BBC Videos: The mysterious ancient peoples of the Canary and Azores Islands

Part Eight of the Mesolithic Period in Eastern North America

In my 20 years of public school and university education, no textbook or teacher ever mentioned either the Azores or the Canary Islands, when discussing the history of mankind. They compose another missing chapter in our knowledge of the past.

The jury is “out” concerning these archaeological sites on islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Certainly, one should label the advanced town-building peoples of the Southeastern United States a civilization, if these stone ruins are legacies of a civilization. Nevertheless, archaeologists are just now making these discoveries. There may well be more sophisticated artifacts and ruins under the soil.

Also intriguing is the possibility that an ancient civilization in the Azores Islands is the source of the Atlantis Legend. There is a massive collapsed caldera volcano in the Azores. It is pictured in the photograph above.

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  1. Cool stuff. One thing that does intrigue me is a growing belief that Atlantis was in the Americas. There are sites that cannot be explained here and around the world. Same ability and style to cut stone to fit like a puzzle, stone blocks that are often still beyond our capabilities to move, and many such places are far from centers of civilization. One of the most intriguing is a site in the Andes where stone heads are carved into the likeness of every race known. Other places, more modern, show exact replicas of dinosaurs. Knowledge of these has led to hypotheses of an inner earth, lands where dinosaurs still roam, and so on. Ancient texts hinted at the possibility. Gonowanda is now a reasonable fact. How did ancients know so much, only to lose it? Only recently has the Bible been acknowledged as correct that there are oceans of water under the land masses, and so on. I do not ascribe to space critters; especially after viewing Alien Intrusion. The ancestors said they were demonic, and that’s being proved out. niio

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