15 YEARS OF PHOTOGRAPHY STOLEN . . . Did You Ever Have One of Those Days?

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

Over a thousand photos of town sites, mounds, stone ruins and terrace complexes have been lost!

Weird things started happening in early December 2019. I came home from shopping several times to find the front door wide open, even though I had locked both locks on the way out. Each time, my dogs had wisely remained inside the house. They are much smarter than the Neo-Nazi’s doing such mischief. However, my oldest dog suddenly started becoming progressively paralyzed and died around Christmas. Guess they couldn’t catch the younger herd dogs. Neighbors claimed to have seen no cars at my house . . . but the culprits could have been walking in.

Five days after the last “open door” episode in December, I came down with Coronavirus . . . but didn’t know for sure, until getting and anti-body test a couple of weeks ago. A lot of other people in the Nacoochee Valley and Helen, GA came down with the Covid19 virus that month. Seven elderly people and one 12 year old girl died quickly from it. The local newspaper called it “a previously unidentified strain of flue that can kill suddenly with pneumonia.” I personally saw FEMA and US Army vehicles in this area several times in late November and December, so someone at some level of the federal government knows that the Coronavirus was killing people much earlier than February.

In the months since then, I have come home to find subtle evidence that someone had been there in my absence. Always, neighbors claimed to see nothing. Cables would be disconnected from the computer. A backup computer, which I seldom used, suddenly had a virus in it that made it inoperable. Things would be in a different order than I left them in the storage cabinet, where I keep the electronic, photographic and camera equipment that I use when analyzing sites. There was absolutely nothing that could be collaborated by eyewitness.

A nest with three Eastern Phoebe chicks!

The last straw for such nonsense occurred last month. In Linkedin, I published photos of a newly hatched nest of Eastern Phoebe chicks under by front portico. Four days later, I returned home to find the front porch in disarray, one of the chairs broken from someone standing on it and the chicks missing. The only possible explanation was that someone nearby with a very sick mind, killed the chicks just to prove that he could do it. A consistent trait of Neo-Nazi’a is that because of a personal sense of inadequacy they like to do “sneaky” things to prove that they are smarter than the victim.

When the economic stimulus check came in, I immediately started purchasing a comprehensive video-audio surveillance system. Within two days after the telescopic videocam was installed over the front door, a man in the neighborhood, who got in trouble with law over illegal drug addiction last year, drove into my driveway while I was gone, walked up to the front door with keys to my locks, saw the videocam, freaked out and burned rubber getting out of there. Neighbors again claimed to have seen no vehicle, but this time I had him on “Candid Camera.”

I also have remote microphones and videocams scattered about in the trees of my rugged mountainside property. A prowler cracked a twig while walking about 200 feet away from the house several nights ago. That turned on a nightvision minicam. I shined a spotlight on him and he ran like a rabbit.

THEN yesterday afternoon, I went on the internet to check email. Within a couple of minutes, I lost control of the mouse and keyboard. A hacker took control of my computer via a Microsoft Cloud program than I had never utilized. In astonishment, I watched all my photos being uploaded then deleted. The hacker then went into my Recycle Bin and permanently deleted the photos. I was not able to cut off the computer, until the hacker was finished. The incredibly fast manipulation of over two gigabytes of photos could have only been accomplished via military/law enforcement uploading software.

Angered, but not completely perturbed, I went to my backup drive to reload the photos. They had been erased in May. I then went to my external hard drive to retrieve most of the photos stored there in a disguised box. They had been deleted on April 1, 2020.

So, despite my best efforts to protect them, thousand of digital photos of my buildings under construction, museum models under construction, pottery I had hand-made, mountains, waterfalls, flowers, G-rated images of women I had dated, family photos, Creek tribal celebrations, newborn puppies, my dogs in the wilderness, etc. were gone. Everything that had marked my life from 2005 onward had vaporized. All of the photos are G-rated. There is nothing I need to hide.

Who in Trumpland would do this?

A new black pickup with illegal black-tint windows drove slowly by my house a few minutes after the theft of the photos. These type vehicles are used by the Russian Mafia out of western North Carolina, some state law enforcement and some federal law enforcement. The front door camera could not catch the tag number, but I am installing a minicam in a tree that will be able to capture auto tags. In the meantime here are alternate explanations for the photo theft.

(1) “Law” enforcement – There were two unmarked cop cars parked outside the edge of my rugged property this morning. They left simultaneously at 9 AM when they got the sad news over their radios that there was nothing juicy in my photos. I presume they thought the photographic motherload would include some sort of perverted images for which they could arrest me in advance of the coup d’etats planned for this autumn. The Neo-Nazi’s are going to do anything possible to stop the national elections.

Various forms of perversion have been ascribed to me for the past ten years. Their logic is that since I have an IQ over 65 and have not accept Adolf Hitler as my Lard and Safeyer, I must be a Librul Marxist Pervert. TEN YEARS AGO a Snowbird Cherokee friend told me that federal agents were going all over western North Carolina telling people that I was a male prostitute. That was done again as I moved to Habersham County, GA two years ago along with a parallel claim that I was a bisexual predator of college coeds.

Both Habersham and neighboring White County sheriff’s department executed numerous, elaborate stings for over a year trying to “catch me!” at being a pervert or a drug dealer. Several ex-girl friends are subscribers to The Americas Revealed, so I know that this point they are rolling over the floor laughing . . . but it is true.

