A Native American is 3.1 times more likely to be killed by police than an White American

Over 90% of recent Native American victims were unarmed, while conversely, very few Native Americans have attended the public demonstrations, now being held! Meanwhile, at least 6,000 Native American women are murdered or go missing each year, with very few cases ever resulting in criminal investigations.

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect & City Planner

Readers of The Americas Revealed probably much more enjoy articles on history and archaeology to those about current events, like my recent one on the use of a audio surveillance device to catch a guy, planing an attack on my house. I was in a bind, though. Apparently, there was to be a fake or unconstitutional law enforcement raid on my house this past Friday night and I had to work fast to prevent it. Exposing the situation worked, without anyone being harmed.

In the process, though, I have been contacted by several Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole veterans, who tell me that they are going through EXACTLY the same experiences – most commonly federal, state and local law enforcement spreading lies in their community about their personal morals or trying to frame them for crimes, when they have no criminal pasts.

What all these men and women had in common was that they had been taking a high profile to tell all Americans about the incredible number of Native American women being murdered and raped each year, while very few criminal investigations are occurring. I have not been involved with that political effort, but can have as many as 50,000 readers a day for my articles on various websites – which apparently makes me a threat.

Anything I say about this astonishing information would be speculative, but I am passing along a TV documentary, posted on Youtube, about the extraordinary number of Native Americans killed by police in the United States each year. Please watch this program and then decide for yourself, what should be done.


  1. Richard I consider anything you write about relevant . Yes some are more enjoyable than others . All of your articles give us something to think about and reflect upon. As our world is struggling with the so much in this present time we must realize that ALL Lives Matter. We need to further understand that as you have numerous times written there was the “Other Slavery” of Indigenous Peoples going on along with their genocide and the elimination of their cultures . Since it’s inception there has also been a continuing of the coverup of these terrible acts. Please continue to shed light on the Truths that are out there. I applaud and thank you.




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    1. PS, At the end of Ms. Blackbird’s thesis she writes about indigenous women from the U.S. and Canada that have gone missing and the lack of action to investigate. She mentions several groups that are pushing to correct these issues.

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