A Hilarious Journey Through NeverNever Land – Part Five

Could an entire region go clinically insane, while Donald Trump was President? . . . or is it some sort of brain washing by extraterrestrials? Readers will probably not believe that these stories could take place in the United States today. They have to be from a comedy movie. Yes, they are real . . . and when viewed from a distance, downright funny.

by Richard L. Thornton, Architect and City Planner

I was appointed Special Prosecutor and Investigator in May 2018. What began as a seemingly simple investigation of Construction Fraud turned into a very serious case of corruption and multiple federal felonies by public servants within the region’s criminal justice system. Using the same techniques that I apply to my professional work of unraveling the architectural past, I also uncovered a nest of Russian FSB spies, specializing in electronics and computers, on the south slopes of Yonah Mountain. They were disturbingly close to terrain used for training US Army Rangers and a top secret U. S. Department of Defense covert, underground facility.

Judge terrorizes his neighborhood with assault rifle!

Had this judge been Native American, Latin American or Afro-American, he would have died in a hail of bullets.

In my four year investigation of the criminal justice system in the Ninth Congressional District of Georgia, I came to a surprising conclusion. Its criminal justice system either is afflicted with Bipolar Disorder or Borderline Mental Disorder.

  • Several brave deputies and police officers have died tragically in the line of duty.
  • Many citizens praised the kindnesses and courtesies performed by rank-and-file deputies and police officers.
  • Some U. S. Army Special Ops and Ranger veterans complained that all of the sheriff’s departments between Dawson County, GA and Rabun County, GA seem to be protecting Neo-Nazi cells and even are protecting caravans of weapons, munitions and explosives running between Dahlonega and Franklin, NC. There are several large KKK and Neo-Nazi compounds in the mountains around Franklin, NC.
  • Longtime residents complained that some illegal drug operations seem to operate with impunity, while their competitions are eventually arrested.

Although congressmen, sheriffs, police chiefs and district attorneys project to the public an image of power, these individuals have become mere puppets of wealthy men pulling their strings. In an effort to please their masters, the puppets do crazy, crazy things. Some slip beyond Borderline Mental Disorder to totally wacky.

The magistrate judge in the newspaper article above, who initially approved tapping my phone and internet, literally went bonkers from the stress of pleasing his masters. He went through his own neighborhood one night firing an assault rifle at imaginary libruls, who he thought were invading his community.

Howdy Doody visits the Cleveland, GA Bojangles

Bojangles Restaurant – Cleveland, GA – May 9, 2018 – Prior to the real estate closing on May 10, I made several daily runs from my cabin to the house in Habersham County with personal belongings to store on the porch and in the living room.  I ate lunch two days in one week at Bojangles because it was on the route to the house . . . well, and because I love fried chicken!  Eating fried chicken twice in one week caught the attention of vigilant law enforcement.

Soon after I started eating my fried chicken, during the third visit, I noticed two law officers, trying to hide behind the kitchen door.  A man came out of the kitchen and up to me wearing a Howdy Doody costume, complete with fake buck teeth.  At first, I had no idea what this man was up to.  He appeared to be crazy as a loon. 

Eventually, after Howdy Doody Man continued to talk effeminately and say homosexual innuendos, I figured out that the White County cops thought I was gay and so were mocking me with this lunatic in the Howdy Doody costume. 

At this point, a real gay man would have headed straight back to Atlanta and filed a $10 million dollar suits each against Bojangles, Inc. and White County . . . and would have won in court. As for myself, I merely wondered why there were not better mental healthcare facilities in the region.

Brilliant political observation at a Dollar General

When I was first house-hunting, a female realtor in Clarkesville urged me to move there, because “they are trying to make Clarkesville like Asheville . . . you know, for people like you.”  I didn’t know what she meant at first.  When I lived in Asheville, the city was known for its hippies and farmsteaders,  not its LGBTQI Community. I was one of those pioneer farmsteaders and married.

She continued making more direct statements, assuming that I was gay.  I point blank told her that I was not gay, but she didn’t believe me, because deputies monitoring my phone in Lumpkin County had called the cops in Clarkesville to tell the realtor that I was gay. I didn’t realize that the Ninth Congressional District cops would stoop that low to lie to a realtor, but they did. 

“Everybody knows that the Democrats are nothing but a bunch of Niggers, Jews and Queers!”

