Are you a young adult of Indigenous American* descent and need a father?

Bubba Mountain Lion Legacy Contest

* This means all of the Americas and Bronze Age Scandinavia . . . not just people, who came from eastern Siberia to what is now the United States. The Asiatic component of my genes are from Pre-Columbian immigrants to present-day Georgia from southern Mexico, eastern Peru, Sapmi and Polynesia. The oldest petroglyphs, near where I live in the Georgia Mountains, were definitely carved by Sami. The Windover Pond People (Florida – 6000 BC) were Proto-Sami. If you are a Sami or Polynesian, living anywhere, you are eligible.

This notice is for real and not a joke

There is a demonic presence in the United States today that seeks to destroy all that is good about our society. Parents, offspring, neighbors and friends are being separated from each other. Families have been scattered to the winds. The custom of family reunions has almost been forgotten. Many churches have become vipers dens of hatred, ignorance, greed, intolerance, treason and fascism. On January 6, 2021 the new representative of my own congressional district was frantically helping barricade the doors of the House of Representatives. A few weeks later, the Boss Hogg’s, who control this puppet, forced him to state before Congress that the attack on the National Capitol was merely some tourists taking a tour . . . ludicrous. By the way, this born-again promoter of tourism in the Capitol is a gun dealer by profession.

The Master of Life (God) has blessed me with blessed with many extraordinary experiences. Some of my fondest memories are family reunions in the country, plus quality time with grandparents, aunts and uncles. Those times are gone with the wind, but I dream of bringing them back. Also, there is a pressing need to pass on what I have learned and experienced to the next generations.

I live a financially modest life, but carry with me the knowledge of the ages . . . a history, map and archaeology library of well over 2,000 books . . . over 4,000 color slides from Mesoamerica, Europe and North American archaeological sites . . . a collection of over 50 handmade Native American musical instruments from around the Americas. Then there was the practical knowledge that I gained as being one of the pioneers of the back to nature movement . . . how to live with nature . . . how to grow your own food . . . how to survive in the wilderness. Most importantly, though, is the need to love and be loved.

What I am proposing is the adoption of one of more young adults, who need a father in their life or the coolest ever grandfather for their children. Besides, if I am so hated and feared by Georgia’s current crop of seditious Republicans and their amoral lackeys in “law enforcement,” I must be a man of sincere spirituality, exceptional character and high intelligence. Right?

Obviously, there must be spiritual and cultural compatibility in this bond, so the decisions will be based on competitive essays and meeting each other face to face. Your only obligation would be to attend annual family reunions in the summer, when we would also celebrate the Creek Green Corn Festival. The adoptive offspring would also become my legal heirs.

In interested, contact me at

A fringe benefit of adoption would be that your kids would receive unrestricted bragging rights. How many kids get the thrill of turning on the TV or Youtube and pointing out to their friends, “That’s my grand-daddy” or “My grand-daddy made this video?” When they were in Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, they could sit around a campfire and tell traditional Creek fireside stories like: “The time that their grand-daddy played rock records with Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden . . . or the time that grand-daddy met a beautiful French princess at a Christmas Party and kissed her under the mistletoe.

Why there is a need to create a new family

My former wife did horrific things to avoid bearing us children. Meanwhile, the fertility doctors realized that she was paying for fertility treatments, but sabotaging them, so began selling my “vital bodily fluids” without telling me. This went on for about a decade.

I have numerous biological children via the fertility clinic in Asheville, NC, but would like to legally adopt one or more young adults to pass on my intellectual legacy . . . and be a loving father they can be proud of. I am going to live for at least another thirty years, so this would also be a long term obligation on your part.

I also have three children from sincere, loving relationships in the past with two beautiful women, who were international intelligence officers. They jointly wanted to have children with me, without being married, but take care of each other’s children, while the other was on an assignment.

