Mayas eat Brunswick stew almost every day!

One of the fascinating facts that you will be learning from my three forthcoming videos on the Mayas of Campeche is that their diet is not significantly different than the traditional Creek, Uchee and Chickasaw diet. The main difference is that the Mayas have access to at least some fresh fruits and vegetables year-round, while the Southeastern farmers had to dry their fruits and veggies for consumption in winter. On the other hand, the Southeastern farmers ate many more nuts than the Mayas, since nut-bearing trees were endemic in the Southeastern United States.

This is a photo that my tour guide, Ana Rojas, mailed to me at Georgia Tech, just before I was to graduate . . . two years after the fellowship in Mexico. It was taken in the outdoor dining area of her parent’s hacienda, where we first met. She eventually obtained a PhD in Anthropology, but specialized in Ethnology, not Archaeology.

What really makes the Campeche videos different than those on other areas of Mexico that I studied was that throughout Campeche I traveled by Jeep and had a tour guide . . . a very special tour guide, who also taught be how to waltz out in the Campeche jungle. Ana would stop, anywhere I wanted to stop, so you will get a better feeling of the Campeche countryside and views from roads. We also would stop, when we saw undocumented ruins, so we could explore them while they were still partially concealed by vines and tree leaves.


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