The Track Rock Petroglyphs were carved by Bronze Age goldminers from Sweden’s Dixie – Södermanland (Southerners’ Land)

That also goes for the most other petroglyph sites in Northeast Georgia, but not the Etowah-Amicalola River Basin, which seem to have been carved by gold miners from southwestern Ireland.

Origins of the Choctaw and Creek Peoples – Part Eight

by Richard Thornton, Architect and City Planner

These colonists were Eurasians, who would have had similar appearances to most Choctaws, Creeks and Uchees today. Blonde, blue-eyed people did not enter Scandinavia until about 1500 years later. This discovery also explains why many, if not most Creeks and Uchees are showing up with unexpectedly high levels of Sami, Finnish, Karelian and Basque DNA markers. The Basques are descended from the aboriginal people of most of Western Europe. The commercial DNA labs are labeling these genetic components as Colonial Period, Nordic European ancestry, when in fact, they should be considered Indigenous American . . . peculiar to the Creeks, Uchee and Chickasaw.

This morning I was able to identify several Swedish language articles on the internet that confirmed statements made in documentary video about the  Släbro Hällristningar (petroglyphs) near Nyköping, Sweden. The video was attached to Part Seven of this series. To be specific . . . Swedish scientists think that the Släbro petroglyphs are the only known example of that form of writing system. They predate all other petroglyphs in Scandinavia by at least 1000 years and represent an entirely different writing system than during later cultural periods in Scandinavia.

The Släbro Petroglyphs do appear somewhere else in the world . . . Northeast Georgia. The Track Rock Petroglyphs are almost entirely symbols from Nyköping, while the Westmoreland Petroglyphs in Habersham County, GA and Tugaloo Petroglyphs in Stevens County, GA are a mixture of symbols from Nyköping and Norrköping, which is 38 miles (61 km) to the west of Nyköping.

These ancient colonists from Northern Europe did not just “disappear.” They intermarried with American Indians and thus, became the some of the ancestors of several Native American tribes.

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