Rambling Wrecks 7 ~ Neo-Nazi Crazies 0

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner

Georgia Tech graduates are trained to acquire the latest technology and become skilled with its use throughout their careers. This can create havoc when two world views collide. That happened yesterday morning.

This June marks the 50th anniversary of Georgia Tech awarding me the first Barrett Fellowship. The very generous grant, equivalent to $7,500 today, enabled me to carry out a comprehensive study of Mesoamerican civilization in Mexico and Central America. My fellowship coordinator in Mexico was the internationally famous archaeologist, Román Piña Chán, Curator of the Museo Nacional de Anthropologia de Mexico and future director of the Instituto Nacional de Antropoligia E Historia (INAH). My Georgia Tech faculty advisor was Architect Ike Saporta, who was also President of the Atlanta Archaeological Society. The incredible experience launched me on a lifelong love and study of ancient towns and architecture.

Not in a million years, however, would I have dreamed that the courses that the US Navy taught me in Georgia Tech’s NROTC unit on survival in the wilderness, asymmetrical warfare, reconnaissance and independent command land warfare tactics would become my most valuable skills in the second decade of the 21st century. Oh, did I mention that two of my Naval Science professors, a Marine Colonel and a Navy Lt. Comander, had been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor?

Since being purchased by the Travel Channel, the premier of America Unearthed has become one of the most popular programs ever created by the History Channel. I was not paid a penny for being on the cast.

Those of you, who have seen me on television are probably shocked that I am such a wizened elder. It’s those good Creek and Uchee Indian genes. My great-grandfather was 78 and my great-grandmother 28, when my grandmother was born . . . and she had two younger sisters!

In the years since the Barrett Fellowship I have developed many techniques for finding and documenting ancient architecture without disturbing those sites. I am now applying those techniques along with the latest LiDAR technology to researching the ancient past of the Southern Highlands. Much of that work is currently within a short walking or driving distance from my house, which is on a ridge of Alec Mountain.

The discoveries have been mind-boggling. Earlier this year, with a Polish Army infrared device that is both binoculars and video camera, I found the footprint of a rectangular Middle Bronze Age – Iberian Sun God Temple. No doubt about it. Genetic research is backing up my architectural discoveries. Built over the ancient temple site was a pentagonal Itza Maya Sun God mound, a round Proto-Creek mound and a massive, oval Proto-Creek mound, covering two acres.

Most of the symbols on the six petroglyphic boulders at Georgia’s famous Track Rock Gap are identical to those at Nyköping, Sweden, which have been dated to 2000 BC. BUT some of these symbols became the earliest form of the Maya writing system. The evidence suggest that the ancestors of the Mayas came across the North Atlantic Ice Cap through Georgia on the way to Yucatan, but then the Itza Mayas returned to build an agricultural terrace complex at Track Rock Gap and a large town in the Nacoochee Valley. The Native American name of the Nacoochee was Itzate, which means “Itza (Maya) People”

A skeleton under the Nacoochee Mound was buried with a Mesoamerican sacrificial knife. Identical knives are portrayed on the ornamental trim, bordering the main steps at the Tenayuca Pyramid in Mexico City. It was the first site that I visited on my fellowship.
I never dreamed that this slide would relate to Georgia.

These are crazy times

Think your life has gotten strange during the Pandemic?    Earlier this week, someone entered my computer via Microsoft OneDrive Cloud and took control of it.  He uploaded 15 years of digital photos – thousands of them –  then deleted the originals.  The photos were of mountains, rivers, archaeological sites, mounds, dogs, puppies, architectural models, flowers, wild animals, plus some G-rated images of women on dates with me. 

Microsoft Security just called.  The hacker was from northern Pakistan or Punjab, India.  He opened up a OneDrive account, stole my photos then deleted his account.  You go figure?

The nerdy research that I and some volunteers are doing will eventually result in millions of dollars a year of tourism income for the Southern Highlands, in particular northeast Georgia.  You would think that such a result would not be threatening to anyone.  Either there are some folks, who really don’t care about more regional income or else they feel threatened by anyone with an IQ over 65, who has not accepted Adolf Hitler as “their Lard and Saveyer.” 

Things started getting really strange for me right after the 2016 Presidential Election.  KKK members began riding their pickups, flying Confederate flags, back and forth in front of my former cabin in Lumpkin County, GA – yelling, “Get out of here Yankee! Also, someone put coyote poison bait in my back yard, killing one of my herd dogs.  I was born in Waycross, GA in the deep southeastern part of the state.  All of my Creek and White gg-grandfathers fought in Confederate regiments from Georgia during the Civil War.  They didn’t own slaves. Due to the Confederate Draft and social pressures, they had no choice in the matter.  You go figure!

Two years ago, I moved to a much more affluent community in Habersham County, GA.  The Confederate flags idiocy stopped.  Then the Pandemic started and things started getting really strange in a lot of places, especially on my property.  Someone, somehow obtained keys to both locks on the door.  They entered my home frequently, turned on my computer, looked through storage boxes, etc.  Sometimes they would leave the front door wide open when they left.  With the new surveillance cameras, I now know it was a neighbor, but the sheriff’s department told me yesterday that it will not investigate the case without proof that a theft occurred.

