Las Cubanas are the best dancers in the world

My first grown-up dating relationship was with a Cuban-American art student at Emory University, who was also a semi-professional dancer. She would do this style dancing for me in her townhouse living room in Midtown Atlanta . . . leaving me mesmerized.

If only someone would tell the people running their country some fact-checked history!

Throughout their lives, Karl Marx and Frederick Ingles lived off the profits of their family’s textile mills. They paid servants to cook their meals, clean their homes or apartments and take care of their children.

Neither man ever practiced what they preached.

They never, ever . . .

  • Did any physical work
  • Worked in a factory
  • Worked on a farm
  • Lived on a farm
  • Lived in a middle class neighborhood
  • Lived in a poor neighborhood
  • Grew a garden
  • Made repairs on their homes
  • Lived in a commune
  • or even started a commune

In short, Marx and Ingles were the parasites on society that they seemed to label everybody else to be.

Nevertheless, I think you will be amazed at this dance team from Havana that is competing in the international Jerusalema Group Dance Contest.

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