An obsession with homosexuality, perversions and guns in Appalachia – Part Four

Russian agents and assets, imbedded in Northeast Georgia, planned to manipulate neurotic whites into turning me into one of the Kremlin’s fiercest collaborators

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner

Initially proposed by President Ronald Reagan in 1980, but eventually supported by both political parties in 1993, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) intentionally gutted the economic heart out of the Southern Highlands. Within a few years, towns in the Mountain and Piedmont regions of Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama were left with hundreds of empty factory buildings. In the 21st century, the lingering economic effects gutted traditional Appalachian culture, which was known for its beautiful music and handicrafts. What remained was men spending their weekend hours shooting at targets and women sitting around thinking about how much they hated men.

The Southern Highlands was promised that government investments would replace factory jobs with tourism jobs. That never really happened, because a far lesser number of seasonal, minimum wage, low skill jobs do not replace year-round jobs with health insurance, paid vacations and retirement funds.

Thus, the original neurotic or even psychotic behavior patterns in the region now can be blamed on NAFTA, but 30 years later, their continuance can be blamed on the inadequate response of state governments in the region. This is worsened when irrational behavior becomes the accepted norm. This mass insanity quickly filtered into law enforcement agencies.

My house was very visible from the street and neighbors’ houses.

Jasper, GA (2000-2009)

It soon became very clear to me, while living in Jasper, GA from 2000 to 2009, that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation had hired many agents, who were mentally unfit to wear a badge and carry a gun. Their sick minds dwelled on sexual perversions. There was a core of young, college-educated agents, who carried most of the serious crime-busting load. However, there was a legion of politically-appointed agents, who were little better than the criminals whom they arrested.

Most of the “stings” that the state law enforcement agents did, I didn’t even understand. It was really perverted stuff, like leaving a mentally-retarded woman in a car, parked in front my house in 95 degree weather. After two hours, the poor lady was barely conscious. If I gave her water, the crooked cops would have a video of me being near her. I decided the only way to save her life was just to leave. The car was gone when I returned.

I am still quite naive about kinky stuff. Yes, I had an intense romance with a French actress-secret agent-courtesan, but Vivi craved nurturing . . . things like cuddling, spooning, holding hands as we walked through the pasture down to Toms Brook . . . kissing and snuggling as we watched National Geo nature documentaries. The warped lusts of wealthy European men, Middle Eastern princes and Hollywood directors for gross, perverted activities almost drove her to suicide, had not she met me.

The Adairsville Western & Atlantic Railroad Depot (1847) – Starting point for the Great Locomotive Race between the General and the Texas

The Adairsville Incident

I personally observed from an adjacent room, two thugs trying to extort Mayor Doyle Pinson of Adairsville, GA with a doctored photograph, which they threatened to give the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, unless he switched from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party. They assumed that I was a low-level employee, since I was wearing shorts, while working on the sketch “Existing Structure” drawing of the Adairsville W & A Depot. I assumed that they were Mafia.

Afterward, Mayor Pinson explained that they were GBI agents! Many GBI agents were then “investigating” the remaining Democratic elected officials, who had refused to accept large cash bribes for switching parties.

All of the elected officials of Adairsville and their spouses attended the Georgia Municipal Association in Savannah. A GBI agent posed as a commercial photographer and took a photo of the delegation, sitting together at a large restaurant table. The GBI Crime Lab then did an expert job of modifying the photo to appear as if the unmarried female City Clerk and Mayor Pinson were sitting alone at the table. The photo artist even changed the expression of their faces to seem “surprised.” He or she made one mistake. She left the shadow of Mrs. Pinson’s arm on the table.

White law enforcement officers in northern Georgia at both the state and local level came to believe that they had been chosen by God to be the hired guns of the Republican Party. They became such a nuisance for Mayor Pinson, that he quite politics after his term ended.

Photo from 2018 article on Meredith Emerson in the AJC. The location is also one of my favorite locations – a rock ledge on Blood Mountain, between Dahlonega and Blairsville, GA

The worst crime committed against me by Georgia law enforcement occurred in the first week of 2008. It resulted in the death of a lovely, young woman. You can read a detailed (official) story of Meredith Emerson’s murder in Wikipedia.

