Upper Mauldin Mill Creek Village Site and Stickball Stadium

Habersham County, Georgia

34°40’53.5″N 83°37’47.9″W

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

This multiple village site is on the north side of Alec Mountain Range, approximately 1.25 miles north of the Alec Mountain Stone Oval. The human occupation area covers approximately 70 acres. A small brook, which is the headwaters of Mauldin Mill Creek, flows to the south of the archeological zone. Running approximately north-south to the west of the archaeological zone is GA Hwy. 255A.

This archaeological site is privately owned and on a gated tract of land. It is not visible from GA. Hwy. 255A. No professional archaeological work has been done at the site. However, local residents stated that it was common to find potsherds and stone tools in nearby gardens and cultivated fields.

Many Native American occupation zones can be found in this area.

This U-shaped ballcourt is the exact shape and size of a ballcourt in front of the Nacoochee Valley Community Center that was identified by archaeologist Robert Wauchope in 1939.  The newly discovered ballcourt is 2.68 miles east of the Sautee ballcourt.  Unfortunately, the Sautee archaeological site has since then has been heavily damaged by grading and the construction of a pavilion.

This high contrast image, rotated 90 degrees clearly delineates the stadium.

The newly discovered ballcourt has a flat playing field, which is approximately 315 feet (96m) north-south and 145 feet (44m) wide.  The east and west sides of the field are earth berms, which are approximately 3 feet in height today.  They probably were 8-10 feet high at least five centuries ago, when the field was in use.  Like the site in nearby Sautee, the north end of the ballcourt is a series of semi-circular terraces, cut into the side of a ridge.

This is the northern end of the stadium, which was cut into the slope.
The pond was dug at about a 15 degrees angle off true North-South.


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