(2) The theft of the photos may at its root, be the work of organized crime or one of non-governmental neo-Nazi groups, who thought that they could get a “hook” in me, if they discovered some dirty little secret hidden within the thousands of photographic images.

The discernment of who actually was responsible in this situation is difficult, because in the environment of a corrupt one party dictatorship, moles for organized crime and the occult can easily implant themselves into positions of authority in government, law enforcement and the judiciary. I know for a fact that one member of the Virginia Supreme Court is a Satanic high priest.

Deja Vu

Like Satanic cults, Neo-Nazi’s are highly superstitious and believe that they have special powers on certain dates. One of them is 9/11. On 9/11/2000 a man, who looked identical to man, who is now running for US Senate, drained the oil and transmission fluid from my car in a movie theater parking lot in Powder Springs, GA while I was inside with a lady, watching the movie, “The Patriot.” Even though his vehicle license tag and his face were clearly visible on the movie theater’s surveillance cameras, the local police refused to arrest him.

It was exactly ten years ago, on June 1, 2010 that something very similar in intent to the events yesterday occurred in North Carolina. I was returning “home” after dark to my campsite in the Nantahala National Forest, when I suddenly encountered a police road block on a narrow gravel US Forest Service road. I wasn’t particularly concerned at first because I was doing nothing illegal and going about 15 mph on the dark road. However, seemingly out of nowhere, I was surrounded by throbbing blue lights. There were at least eight, maybe as many twelve patrol cars, blocking me in from all angles.

Most of the state troopers and deputies surrounding me were wearing bullet proof vests and were heavily armed. Although terrified, I very smartly opened the window and hollered, “Is there a bad wreck ahead?” That probably saved my life. In such a situation, one trigger happy cop can fire a gun and then everyone else starts firing before seeing that the victim is unarmed.

They ordered me out of the car with my hands up. Fortunately, my three herd dogs were so terrified that they did not bark or act aggressive. They certainly would have been shot instantly. Two of the men searched the inside of the Explorer with flash lights, looking for drugs or weapons and saw nothing. Actually, I had two unloaded, semi-automatic rifles in the back, but they were hidden under quilts that the dogs were sleeping on.

The North Carolina cops assumed that since I was homeless, I did not have a current license, tag and insurance. Probably, my auto loan was in arrears. Any of these situations would have given them the right to thoroughly search my car, arrest me, impound the car and put my dogs in a dog pound, where they could be killed.

As the Sheriff was calling in my tag and license number to the Georgia State Patrol, one of the other men slapped his hips and laughed, “We got ’em now boys!” There silent grins as the men waited for the good news from Georgia. About a minute later, there was a cellular phone call from Atlanta, which was hooked into the sheriff’s radio system. I could clearly hear the woman’s voice: “The driver has a current driver’s license with no points, current auto tag, active vehicle insurance and no arrest warrants, liens or judgments against him.” It was a sad night in Mayberry, North Carolina. The law officers slowly backed up their cars and let me continue to the campsite.

That’s not the end of the story, though. Two days later, my sister sent me money on PayPal so I could spend a night in a motel, take a hot bath and eat at a nice restaurant. When I woke up in the morning, I looked out the window to see the Hayes County, NC Sheriff’s Dept. SWAT squad surrounding my Ford Explorer. I left the door to my motel room wide open, walked to my car, put leashes on the dogs and took them over to grass lawn for them to pee. Afterward, I politely asked the dumbfounded officers if they could move their vehicles out of the way. Without saying anything, they put down their rifles and moved their vehicles. I never knew what crime I was supposed to have committed.

After telling all of you in January, what was going to happen in March, most of you are believers now. You think that it is bad now, but I am telling you that things are going to get much, much worse in September – that’s a sacred month to the Nazi’s because of the number 9. Those folks are going to do anything they can to stop or cheat in the November elections. “Nuff said.”


  1. FYI, all you had to do on the PC remote control thing was to either unplug yer network cable to yer router.

    Or, pull the power plug on the PC.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It happened so fast. I was working on something else when the small popup windows appeared showing something downloading or uploading. At first I just assumed that it was a MS Windows update – they look the same. After it keep on going, I realized that the mouse was frozen and then the keyboard. I should have hit the switch on the power surge protector, but didn’t realize that all my photo files were gone until I had control of the computer again. As I said, it looked just like a standard Microsoft update – unless you read the fine print.


  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your digi photos Richard. I always enjoy the personal pictures you have shared with us. I know how it feels to loose those precious glimpses of memories from the past. Because of an evil individual setting fire to my storage building almost 10 years ago I lost most all of my photos and memorabilia from my entire lifetime. It hurts on many levels.

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    1. It looks like that I will be able to recover most of the photos. It’s going to cost about $300 and several days at the consultant’s workshop. Newer computers have an FBI mandated “back door” which enables the FBI to retrieve deleted files from the computers of terrorists and drug dealers.


  3. Today I decided I really had to catch up on my Americas Revealed reading. I searched my emails for all of I had missed reading and WOW you have been busy. Randomly I read this first. Oh, my word, Richard. Please be careful. My heart is sad for the loss of these records.

    You are a remarkably strong person. I sense some prior training is keeping you sane at all of this. Keep listening to the Spirit. Apparently, you are uncovering truths that strike fear into some well-organized people. CJ

    Liked by 1 person

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