The statement was made by a Habersham County deputy before about two dozen customers in a Dollar General and one of its surveillance cameras. The camera also picked up the store manager nodding in approval.  Corporate Headquarters was not amused.  This store has a new manager!

The nice folks were planning a house-warming party!

This is the rear of the house before rehabbing and an addition.

My future house – May 10, 2018 – Members of the Creek Wind Clan are known for their sixth sense.  Some Creeks say it is the Grandmother Spirit (guardian angel).  Whatever the case, I had a real ominous feeling the night before the closing.  The Nazi’s were up to something really bad.

I rose early on the morning of the 10th and went first to the house.  I looked around for something changed and found a 20 lb. propane gas cylinder in a slightly different location.  I found a key to the house, hidden inside its handle.  This was not quite legal, but I changed the locks to the house before leaving for the closing. 

The arsonist arrived at the house as soon as I was on my way to the closing in downtown Clarkesville.  They planned for him to start the fire deep inside the house, before I signed the legal papers, but he couldn’t find the key.  That way my insurance would not have paid for repairing or replacing the house, since the fire started, before I owned it.  A realtor was called to bring another key, but her keys wouldn’t open the door. Then it was too late.

Businesses popping up all over the county!

Habersham County, GA – May 14, 2018 – My life was finally back on track.  After having most of my belongings in a storage bin for eight years,  I was able to buy the cheapest house in North Georgia . . . a fixer upper . . . but it was on a sizable tract of wooded land in the prestigious Nacoochee Valley.  The realtors assumed that I was going to bulldoze the house, but there is at least one advantage to being a historic preservation architect.

It would be several weeks before the house was ready to move in appliances and furniture.  I decided to get the phone activated anyway so calls could be forwarded from the cabin in Lumpkin County to this house, while I was working in the daytime.  The dial tone came on at 8:00 AM. At 8:30 AM, my first call came . . . but also the warning light that told me that the call was being recorded.

  • EM: “Mr. Thornton, this Elmer McGillacudy.  If you don’t come in by the end of the day and pay your business license, I can have you arrested.  They’ve just given me the power to arrest people without a license, and by golly, I will do it.”
  • RT:  “What? This is a house in a rural subdivision.  I’m not even living in it, yet.  I don’t have to pay for business license.”
  • EM: “You’re an architect, aren’t you?”  [yes] “Then you own us $75.”
  • RT: “No I don’t.  This is a house, not a business open to the public.”
  • EM: “Well, I will be watching you.  When I catch you, I will throw you in jail and it will cost you a whole lot more than $75 to get out.”

That afternoon as I was about to leave to purchase more nails at the Hwy. 17 Lumber Company,  I noticed Elmer driving by my house.  He didn’t see me and stopped to talk to someone on his cell phone.  I followed him at a distance. He drove into the driveway of a house, which flew the Confederate Battle Flag at its entrance. So, Elmer was taking his orders from the KKK.

These foolish men should have called Washington first!

Clarkesville, GA – It was a beautiful day in early May 2018. There was a meeting in the central work room of the Sheriff’s Department. What the handful of honest deputies amongst the group heard, shocked them. An order had come down from major party donors through the DA’s office to commit crimes that violated every aspect of a law officer’s sacred oath. A few said so. They were laughed down.

Another deputy pointed out that these were the types of Federal crimes that the FBI was highly inclined to arrest local officials for.  He was laughed down.

A senior deputy pointed out that Donald Trump and Georgia’s two Republican Senators were shoe-ins for re-election. The Trump-appointed US District Attorney in Gainesville would continue to protect them. Most agreed. 

The Sheriff’s Department moved ahead with implementation of the complex web of crimes in conjunction with the Mountain Area District Attorney’s Office, Clarkesville Police Department, White County Sheriff’s Department, Cleveland Police Department and Helen Police Department. Of course, this arrangement significantly exceeds the threshold of the Federal Criminal Code for conspiracy and RICCO statutes. 

White County drops out of the scheme

The White County Sheriff’s Dept. and Cleveland Police would drop out of the conspiracy two years later then send an emissary to negotiate a peace treaty with me at a supermarket in Cleveland, GA. He pleaded that they had only gotten involved because the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Department had called to inform them that a gay male prostitute had moved to White County from their county.  They were also approached by the deacon of a Baptist church, who told them that sexual predator had moved from Dahlonega to White County. I have NEVER lived in White County, GA.

