Morelos . . . a mysterious, beautiful land where lurks the secrets of Mexico’s past

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner

In our continuing video series, in the People of One Fire Channel, on the ancient civilizations of Mexico, we take you to the State of Morelos, which is south of Mexico City. At the time that I first studied Morelos, North Americans were only familiar with its state capital of Cuernavaca . . . as a great place for Gringos to retire. I noticed on the internet that North Americans and Europeans are beginning to discover Tepotztlan. Back in the days of my fellowship, it was a “secret place” that middle and upper class Mexicans went to get away from the tourists!

This video will be taking you to five important archaeological zones . . . Tepotztlan, Tepotzteco, Chalcatzingo, Teopanzolco and Xochicalco. You will also explore the back streets of the city of Teopotzlan, which is traditionally considered to have been the first town in Mexico – founded around 2000-1500 BC. So, without further ado, join us on the virtual reality bus to Morelos!


    1. Translation: Here in the House of Beaver Hills (Amiskwaciy, the city also called Edmonton), I have so many questions about the lost stories of all my indigenous Turtle Island (North American family.

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  1. Richard, Looks Beautiful! When do you think the Meso-Americans arrived in Mexico? Many stone sites of Mexico seem to be aligned to the North Pole of 18 thousand years ago according to the Magnetic info available today. To bad the Mexican Gov. forbid research on these Historic Sea people.


  2. Most Mexican anthropologists believe that Polynesians arrived in Mexico by 20,000 years ago and the American Indians have lived threr isnce around 12,000 years ago. Until around 900 BC, Mexico lagged behind Louisiana and Georgia culturally – except that they were in an ideal location for domesticating wild plants. .


  3. Richard, There had to be a people in Mexico that used a Magnetic compass by 18,000 years ago. The Polynesians were the Greatest Sea people of all time but somebody got here before them.

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  4. Even back when I was in Mexico, the majority of anthropologists believed that Polynesians settled in Mexico at least 20,000 years ago. The inhabitants of Baja California, northward to the Santa Catalina Islands and Los Angeles were definitely Polynesians, not American Indians.

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