Petroglyphs: Amicalola Rock Shelter

Dawson County, Georgia

The Amicalola Rock Shelter is located in the rugged mountains immediately west of Amicalola Creek and southwest of Amicalola Falls. It is essentially a shallow cave with an entrance barely visible from 100 feet (30.5 m) away. It may be a tomb, but there is no evidence of a burial today. Its specific location is being kept confidential because of the vulnerability of this unusual archaeological site to vandalism. Although abstract human figures are endemic in the petroglyphs of the American Southwest, they are quite unusual in Georgia. This is only one a small number of sites in Georgia than contain human figures.

Some of the petroglyphs are quite similar to others in the Etowah River Basin. Others are unique. The carvings may have been made in different cultural periods.
An infrared image of one set of petroglyphs. Note the primitive foot.
This unusual infrared image reveals a women and bird walking with something coming out of the bird’s mouth that connects with the sun.
This is an abstract bird . . . probably an eagle.
About 100 feet (30.5 m) below is a small creek with clear water.

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