BBC Video: Australoids in South America

The Americas Connected Series

Archaeologists are finding extensive evidence that Australoids were the first humans in the Amazon Basin and Patagonia. In general, this evidence is being ignored by North American archaeologists. To admit that Australoids came by sea, much earlier than peoples from Siberia, would upset the whole applecart of long-held beliefs that all Indigenous People arrived in the Americas by walking there.

One correction

The program states that American Indians all crossed the Bering Land Bridge. It is now known to geologists, but not widely spread to the general public, that when the land bridge existed, a massive ice sheet, over a mile high, blocked entrance into the rest of North America. Thus, the conventional teaching that all the ancestors of American Indians walked from Siberia into the heart of North America is impossible.

Well . . . there is another problem. The Maya Migration Legend states that their ancestors once lived in a cold land or ice and snow, where they were persecuted by giants. Their ancestors migrated SOUTHWARD along the eastern coast of North America until they reached by island-hopping a land where it never snowed. Of course, the ice giants are remembered in Scandinavian folklore also . . . but, in addition, I found a writing system on the boulders of the Baltic Coast that has glyphs identical to the earliest Maya writing system AND several petroglyphic sites in the Georgia Mountains. The Swedish glyphs have been dated by geologists to about 2000 BC!

Georgia’s own Uchee “Indians” always told the colonists that their ancestors crossed the Atlantic Ocean to settle at the mouth of the Savannah River. Uchee descendants, such as myself, show up with inexplicable high levels of Sami and Finnish DNA. There seems to be a connection.

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