So, I had to use much of my Economic Stimulus check to purchase the same types of high-tech surveillance technology that I former specified for a police station I designed and major commercial clients.  However, we were taught at Tech that if one didn’t constantly keep abreast of technology, the Rambling Wreck would become obsolescent.

Over the past three months, they have been using “Sonic One” ultrasonic dog attractors from four different locations . . . making an X pattern.   These can only be used legally by forest rangers and animal control officers, but compliance with the law doesn’t seem to be a major concern these days.  Nevertheless, I had to fork out money to get a device that pinpoints the origin of an ultrasound beam. Fortunately,  my two herd dogs are smarter than the humans trying to kill them.

View from my newly installed East upstairs security camera!


Readers from the city need to understand that both the male and female Neo-Nazi’s experienced a cessation of their emotional and mental development at age 12 or earlier.  Their appearances before me are always staged in the format of pre-adolescent behavior.  A have and have not society has left these people in ignorance and without hope of self-improvement. Both organized crime and Boss Hoggs in the Party control them by tossing them trinkets.  They would kill their grandmother for a shiny new Ford pickup with oversized tires. 

These people are openly talking in Dollar General stores about starting an insurrection to liberate the cities from the Marxist “Black Lives Matter” demonstrators and looters.  They smile and then rejoice that they will able to stop the rigged national elections coming up.  They seem blissfully unaware that there is a new strain of coronavirus about to hit, which goes after children and young adults.  

On the afternoon after the morning that my photographs were stolen by a hacker, two new pickup trucks and a compact came by.   First, a shiny new, fire engine red Ford Heavy Duty TM pickup stopped in front of my house and revved his engines.  The driver was dressed head to foot in black clothing.  Then a black clad driver in a black Ford Heavy Duty TM pickup stopped in front to rev his engines.  Then a young man, who had walked up to my front porch then run off, when he saw the surveillance camera, drove back and forth in front of the house to show off his new compact car.

The following morning, I was like any typical Average Joe American enjoying the mountain springtime and calibrating my new sound surveillance device when a shiny new, white Ford pickup slow drove pass the property.  It had a shiny white camper top with black Plexiglas panels covering the openings, where there would normally be windows.  

The driver slowly examined the houses around the cul-de-sac then parked his pickup at the corner of my land about 40 feet from where I was standing.  I was astonished that after he lowered his window, his eyes began sweeping the steep slopes of my property without seeing me.  I was even more astonished when he put a cellular phone or mobile radio up to his face.  I turned on the sound surveillance devise.  Well, we engineering types do love our high-tech toys!

This guy was wearing a black commando type shirt also.  In military terms, he described a recommended attack or break in on the east side of the house at a glass side door.  He listed the names of some of my neighbors, who promised that they would get rid of the dogs, so I would not be awakened by their barking.  He told the man on the other end that there were no surveillance cameras on that side.  Actually, by the end of the afternoon there were two cameras on that side.  By that time in the conversation, though, I was also able tweak the dials to hear many of the words of the man on the other end.  Amazing technology!

Please read this Homeland Security:  Apparently,  the motivation for whatever they planned to do, once in my house, is because of concerns that I know where there is a munitions storage building, containing military weapons and explosives.  Unless it is under a Native American mound, I don’t have a clue what they are talking about.  However, it was also quite obvious that there are federal, state and local law enforcement in the planned act of treason against the American people.  Don’t trust anyone from Gainesville, GA northward.  In fact, this guy was cocky and had better English that most of the local Neo-Nazi’s.  He could well be a state or federal law officer from the Gainesville, GA area.

The irony of all this is that if they had left me alone, I would have continued my nerdy quest, oblivious to the secret activities in my midst.  As it transpired, though, their paranoia revealed their evil, treasonous schemes.  Of course, I immediately called 911 and a concerned deputy came out.  That afternoon, I finally finished installation of the other surveillance cameras.  Did I mention that my audio surveillance device has a memory chip?   The Party is over.

Bubba Mountain Lion – Civil War correspondent


  1. Howdy, Here I thought they taught you to make mountain dew at Georgia Tech. So dang hot came in to work on a small display for Sanco Homecoming…A/C quit. I would look at your friends the Cherokees as insigaters/attackers. Enjoy those cold Georgia nights and days.

    On Fri, Jun 5, 2020 at 2:45 PM The Americas Revealed wrote:

    > alekmountain posted: ” by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner > Georgia Tech graduates are trained to acquire the latest technology and > become skilled with its use throughout their careers. This can create havoc > when two world views collide. That happened yesterd” >

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  2. Very glad you’re sharing the history of the ancients and the shadow government same time. Its oddly refreshing and feel right at home albeit don’t envy your living situation and so sorry about your dog. Yet its good that you talk about it so that others can stay aware and also send you some sort of spiritual prayer warrior support or something. Stay well!

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  3. Well, enough was enough. They were planning to attack my house this night under the full moon . . . these are total strangers, who I have not harmed in any way.


  4. Mr. Big Shot was talking about them raiding my house on Friday night. I guess the exposure of this story on LinkedIn scared them off. That was the purpose of the article anyway in addition to letting you know what is really going on in Amerika.


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