Guess where this mound is located?

Part Five of the Americas Connected Series

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner

It is located in the suburbs of a major city in the South . . . within a busy cloverleaf interchange, where expressways going north-south and east-west cross. One of the expressways leads to the city’s Downtown. The more astute among you will probably recognize that the vegetation is typical of Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri during the autumn months.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of mounds in a 75 mile radius around this city. Most are conical or dome-shaped and contain single log-walled tombs typical of the Adena Culture of the Ohio River Basin. The grave goods in these dome-shaped mounds were different than those in the Adena Mounds. They are such things as cord-marked, beaker shaped pottery, flint swords, copper hatchets and copper pan pipes that are normally associated with the Deptford Culture mounds in Georgia or the Copena Culture mounds in northern Alabama and western Georgia.

However, this mound is also quite different in appearance and size than the typical Adena Mounds. It is larger, probably was rectangular. Archaeologists think that it had a temple on top.

It contains multiple burials . . . most of which appear to be partially cremated. Its original appearance was probably quite similar to the Seip Earthen Pyramid in southeastern Ohio, which was one of the last and largest Hopewell Culture structures. In the background of the drawing below, you will see several of the much more typical, dome-shaped burial mounds.

Original appearance of the Seip Mound in SE Ohio

Have you guessed the location of this mound yet? I will give you a hint. It was located about a kilometer from the apartment, where the mother of my Swedish girlfriend, Britt-Louise Manson, lived. Yep . . . we are talking about the south of Sweden and the city is Malmö.

While working in Sweden, I photographed several burial mounds . . . for no other reason than they reminded me of home. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be writing an article on them on April 30, 2022, which would be instantly visible to all the world. By then we had pocket calculators, which were essentially mini-computers, but the concepts of cellular phones, personal computers and the internet were fertile ideas from the TV series Star Trek, which would appear hundreds of years in the future!

Of course, at that time Sweden and the US did not have diplomatic relations. Many extremists considered Sweden to be an enemy . . . but it wasn’t. Now, it looks like Sweden will be in NATO very soon. Life is indeed a box of chocolates.


  1. Some, a few, archaeologists and anthropologists are willing to admit American Indians were all over. Man stones in Canada predate places like Stonehenge. Other places predate anything in Europe. A lot of peoples in the northeast constructed deep dugouts to fish the north Atlantic. For millennium how many were caught by currents and bad weather and wound up in places like Scandinavia? Are their children the elves and púca of the Celts? All Celts, including those in the Alps, have the same basic story. Celt moved into northern Europe and made war on people there, who turned out to have magical powers. From then, Celts lived in terror of them till St. Patrick married an elf. Walk in beauty

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  2. You don’t know how right on the spot your are. Actually, you will be shown petroglyphs in Sweden that are identical to those in Georgia and the earliest forms of Maya writing. They date from around 2000 BC. The Maya Migration Legend states that they came from a cold land, where there was much snow and they were persecuted by giants. They traveled southward down the Atlantic seaboard until they reached a land that was warm. Remember the Scandinavian folklore about Ice Giants? Conversely, the oldest stonehenges, by 500 years are in Canada!

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    1. All the old stories state we came to this new era/world by a long hike through ice. This is one of the oldest history stories and as far as I know, all peoples in the Americas shared it. His name slips my mind (but you know of him) the archaeologist who said we settled in Europe centuries ago, well before the first whites arrived. History is fascinating, a massive puzzle where we have to go through much to find the right pieces. Anti-science well-educated stand against us and always have.

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