Someone in the White County Sheriff’s Dept. or DA’s office finally obtained the good sense to contact Washington, DC to see if I actually had any criminal record.  They were shocked to learn that the few people still around remembered me as “the Godzilla of Crooked Cop Catchers,” but that I had also worked closely with honest local and federal law enforcement officers in the Shenandoah Valley.  In fact,  the Commonwealth of Virginia had literally abolished the Virginia Bureau of Investigation as the result of investigative work by a young, female FBI agent (Susan) and myself.*

*As you can read in the Shenandoah Chronicles . . . actually what happened was that Susan and I lured the number three man in the VBI into breaking into her FBI car . . . while it was parked in Stephens City, VA . . . and stealing a classified document – a major Federal felony.  Susan’s bosses took the crooked VBI administrator for a helicopter ride over the West Virginia Mountains.  I never knew what he confessed to her bosses, but she did and included his statements in her classified report.

Blueberry Hill (my new cottage) – May 15, 2018 – A few days before closing, a man called my cabin in Lumpkin County and inquired if I was still seeking bids for the restoration of the exterior of the house.  He said that he was a carpentry contractor, living in Toccoa.  I said yes,  and met him at the house after the closing.  I presume he was expecting to get a big contract for repairing fire damage.  Nevertheless, he took measurements for replacing the rotten siding.  

He showed up at Blueberry Hill on the 15th and gave me a proposal.  He had the low bid, so I altered the proposal into the form of a contract.  We both signed it.  He told me that he could start the next day, if I could give him a materials draw of $850 to buy lumber in the morning.  I drew up an addendum to the contract to cover the materials draw. 

The man and his crew never showed up.  He said that he still had work unfinished on a house in Jackson County.  He would be there the next day or Thursday.   He didn’t come.  I called him and he was cocky.  He said that he was going to have one fine birthday party this coming Saturday and there was nothing that I could do about it. The cops were protecting him.  Bad mistake . . . that let me know the imposters birthday and that there were possibly some crooked cops involved.

The following week I called up the Habersham Sheriff’s Dept.   They sent out a man, who normally is a guard at an elementary school . . . not a detective.  He took my complaint down.  I told the deputy that I had been smelling the distinct odor of a meth lab, when the wind blew from the south.  He wrote the information down, but no one contacted me. 

Two days later I received a call that my criminal complaint was ready to sign.  My case number had been signed in preparation for the case being transmitted to the District Attorney’s Office.

When I signed the complaint, I was told that the detectives were busy and that I would have to take the complaint over to the County Courthouse myself to be processed.  I thought that was odd, but did as told.  Once in the courthouse, I was informed that the complaint had not been prepared according to state law and that the sheriff’s department would have to correct it. 

I am appointed Special Prosecutor of Habersham County

I went back to the Sheriff’s Dept. and dropped it off.  The next day I was called to pick up the new complaint.  They had not corrected the original document, but then gave me a document that designated me to be Special Investigator and Prosecutor for Habersham County.  I asked, “What is that?” 

The clerk didn’t know and stepped back into the main office.  She came back and said that it meant that I would have to do the investigation myself then present the evidence to a grand jury.  Now that was bizarre.

After returning home, I called the District Attorney’s Office to find out about this designation.  The DA’s refused to talk to me and transferred me to a young female investigator.  Her voice was trembling. She was obviously quite nervous.  She said that she didn’t know what a Special Investigator was and had been told not to work with me.

I went online to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) and found the 19th century law that described the Special Investigator-Prosecutor.  This person had the constitutional right to arrest any person, including judges, law enforcement officers and district attorneys and call for a special grand jury. His term in office would only end when he had finished presenting indictments to a grand jury. 

Then I stumbled upon the online version of a magazine for Georgia prosecuting attorneys.  It described a case whereby a woman in South Georgia had stumbled upon the Special Prosecutor law and used it.  Local cops were protecting a man, who owed her a lot of money.  She persuaded the Sheriff to name her a special prosecutor and then ordered the debtor’s arrest.   Although he clearly owed her the money, he was found non-guilty and so charged her with false imprisonment. He also sued her in a civil case.  He won both cases.  The woman was stripped of everything she owned. 

It was obvious that the idea for making me a Special Investigator-Prosecutor came from the local District Attorney’s Office, but my case seemed so straightforward . . . signed contract,  no work done and a cancelled check.  Then I Iooked at the back of the check. Fortunately, the bank had required a driver’s license number.   The signature was entirely different than the signature on the contract.  Not only was this a case of Theft by Fraud, but also Theft by False Identity and Check Forgery –  three felonies. 

