The Peopling of Southeastern North America

Genetic, linguistic and architectural studies, plus examination of migration legends and historic maps are clearly proving that 20th century academicians got it all wrong! The original inhabitants of the Americas arrived many different ways and from several places. Native Americans compose what is really a separate hybrid race, created in the Americas.

Native American Heritage Month

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner

Beginning on December 1, 2021, The Americas Revealed will feature a series of articles on contemporary and recent research, which suggest an entirely different explanation of ancient human history in what is now the Southeastern United States. We will examine scientific work by highly educated professionals, which challenge the orthodoxy that permeates textbooks. You will also see photographs, infrared images and videos of the extraordinary stone structures, earthworks and petroglyphs that I am studying here in Northeast Georgia.

For example, did you know that archaeologists Robert Wauchope and later, Joseph Caldwell, excavated a large town on the Etowah River in the Allatoona Mountains of Georgia, which was occupied by the same Paracas (tall, oversized skull) People), who once lived in the Nazca Plain of Peru? These men were nationally respected archaeologists, but their peers made sure that you didn’t know.

Dr. Dennis Stanford

Lost opportunities

Alexandria, VA – December 15, 1990: After she and I had become tipsy from repeatedly consuming my goat cheeses and expensive wines, brought to the Christmas Party by her friend, French Ambassador Jacques Andreani, Vivi excused herself to go to the toilette under the stairwell. A stout, jolly gentleman, named Dennis Stanford, immediately took her place. He introduced himself as an archeologist at the Smithsonian Institute and a friend of the party’s hosts, who were historians at the Smithsonian. I had never heard of him, but that didn’t mean anything. Dennis began to consume vast quantities of my cheese and the ambassador’s wine.

Just after stepping out of the toillete, Vivi was cornered by Archaeologist George Stuart of the Smithsonian and the Director of the National Museum of Natural History, Roger Kennedy. I was not concerned, because George and his wife, Gene Stuart were friends of the party’s hostess, who earlier in the year had informed me that my wife had been promiscuous our entire marriage . . . and bragged about it, when I was not around. In fact, she was at another party near Winchester, with one of her paramours that night. So I had time to chat with Dennis Stafford.

Not knowing anything about Dennis, I broke the ice by describing the recent discoveries and theories of my friend and office neighbor in Woodstock, VA . . . Bill Gardner. Bill was an anthropology professor at American Catholic University, but had become nationally known for his discovery of ancient Clovis Culture flint mining and knapping sites along the Shenandoah River near Front Royal, VA. The best known sites were Thunderbird and Flint Run.

Bill’s discoveries in Northern Virginia had convinced him that the Clovis Culture originated somewhere in the Southeastern United States, not Siberia. No Clovis points had ever been found in Siberia, Alaska or western Canada. However, virtually all other archaeologists in the United States bitterly attacked him on that theory. He learned to keep his mouth shut at professional conferences, so limited his discussions to people like me . . . who knew virtually nothing about the subject anyway.

A little over two decades later, an archaeological team from the University of South Carolina, working at the Topper Site on the Savannah River, proved that the oldest Clovis Points in North America were in South Carolina and Georgia. Unfortunately, Bill died prematurely of a heart attack in 2002 . . . too early to have his theories proved correct.

However, in 1990, Bill’s professional peers were again becoming quite disturbed by his most recent discoveries. He and his team had unearthed large permanent villages along the Shenandoah River. One definitely had a population of at least a thousand people. These permanent villages were founded around 8-9 thousand years ago and abandoned around 6,000 years ago. The Old Guard couldn’t handle those facts and so his archaeological report was being blocked from publication in mainstream archaeological journals. You are STILL not being told about those 9,000 year old villages in most publications.

Dennis interjected at that point that he had been finding Clovis and PRE-CLOVIS points in Eastern Virginia. He also was getting ostracized for even mentioning those discoveries, even though, one cannot really argue about stone Clovis points that one can hold in one’s hand. What was odd, though, was that the Pre-Clovis points looked like those made along the Atlantic Coasts of France and Ireland at that time. What were they doing on the Coastal Plain of Virginia?

Dennis was beginning to tell me more about his work, when Vivi broke loose from Roger Kennedy’s adoring eyes, and came back to me. She grabbed my hand then shouted way too loud, “Ree-shard, I need you to take off my dress!” Never having been in an affair or even with a prostitute, my automatic response was, “But we have only known each other for two hours!” By that time at least two dozen pairs of eyes in the adjacent party room were starring at us.

Dennis quickly pulled out a business card and on the back wrote a note that was tantamount to me having a free pass to the Smithsonian archaeology labs. He said for me to come by the labs and an intern would give me a tour then we could go out to lunch with the staff. He thought that the experience would be a very interesting day for me. I soon became very busy with architecture work and then the cheese business exploded. I procrastinated on the visit with Dennis and his friends until it was too late . . . I was stuck in Georgia with very little income.

Oh . . . at least in that point in the evening, Vivi merely wanted me to unzip her tight, uncomfortable red dress. She had over-dressed for the party, since Washington’s intelligentsia typically wore casual clothes to parties. She changed into the classic French gal uniform of a simple skirt, blouse, scarf and beret that she wore in many of her movies.

The next article in the “Peopling of the Southeast” will examine the evidence that Native American peoples such as the Algonquians, Uchee, Muskogee-Creek and Mayas came directly to eastern North America from either eastern Siberia or northern Europe.


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