Video: The 18,000 year-old Gault Archaeological Site in Texas

This is another one of the excellent documentaries that have been created by the Archaeological Conservancy. What I particularly like about this one is that it explains the history of real pseudo-archaeology. No, we are not talking about “The Mayas in Georgia Thang.” That’s factual. We are talking about the long held belief by most of the archaeology profession that the indigenous peoples of the Americas were a single ethnic group from Siberia and that their ancestors walked to the Americas during a very narrow time span around 12,000 years ago.

There is something I would like to add to his comments. Long, long ago, when I was in Mexico on the Barrett Fellowship, Dr. Román Piña Chan (my coordinator) insisted that humans had arrived in Mexico at least 30,000 years ago, and the evidence pointed toward those people being Proto-Polynesians, who arrived by boat. That might explain why my mother’s family carries about 2% Polynesian DNA markers.

Dr. Piña Chan complained to me that archaeologists and even government employees from the United States were muzzling him from reporting findings of Pre-Clovis archaeological sites and radiocarbon dates. They would contact Mexican government officials and threaten to do things that would discredit Mexican archaeologists or cause North American tourists not to visit Mexico.

Sounds implausible? I had the same thing happen to me in 2012. The “Maya Myth-busting In the Mountains” propaganda program was funded by the US taxpayers through the Gainesville, GA office of the US Forest Service. Most of the USFS employees involved, however, were transplants from North Carolina . . . being loyal to “thar” football team – the Cherokees. In addition, members of the occult, employed by the National Security Agency within its massive facilities in Augusta, GA and Atlanta followed my car by spy satellite then would call people, who I was talking with to tell them, “Don’t listen to him about the Mayas. He’s crazy!”

In one case, I was talking with a lady on an apple farm near Ellijay, GA. She received one of these strange phone calls. Afterward she pulled the cell phone away from her cheeks. She pointed to “US Government” on the phone ID and said, “What is a Maya?

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