The District Attorney thought that I would not notice that the signatures were different.

What the Mountain Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office intended for me to do was have the man, who signed the contract arrested.  Interestingly enough, he had a criminal record and possibly at that time was a parolee.  He would get on the stand and state that he was not given a check and did not cash it.  Then his Defense Attorney would present to the court the cancelled check and drivers license number on the back of the check as proof that his client was innocent.  I would be caught off guard.  The judge would dismiss the case and then the former defendant would sue me for a half million dollars or so.  I would be back to being penniless again.

I typed up the evidence and proposed indictments.  All I needed was the name of the person, whose driver’s license was on the check.  The Habersham Sheriff’s Department detectives refused to look it up . . . stating that they were too busy to do something that law enforcement officers always do for any traffic stop. 

The District Attorney’s Office’s investigators refused to look up the license number.  The Georgia Highway Patrol refused to look up the license number and finally the Republican US District Attorney’s Office in Gainesville, GA  refused to accept a criminal complaint about the forged signature on the check.  They said it would have to come from the bank.  My bank then filled out the paperwork for a criminal complaint on the forged check. It was also rejected by the US District Attorney’s Office.

I mailed two certified letters with the evidence attached to the Sheriff of Habersham County. He didn’t respond to either letter.  Instead, law enforcement agencies in Habersham and White Counties started a sting operation that would last two years.  They had a problem, though.  I couldn’t afford to go to night clubs or restaurants, so they had to figure out how to convert trips to Dollar General, Ingles Supermarket and Walmart into crime scenes.

Catching the Librul Pervert as he shops

A teenage boy, who apparently had gotten in trouble with the law, was assigned to work at the Dollar General near my house.  He repeatedly ask to visit my house.  Periodically, a Habersham County deputy would drop by just as I was checking out at the cash register to see if the boy had any luck.

For other shopping locations in Clarkesville, Cleveland and Cornelia, an unmarked police van would pull in behind me whenever I went to town shopping.  Apparently, it contained a hidden video camera. Whenever I parked,  I would come back to an effeminate adult or teenage male standing near my car.  I have no idea what these deranged coppers thought I would do, but I would just walk past the decoys and leave.

Do you understand what I am saying? . . . 24/7 surveillance for two years just trying to prove that men who don’t vote for Donald Trump are queers?  Meanwhile the sheriffs and police chiefs were constantly whining in the newspaper about not having enough budget to fight crime.   These people are clinically insane.

“The All Real Men Vote for Donald” law enforcement program climaxed in the late summer of 2019.   A young man from Cleveland’s car was found parked about two miles from my house next to Sautee Creek. The license plate was missing.   I don’t know anything about him other than brief descriptions in their local newspaper, but like in the case of Meredith Emerson, I was the prime suspect, since I was neither a Southern Baptist nor a Republican. 

They never even found his body and no one could explain how I alone could have moved his car or concealed my car, while I was doing whatever was done with him . . . if anything was done all. Some White County residents said that the man had bad gambling debts with organized crime and therefore had faked his own death.

There was another problem.  I was severely injured by lightning on July 19th, two weeks before he went missing.  For two months, I could barely walk and somedays didn’t feel like even driving a car, because all the skin was peeling off my legs.

Giving up on that, deputies in White and Habersham Counties told vigilante groups that I was a male prostitute and most likely killed the man.  I then had to endure three months of armed vigilantes from megachurches in Gainesville, GA and North Metro Atlanta parking in front my house and following me wherever I went.  The rears of their SUV’s were plastered with Trump 2020 and MAGA decals.  When on highways,  they would pass me and point their pistols at me.

I locked on to the CB frequencies that they were communicating with.  They talked a lot about the different ways that these fine Christians were going to kill me.   They finally decided that they were going to stick me like a wild hog since I was a perverted pig.  That did it.

I bought a hunting spear from Amazon.com. Unlike them, I had hunted with spear years ago while shipwrecked on an Atlantic Coastal island by a hurricane and then again when homeless . . . in order to survive.  I lured two of their SUV’s up to a remote part of Rabun County and scared the willies out of them without any blood being shed. Never saw any vigilantes again.

The Pandemic causes a heterosexual transformation

All of these lovely ladies ladies earned Masters or Doctorate degrees.

