek to pervert everything that is good by manipulating events to create crises that destroys a person’s life.  Major satanic attacks on Christians occur on Christmas and Easter.   I was essentially shanghaied from my Virginia home on Easter Weekend and evicted from my home in Jasper, GA on Christmas Eve.  Husbands betray wives. Wives betray husbands. Parents betray a child. Children betray their parents.  Priests seduce children. Evangelists rob from their followers, etc.

A second, consistent trait of those attracted to the occult is an internal feeling of powerlessness that makes them want to control and manipulate others in order to mitigate that insatiable drive. Here is an example in my youth.

By my senior year in high school, I was playing offense and defense fulltime on an undefeated football team, was a Metro Atlanta Allstar and had the highest grade point average of any first string varsity athlete in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area. My principal and counselors fully expected me to receive the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Academic Athlete Cup, which came with a full academic scholarship to (in my case) Georgia Tech.

Then out of the blue, my high school nominated a guy for cup, who went out for the team his senior year and generally sat on the bench. There were SEVEN first string players on the team with high GPA’s than him. He didn’t have a chance. Not only that . . . I was the only honor graduate from our high school, who didn’t get some sort of scholarship. We were the number one rated public high school in the state for academics, so this was especially odd.

I finally had an explanation at the 20th class anniversary party.  Our senior counselor from back then,  Jay Baggett, came up to be and said, “Richard, I owe you an explanation for why you didn’t get that AJC scholarship.”    He said that my father, used his position as president of the Booster Club, to block my name being submitted. He forced them to nominate a guy, who they knew would not win.  My father told them, “If Richard is awarded a scholarship, I will not be able to control him.”   He threatened to get Mr. Baggett fired, if he found me another scholarship.

When the high school’s principal tried to override the decision, he received an anonymous call from a woman, who threatened to publicize something from his past.  So, he backed off.

Jay Baggett did tell me something else interesting that I was never told in high school.  My score on the deductive reasoning exam was still the highest ever recorded in the Fulton County, GA school system.  Fulton is the county in which Atlanta in located.  Apparently, that is why I am such a good sleuth and then bore readers with long lists of facts.  LOL

The big picture of the Shenandoah Chronicles in 1993

Our four main protagonists are Vivi the French Courtesan, Susan the FBI Agent, Richard the Goatherd and now, Cindy the Virginia Belle.  In Chapter 18,  Cindy was very accurate in observing that I had fallen for two women, extremely different from me, in order to break the curse, put on me by my estranged wife.  They may have been the best women to finally make me jump out of a self-destructive situation, but not necessarily the best for a livelong relationship.  

Vivi the French Courtesan – Vivi frequently admitted that Satan began to control her life at age 18.  She said that it felt like being a slave, held by several leashes. When Vivi became a liability,  those higher up in the occult manipulated her into a situation where drugs drove her to attempt suicide.  She was born again, with my support in mid-December 1990 . . . but that alone does not protect one from earthly temptations.

We did not have an exclusivity agreement.  In fact, Vivi encouraged me to be with other women.  I assumed that was because her very strong libido would drive her to seek male company in France.   I just tried not to think about it.

She was intentionally lured into a fling with a wealthy Englishman just before I was to be zapped at my parent’s home on Eastern Weekend. After they flew first to London on April 2. he flew Vivi and her daughter to a villa in southern Italy, where there was no cellular service.

Vivi never received my instant message that I was going to my parents for Easter Weekend. It would have been impossible to contact her by phone or computer, when I found out my wife had emptied our bank accounts and maxed our credit cards.

When Vivi returned from London from Italy, she accessed her cellular phone messages that told her I was missing then learned at the doctor’s office in London that she was pregnant.  She immediately assumed that God had allowed me to be murdered to punish her for going on a fling.  She flew directly to Washington, DC from London and stayed in the United States for two years.  Had she flown to the US from Paris, Susan would have been told that by French officials and we would have known to look for her in the Washington Area.

Susan the FBI Agent – From 1992 to mid-1996, when she disappeared permanently,  Susan was incognito about 95% of the time.  I think that Cindy was right is saying that if Susan wanted to be with me all the time, she would have changed jobs. She was very kind and affectionate to me, when we were together, however.  Anything else I say would be speculative.

Richard the Goatherd – Before moving to Virginia I didn’t believe in UFO’s, ghosts, demons, Satanic worshipers or that there was even such a spiritual being as Satan.  By 1993, I certainly believed in “all of the above.” In late 1993, I felt like I was standing on a mountain ridge, which was collapsing on both sides.  Had I known, however, that my parents and wife were directly responsible for all the bad things happening to me, I would immediately have driven back north as soon as I had money.  I would have stayed in Susan’s townhouse, where I probably would have eventually crossed paths with Vivi. If not that, I would have quickly run into Cindy, since she lived about 200 feet away from Susan’s townhouse.

Cindy the Virginia Belle – Just like me,  Cindy had been targeted by the occult because she was a potential leader for them. However, she would not fully realize that fact for over two years. What happened to her was equally as bad (if not much worse) as what happened to me in Virginia. It wiped out her savings, scarred her emotionally for life and separated us for three years.

Of the three women,  Cindy and I had the highest probability of having a livelong happy marriage.  Her wild and crazy antics, such as the little cigar scene, counterbalanced my tendency to be stoic.  Her tendency to make every day a fun day counterbalanced my tendency to look before I leaped.  Otherwise, we were two peas from the same pod.  She visited me in Atlanta several times and liked Georgia.  In 1997, I almost talked her into coming home with me. She had just turned 29 and was engaged to a Cornell University professor.  She admits that the greatest mistake in her life was not running away with me. In relationships, she made the exact same mistake as I did . . . being loyal to the wrong person!

You traditionalists are probably wondering what the Shenandoah Chronicles have to do with Native American history.  Well . . . the book ends with me living in a townhouse, literally overlooking Etowah Mounds.


  1. Richard, it takes the courage of a mountain lion to speak out and tell such a story. Thanks for putting all the little shattered fragments together. May the truth bring you peace and safety at last. May the Master of Breath and Life bless you always.

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    1. You know what Edna. It does make feel good about myself that these women I knew back in the Stone Age still think fondly of me. I must have treated them “right”. A lot of guys these days sure don’t show kindness to the lady at their side.

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  2. Hi, I would like to be able to communicate with you. At the age of 10, I was the only survivor on 7 persons in a car accident. My mother died that night. After that…. well I would really like to talk to you, I’m going trough same stuff pretty much. Thank you.


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