One of these super-intelligent ladies changed her mind in December 2005, and proposed to me. She planned to quit her job as a spook and move in with me for a trial marriage in late June 2006. Apparently, she was murdered, just before flying back to the United States to be in my arms and introducing our two children to me. I probably will never have any contact with her offspring or the son with the other lady in Europe. You will have to read The Shenandoah Chronicles, to understand what transpired back then.

There is more to the story. Shortly after I moved to Jasper, GA (Pickens County) in the summer of 2000, strangers began coming up to me and saying, “You will have no money, no friends, no girl friend, no wife and no children, unless you join the Republican Party.” Like most architects and civil engineers, I avoided partisan politics, because such activities would alienate clients from another part of the political spectrum. I thought these people were crazy and couldn’t possibly do any of the things they threatened. I had no clue what was about to come down the pike

At that time, Georgia was prospering mightily with a healthy two party system, led by moderate, reasonable people. I had personally witnessed two Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents try to extort the Mayor of Adairsville into switching to the Republican Party, but had no idea that such things were going on at a statewide scale. Behind the scenes, bonified fascists were taking over the Republican Party, who dreamed of a one party nation, enforced by a police state apparatus. In northern Georgia they cut deals with organized crime and occult groups to gain total power.

Beginning on September 11, 2000, local and state cops began calling women I had dates with to tell them that I was serial killer and sexual predator. A delusional description of me was placed in the Crime Information System of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (CIS) that I had served two prison terms for violent crimes, had been diagnosed a schizophrenic and was suspected to be a serial killer. Two weeks after the Assistant Director of the CIS removed the false information and replaced it with “Mr. Thornton has no criminal record or documented mental illness,” his two parents were murdered in their beds. He soon retired at age 38 from the GBI.

I eventually figured out that only women with progressive or moderate political values were being molested by Georgia cops. However, a year later, two weeks after Homeland Security was created by Executive Order of President Bush, one of their agents contacted all my municipal clients and told them that they would not get anymore federal grants, if they kept me on as their planning and historic preservation consultant.

The 24/7 electronic surveillance of my home, plus Interference with my love life and professional practice would continue until April 2010, when I told former National Park Service Director Roger Kennedy. He contacted the Justice Department under newly inaugurated President Obama. It would start up again, when I moved here to Habersham County, GA in May 2018.

Here is one example of what has been going on. After the Muscogee-Creek Nation contacted me concerning being a consultant for the tribe, a GBI agent contacted their officials and told them that I was gay. When he was coming to meet me for the first time in my home, Muscogee Creek Judge Patrick Moore was led to believe that I was an effeminate she-man. We laugh about it now, but he brought along an official Muscogee-Creek Nation KITCHEN APRON as a gift.

Interestingly enough, that’s a custom my Eastern Creek grandparents also practiced. They started out any business relationship by offering a gift to the other party.

Keep in mind that these were the same self-styled heroes, who monitored my home and communications 24/7 so they could scare away any politically progressive women. They would have known from the electronic bugs in my house that I was 100% heterosexual. They would have also known before my long-time secret girlfriend was murdered that a soon-to-be former FBI counter-intelligence agent was moving in with me during June 2006. I have always been suspicious that they were connected with her disappearance . . . fearing that she would discover the illegal electronic surveillance.

Do you want a man for Daddy or a wuss?

While living in the Asheville, NC I admired, but never got to meet the Rev. Billy Graham. He was gone all the time. However, I did get to know his lovely wife, Ruth, fairly well. She was very interested in my urban design projects in Downtown Asheville. She would drop by my office in City Hall to chat with me, while I drew . . . a couple of times, she also asked me out to lunch.

I began having serious problems with the Mafia, whose minions wanted to literally bulldoze most of the buildings in Downtown Asheville then build a shopping mall in their place. Ruth gave me a very thought-provoking response to my complaints.

Richard . . . If someone calls their self a Christian and is not being persecuted . . . they should seriously ponder what they are doing wrong.”

‘Nuff said!

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