The extraordinary efforts by local law enforcement to prove that they always win and that I was a homosexual, ended with the rise of the Covid Pandemic. For much of 2020, America was on shutdown and people stayed at home most of the time. Since there was no male living with me other than Rob Roy the Wonder Dog, there were no opportunities to make it look even that I was talking to another male. Then some brilliant Georgia copper came up with a solution. We’ll plant homosexual or child porno in his computer and then bust the librul bastard, once and for all.

There were numerous attempts by strangers and acquaintances to send me computer files that they wanted me to download. I found evidence of imbedded image files in everyone of them and so deleted the emails.

“They” then somehow took control of my computer before my very eyes and uploaded all of my photos – thousands of them. This went on for quite awhile. I couldn’t even get the computer to shut down. Expecting to see legions of photos portraying naked men or little kids, their Patriot hearts were crushed!

There were thousands of photos of architecture, archaeological ruins, petroglyphs and nature scenes. There were maybe 300 images of people . . . a mixtures of Indigenous Americans in North America, Mesoamerica and South America, plus the Sami in Sweden. The rest were pretty gals of varying appearance and hair color. Only three photos were not G rated . . . a 21 year old French architecture student, a 24 year old French archaeologist and a 22 year old Swedish law student.

Jo Evelyn Kelly – age 16

I have digitized photos of all my favorite girlfriends from high school onward . . . starting with Jo Evelyn at the Junior-Senior Prom and even including Agnetha and Ani-Frid, before they were the A’s in ABBA. The two A’s were just acquaintances.

Jo Evelyn is a natural blond, but part Creek Indian from Oklahoma. Even after both of us were married, I would stop by to see her in Fayetteville, GA, when I was visiting my parents through the years. As you can see from the photo, she was always in anguish from the predations that I committed upon her.

The members of the Brotherhood were stunned! They had never seen Librul women before. All of them had IQ’s over 75, which in itself was a new experience. They all had bright eyes, pretty faces and wore brightly colored clothing. The men gathered around the computer monitor in amazement and utter, “Shezam!” They wondered, if they pretended to be Libruls, they could find a gal like those in the photos.

Then Deputy Billy Joe Snider had an inspiration. Hey fellers, instead of telling everybody he’s a queer, let’s jest say that he is a predator of young womenz. We could show these photos in the Northeast Georgian Newspaper as proof. Then we would be heroes in our Southern Baptist churches for catching a predator of young womenz. We jest won’t tell anyone that the gals were Libruls. No good Christian Republican would be concerned about Librul gals being messed with. Everyone knows that they’re going to hell anyway because they don’t watch Fox News!*

* This “fact” was actually preached by preachers of several of the most politically powerful Southern Baptist churches in our county. They also preached that Donald Trump was sent by God to save our nation from Libruls and Marxists. He was possibly the Messiah . . . Jesus Christ returned. (Yes, really!)

They put into effect an action plan, jest like in the movies! Three female Criminal Justice students at the University of North Georgia were hired by the City of Helen to act as decoys at Betty’s Supermarket (aka Country Store) . . . where I shopped 2-3 times a month (at most). It was bad timing.

You see . . . I had been complaining to the Feds since the year 2000 about the things that Georgia law enforcement officers were doing to me. No one paid me any attention, because my statements seemed so crazy and improbable. Why would any law enforcement officer take the time to threaten any gal I dated, unless she was a rightwing Republican?

Then Joe Biden was elected President and then thousands of crazies attacked the National Capitol on June 6, 2021 then the new Congressman for the Ninth District of Georgia, Andrew Clyde . . . whose campaign logo is still a M-16 assault rifle . . . testified before Congress and the World that the rioters in the Capitol were just tourists, peacefully touring the Capitol.

Then . . . someone realized that I lived in the Ninth Congressional District. A fairly recently minted Homeland Security Counter-Insurgency Agent was flying down to Atlanta from Washington to attend a meeting. In her line of business, she couldn’t tell me anything else. Since she was the low agent on the totem pole, she was to have lunch with me, listen to me, etc. – so she could tell her bosses that she had checked out my wild stories about crazy cops and Russian spies . . . and there was nothing to it. We will call her Lisa, but that is not her name.

Oh . . . I forgot to mention that I have known Joe Biden since February 1973, just after I got back from Sweden. Jimmy invited me over to spend Saturday socializing with his family, then the new 30 year old US Senator from Delaware stopped to say hello. We invited him to join our party. We were playing Jimmy’s huge collection of Southern Rock albums. Joe and Jimmy asked me a whole bunch of questions about Sweden the rest of the afternoon and evening. I was preparing both of them for being presidents, but didn’t know it at the time.

