Guess where these petroglyphs are located?

Part Six of the Americas Connected Series

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

The winning comment will receive a quart of supersized blackberries from my mini-farm, here on Alec Mountain in Northeast Georgia. We won’t give you the answer until the next article, but here are some options.

This petroglyphic boulder is located on . . .

  1. A mountain near Dundee, Scotland
  2. The cliffs, overlooking the North Sea, at Angelholm, Sweden
  3. Pre-Moari stone ruins on the North Island of New Zealand
  4. An ancient trail over-looking the Etowah River in Forsyth County, GA
  5. In a ravine in the Sierra de Cobre near Tepoztlan, Morelos (Mexico)
  6. An ancient trail over-looking the Etowah River in Cherokee County, GA
  7. The Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland
  8. A high mountain near the Atlantic Ocean in Galicia Province, Spain


  1. Probably all 8. There are folks who would refer to this and other common things like polygonal architecture as ‘pre-flood’ or something from the last Cleansing. niio

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