A new song in Cherokee for these trying times by Marilyn Rae

Marilyn Rae is the real thing, not one of those wannabes, whose phony histories drive me up the wall. She is a direct descendant of the last hereditary principal chief of the Cherokee Tribe, Pathkiller. She also has gone the extra step of learning Cherokee sufficiently to be conversant in her language, but then a step further, she composes songs in Cherokee and sings them.

Marilyn and I co-authored two books on the Early History of North Georgia in 2013 . . . The Apalache Chronicles, plus Nodoroc and the Bohurons. We have been friends ever since then.

She lives in the planned community of Weston, which is west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Yes, that is in the center of one of the worst Corona Virus outbreaks in the country. Even their mayor has the disease right now. In these trying times, a verse in the New Testament from the Book of Philippians came to her mind. She translated it into Cherokee then made it into a song. I hope that you find nurturing from this beautiful song.


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