We ate lunch in Helen. Several years ago, they put a tracking device in my car so they would have time to place gay men next to my car. A Helen cop peeked in on us, but he probably assumed that Lisa was a Lesbian, since she had a pony tail and looked athletic. I asked Lisa, if I could stop by Betty’s to get some groceries before we headed to Yonah Mountain. She said. “Yes, and I need to buy a gift from the Georgia Mountains for a friend.”

We were in separate cars, so parked together at Betty’s Supermarket. I just needed some breakfast fixings. Lisa grabbed a bag of stone-ground corn meal from Nora Mill in Helen to give a friend. There was a long line at the checkout counter. I noticed the check-out lady stare at me and then three young women dashed from somewhere? and took her place. They seemed to be arguing over who would get to check me out.

One of the two check-out counters at Bettys. This young lady was NOT one of the three decoys.

Lisa smiled and commented, “Well, I can see that you are popular with the girls here. You said in your letter that the police here in Georgia had been interfering with your social life since September 2000. You obviously don’t have a problem in Helen!

Just as it was my turn, the most attractive of the three girls literally pulled another decoy girl from the cash register and said, “Let me do it. I know what to say!” We will call her, Mata Hari.

Mata Hari leaned on the inner edge of the counter and stiffly said, “I am a college student at the University of North Georgia.”

RT: “That’s great! You need to get as much education as you want right now. It’s much harder to attend college, when you have children and a mortgage to pay.”

Mata Hari was blank faced. That is not what she expected a Librul Pervert to say.

Mata Hari: “When I get off from work later this afternoon, I am going to sit outside at the bar and study.”

RT: “Well that’s great. It is always good to go outside and get sunshine, when you are a student. You have a wonderful afternoon, m’am.”

The three wannabe courtesans were crushed. For weeks they had been fantasying about being heroines at the Baptist Student Union in Dahlonega. They could just taste that scene . . . being surrounded by their admiring, inquisitive girlfriends making statements like . . . “How did he kiss? Did you get to sleep with him? Was it fun? You know the Bible says that anything that you do in service to Lord Donald . . . I mean, Lord Jaysus . . . like locking up Libruls and Democrats . . . is not a sin. ” Alas, it was not to be.

When it was her turn to check out, Lisa was friendly with the coeds. She asked Mata Hari what she was studying [Criminal Justice] What did she want to do when she graduated [Work for the FBI.] Lisa told the girls that there were now many interesting jobs for women with Criminal Justice degrees in Homeland Security. As much as she wanted to show her badge and watch them faint . . . she couldn’t. She was covert.

The girls didn’t quite know what the Department of Homeland Security did, but Lisa couldn’t hold her lips together much longer. She went out the exit door and exploded with laughter. “Oh my God, Richard . . . you were telling the truth. Do they really think that they can seduce men with the weird way they were acting? Let’s go see what you found for us on Yonah Mountain!

Well . . . as Forrest Gump would say . . . “This is a good place to stop so that’s the end of my story.


  1. Hello, Your story is so fantastic!  But I believe every word! I’m a native Georgian from SW Georgia, married, & lived in Dahlonega while my husband was at the Army Ranger Camp as an instructor.  I had my first child here in the Hall Co. hospital in 1972.Long story, but after all these years, for the last three years, I’ve lived near Gainesville.  Ha, I’ve come full circle. Looking forward to more installments about your life! Sincerely, MB~

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hope you don’t mind, but I will be returning to topics more directly related to architectural and Native American history. One of my fondest times in childhood was when about two dozen members of Troop 26 in Gainesville, GA spent six weeks on the Appalachian Trail. Within that journey the most memorable experience was getting to camp out with a squad of Army Rangers, who were on maneuvers. It was somewhere in the vicinity of Tesnatee Mountain. They were really the cream of American manhood and taught us a lot survival skills. I even got a merit badge from what they taught us.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s boring right now. My income is slightly down, while prices and taxes have skyrocketed . . . so I have to amuse myself most of the time at the homestead.
      The only excitement I have is the periodic night-time visits of unknown persons wearing black and night-vision googles, who spend the night just outside my property line. I have better night vision equipment than they do – made by the Polish Army – but have no clue who they are. They may be friends, since they do no harm and seem to be friendly with my dogs, when they go out to pee at night and to check out the visitors.


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