Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah

. . . from The Americas Revealed

December 2022

It’s a fortified hilltop town, overlooking the Ohio River, with sophisticated stone architecture and enormous storage capacity for rainwater. Popularly known in Indiana as “The Devil’s Backbone,” this massive town site has never been excavated by professional archaeologists. In 2010, Indiana documentary film-maker, Jon Haskell, thoroughly explored and filled the limestone mesa. He also sketched and measured several of the stone structures. He did not enter the cavern inside the mesa, however, whose rectangular entrance is at the top . . . too many snakes!

In 2011, Jon retained me to study the town site with remote sensing techniques. Utilizing Google Earth and his measurements, I was able to create an accurate three dimensional, digital, architectural model of the site. Although also popularly known as “Prince Madoc’s Castle,” it was obvious to me that this was indigenous American architecture. It had many structural details, typical of Peru. Being that Moche style pottery has been found in the alluvial soil at that base of the mesa, I feel comfortable in labeling it a town built by immigrnts from Peru. The Moche Civilization collapsed around 700 AD.

All rainwater and melted snow that fell on the town was conducted to the cisterns via a stone-lined channel.

French Christmas Carol

Vivi D’Abundance recorded this famous carol as a Christmas gift for me in December 1992. By that time, she had been away from the entertainment industry for two years, but still loved folk music and carols. When we reconnected via LinkedIn, the cassette of this song had been worn out a long time, but she sent me a digital copy in 2020. I am sure that you will enjoy it.

May your coming year be blessed.


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! May this New Year be prosperous. !
    Very pretty song, thank you.
    No snow in this part of Arizona, but family in Ohio assure me, I can come and take all I want LOL.
    This is interesting. Who were they? I know when the ancestors moved east, they had problems at Cahokia. The Snake-Earth mounds were seen as demonic (like the Iroquois then were any better, ha!). Moche, perhaps, because a lot more traveling was done in the Americas than Europeans like to admit. Moche, Mochi (in Sinaloa), and so on. How would this relate to Puebloans? Their ancestors, the Anasazi, built roads that are still in use. niio

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    1. The Great Serpent Mound honored a massive asteroid or comet that struck off the coast of northern Florida in 539 AD. The Itza Mayas worshiped the Sky Serpent and so migrated northward to see where he had landed.

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      1. Asgina Asgoli is World Destroyer, a female rattlesnake. She’s the mother of Bu’u, the Cannibal Owl. Raven is also Sun Wolf, who attacks both her and Owl to stop them. Uohali Yu is Eagle Mother, who is shown on the flag of Mexico killing Death, the World Destroyer. Some snake worshipers claim the Asgoli is the symbol of the lover, but if you look into them through your inner fire, you see an old thing like an aging human with black mirror stones for eyes and a single shrike feather at each corner of its head. If you try access Asgoli, get a fire priest to guide you or it’ll steal you into the darkness. niio

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