National podcast on October 28, 2021 will focus on Maya immigration into North America

Twice, History Channel TV programs have either left out important information in my interviews or else changed my answers. Mark Eddy Productions is doing an international podcast, beginning at 10 PM EST on September 28, 2021 where you can call in and ask me questions directly.—host-mark-eddy


  1. Richard, Makes me wonder Why they would misrepresent you… something about ancient History these days? Also do you know of any Native People of North America that used the Owl symbol as their main symbol? It seems to have been important to the Mochi of Peru (Para). Thanks for your articles.

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  2. Richard I will be at Etawah next tuesday can we meet? I have established the Aparase Kora Meridian !! I would like to give you my new book. I also know geometrically that the Mayans were in Georgia! Don McMahon 724 787 1317 ________________________________

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