The Parakusa still live in Ukraine

His head is identical to the Paracas skulls of Peru!

Geneticists assume that the only remaining DNA evidence of Parakusa in Europe is found in Burgundy, Languedoc, Alsace and Hungary. Obviously, that is not the case, since the head of this Ukrainian Orthodox priest is identical to the large Paracas skulls of Peru. One wonders if Vladimir Putin’s obsession of destroying Ukraine is derived from a demonic desire to erase the last remnants of a race, which brought civilization to the world.

Image Above: These are details of a photograph, published by “The Sun” newspaper on May 5, 2023. The sad scene is the funeral of a hero . . . Christopher Campbell from Florida . . . a volunteer in the International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine. He sacrificed his life for freedom-loving people around the world. Possibly, I was the only one to notice that the priest, presiding over his funeral, was a descendant of a mysterious race of humans.

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

Over 5,000 years ago, this extremely tall, mega-brained, red-haired race began migrating by sail and foot from their homeland in southern Ukraine. They became the pharaohs of Egypt, the Burgundian elite of Bronze Age Sweden, the creators of the geoglyphs on the Nasca Plain in Peru, the elite of the first civilization in Mexico, the elite of Teotihuacan, the elite of the Huns and ultimately the Hene-ahawen or Sun Lords of the Kingdom of Apalache . . . forerunner of the Creek Confederacy.

Everywhere these enigmatic peoples went, they introduced the construction of earthen or stone pyramids, dedicated to their Sun Deity. The Marquis de La Fayette was also a descendant of this race. His family lived in the Burgundy region of France,

Join us as we journey back in time to identify the several ethnic groups, who combined their talents to create a remarkable civilization in the forests and coastal marshes in western Tabasco and southern Veracruz in Mexico.

Never assume that you know everything there is know!


  1. Richard,

    There was a brief show on the History Channel regarding two brothers who were brick masons by trade, from New England. These brothers were on the hunt for bones of Giants. (They later did a show on the Lost Colony suspicions of missing persons too which lasted shorter than a season)

    They were obsessed with giant skeletal burials. They found quite a few in New England, but also ran into problems where the skeletal remains at some sites were removed or destroyed.

    They pulled the show after a season. I would actially tread quite lightly with any of these giant discoveries, particularly within the US. They get quelled quite quickly.

    I have a lot of family originally from Winchester, VA/Martinsburg, WV area on both sides of my Mom’s family with some family links to the Germana settlement, Jamestown, and Yorktown. This discovery by GW in 1757, is an interesting one you mentioned, that’s one discovery you can’t go about refuting, unlike they are now.

    It would make sense that a highly intelligent and brutally strong people would have been predecessors of future generations and that their genetics may have been passed along through subsequent generations.

    Building colossal structures, and immaculately planned edifices, makes me think of the possible lineage of Jacob and Esau (particularly Esau of red hair), or groups of Nephalim referred to in Apocraphyl books of the Bible and briefly in the story of Noah, “men of renown” coming unto mankind and scattered throughout the earth.

    Of course, there is also Goliath to consider in the biblical account of David and Goliath.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all to make that consideration, and be open to the fact that descendants of a taller race and higher intelligence are still roaming the earth.



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    1. It’s whole different matter when three of the most respected American archaeologists of the late 20th century, scientifically excavated the towns or cemeteries of these people and wrote professional reports about it. However, all three attributed the extreme height and “extraterrestrial” skulls to birth defects. Perhaps they knew better, but were trying to avoid ridicule from their professional peers.

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