Meredith Emerson, 24 years old, had been seen on the Appalachian Trail with an older man, who was bald and wearing a gray hoody on New Years Day . . . 52 miles away. I spent the day shampooing my carpets. Late in the afternoon, I walked next door to my new neighbors from Michoacan, Mexico to enjoy traditional New Years Day treats. That night I worked on plans for the restoration of the 1870 Bartow County Courthouse. My house was 35 feet from the street and I only had a carport. It was very easy to know when I was there and not there.

The next day, I gave little notice to the brief news of a missing female hiker on the Appalachian Trail. I assumed that she had shacked up with her older boyfriend. By afternoon, though, I noticed a constant flow of state and federal law enforcement cars going past my house and then turning around on the dead end street and driving slowing past my house again.

I am certainly not bald! (TV program in 2012)

For the next four days, multiple law enforcement vehicles followed me everywhere I went. A crime surveillance station was set up in my neighborhood, since the fools believed that I was the prime suspect. At least 52 state and federal law enforcement officers were brought into Jasper to stalk me . . . when they should have been looking for a very much alive Meredith elsewhere.

The last day of her life was the most tragic. Gary Hinton had tied up Meredith and put her in the back of his van. She was in good health. He left his hideout in the Dawson Forest and headed west with the idea of dropping her off alive at some remote location that would give him time to escape. He would have to pass through Jasper, GA. Meanwhile, I was exercising my three herd dogs in a pasture behind the Ingle Supermarket. I did this almost every day, but this day the large field was surrounded by cop cars.

By this time, some officers knew that Meredith had been abducted in a gray van. I drove a Silver Ford Explorer and certainly was not bald. HOWEVER, when Hinton drove directly past the cop cars on Hwy. 53, the officers were watching me walk my dogs! Their backs were turned away. Several dozen cop cars could have easily captured Hinton before he harmed Meredith. He did not have a gun. However, seeing all the cop cars, clustered around me, Hinton panicked and returned to his camp in the Dawson Forest. He subsequently hacked off Meredith’s head with a hunting knife.

I now know that an investigator in the Pickens County District Attorney’s office and GBI agents in that section of the state told the FBI that I was the prime suspect for abducting Meredith, knowing full well that I had nothing to do with the crime. They obviously were primarily interested in finally “getting me” . . . this stubborn Injun, who refused to join the Party and Brotherhood, not matter how much they tormented me. I had NO criminal record and had a perfect driving record.

Local cops would have known by asking neighbors that I never left the neighborhood on January 1st, but they chose to remain silent. Well, I would never ever do anything like that. I like women! Meredith’s blood is on their hands.

Meredith Hope Emerson (June 20, 1983 – January 4, 2008)

Motivations for criminal activity

This is important information, which explains why GBI agents constantly fed lies to local and college law enforcement officers about me up to the present. However, the lies spread so thoroughly among the ranks of local law enforcement that they became to be viewed as facts. Local law enforcement didn’t bother to check federal agencies in Washington, DC to see who I really was. Thus, these officers unknowingly became very effective allies of the Russian FSB (previously known as the KGB) when I am finally contacted by its agents.

Final article of the series

Habersham County, GA – May 2018 – I thought that my life is finally getting on track, after eight years of most my belongings being in storage. I would be living in a home again in a very nice neighborhood in the prestigious Nacoochee Valley. Meanwhile, the District Attorney’s office and five law enforcement agencies in two counties were implementing a series of sinister schemes that would leave me penniless, homeless and then lynched by a “Christian” vigilante group from a mega-church in Hall County, GA.

Out of the woodwork . . . Russian agents, imbedded in White County, GA, Atlanta and elsewhere came forward to be my friends. They first contacted me on LinkedIn. I was interviewed via Skype on an international cultural TV program by a man in St. Petersburg, Russia. I was told that this “foundation” would make my research known around the world. A pretty Russian agent in Atlanta told me on the telephone, “Soon Richard, you will be having to learn Russian!

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