The Tugaloo Stone . . . Toccoa, Georgia

It radically changes our understanding of eastern North America, 3,000 to 5,000 years ago, but is generally ignored by archaeologists in North America.

Part 42 of The Americas Connected series

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner

Satellite image of the Travelers Rest archaeological and historical zone
It was found in 1795 at this rock knoll, overlooking the Tugaloo River in Stephens County, GA. The Tugaloo is a major tributary of the Savannah River. It marked the starting point for a trail that connected the Tugaloo River with the rich gold deposits of the Nacoochee Valley. Highway 17 now generally follows that trail. Since that time, it has lain upside down on the grounds of the Travelers Rest Inn . . . until recently it was moved inside the inn, where it could not be easily stolen. All that time, the stone was examined from time to time . . . upside down!
The Tugaloo Stone stayed in this position for over two centuries. Note the upside down Minoan sailing ship above.
Travelers Rest Inn State Historic Site


  1. The Tugaloo stone always fascinated me from your point of view that one of the boats appear to be Minoan. I think I took this up with my teacher . However, because the Minoan Linear A has not yet been deciphered we could not find any evidence anywhere else to clarify whether it is indeed a Minoan boat or not. “INTERESTING” However I am, at the moment learning the Hittite language which seems to have a connection with Linear A but that’s going to take sometime.

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    1. I have a large book that shows all types of sailing boats and steam boats constructed up to the late 20th century. Here is the URL for the Nautical Museum of Crete, which has a model of a Minoan ship. The Minoan ships were built on an arc-shaped keel. Phoenician ships could be built on a flatter arc, but were bigger and more sturdily built – usually having a cabin either at the stern or midways,

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    1. All I can say is that seven miles north of my house, is a petroglyphic boulder portraying a Phoenician ship and 18 miles to the east is a carved stone monument with Swedish Bronze Age writing and astronomical symbols on it, which also portrays a Minoan ship, a Phoenician ship and two Scandinavian hjortspring boats. An ancient stone monument found near Columbus, GA on the Chattahoochee River appears to have Minoan writing on it.

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